Zibby Allen

as Winter Maddox/Madam Goo Goo in the movie A.N.T. Farm

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There is the list of movies, where Zibby Allen was taked part:
1 A.N.T. Farm movie A.N.T. Farm 2011 as Winter Maddox/Madam Goo Goo
2 :30 Second Somebodies movie :30 Second Somebodies 2015 as Zibby Allen
3 Coffee, Kill Boss movie Coffee, Kill Boss 2013 as Jane Lampling
4 Eight Days a Week movie Eight Days a Week 2007 as Co-worker
5 Four Friends movie Four Friends 2013 as Jessica Baker-Thorpe
6 Frontier movie Frontier 2012 as Stalker
7 Hades Night movie Hades Night 2003 as Gwendolyn
8 I Am That movie I Am That 2014 as Lucy
9 Juan Frances: Live movie Juan Frances: Live 2008 as Juan Frances Fan
10 Jukos Time Machine movie Jukos Time Machine 2009 as Rory
11 Jukos Time Machine movie Jukos Time Machine 2011 as Rory
12 My Funny Valentine movie My Funny Valentine 2012 as Stranger Girl
13 No She Wasnt movie No She Wasnt 2015 as Party Guest
14 The Living Worst movie The Living Worst 2016 as Louise 'Weezy'
15 The Mystery of Edwards Manor movie The Mystery of Edwards Manor 2009 as Blaire
16 Turning Japanese movie Turning Japanese 2011 as Kelly
17 Waiting for Ophelia movie Waiting for Ophelia 2009 as Zellie Cross
18 $#*! My Dad Says movie ##*! My Dad Says 2010 as Donna
19 Greys Anatomy movie Greys Anatomy 2005 as Nurse
20 The Daily Show movie The Daily Show 1996 as Latino's Wife
21 Without a Trace movie Without a Trace 2002 as Pam Beers
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