Nellie Allen

as Nellie - Harry's Wife in the movie Burglar by Request

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Was born at 27 January 1881 in Iowa, USA . Died at 7 April 1968, Los Angeles, California, USA
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There is the list of movies, where Nellie Allen was taked part:
1 Burglar by Request movie Burglar by Request 1917 as Nellie - Harry's Wife
2 A Burglars Bride movie A Burglars Bride 1917 as Mrs. Buffem
3 An Old Soldiers Romance movie An Old Soldiers Romance 1917 as Laura
4 Husks of Love movie Husks of Love 1916 as Etta Mason
5 Last of the Morgans movie Last of the Morgans 1916 as Morgan's Wife
6 Station Content movie Station Content 1918 as Mrs. Morton
7 The Fountain of Trouble movie The Fountain of Trouble 1917 as Josie Jones
8 The Girl in the Checkered Coat movie The Girl in the Checkered Coat 1917 as Hector's Lady Friend
9 The Good Woman movie The Good Woman 1916 as Bessie
10 The High Sign movie The High Sign 1917 as Vonia Grayley
11 The Phantoms Secret movie The Phantoms Secret 1917 as Sister
12 The Red Ace movie The Red Ace 1917 as Bertha Schriver
13 The Rogues Nest movie The Rogues Nest 1917 as Lucille Hovey
14 The Son of a Rebel Chief movie The Son of a Rebel Chief 1916 as Elsie Dening
15 The Temple of Terror movie The Temple of Terror 1917 as Mara
16 The War Waif movie The War Waif 1917 as Nurse
17 The Whispered Name movie The Whispered Name 1917 as Ethel Fortesque
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