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Real name is Isabel Allende Llona
Was born at 2 August 1942 (now is 76 years old) in Lima, Peru

Isabel Allende is one of today's most important voices of SouthernAmerica literature. She was born in Lima, Peru, in 1942, but at the ageof 3 she moved to Chile with her mother and two brothers. She spent herchildhood there, at her maternal grandparents'home, but she alsotraveled a lot and lived in different countries, because of thediplomatic career of her step-father. As an adult, she returned toChile, where she married, had two children and worked as a journalistuntil 1973.

After the military coup of Pinochet she moved to Venezuelaand, later, to United States; now she lives in San Rafael, California,with her second husband. Her books are translated in many languages. She writes mostly narrative, but she also wrote short stories forchildren, humor books, theater plays. Among her books: "The house ofthe spirits" (adapted into the movie The House of the Spirits (1993) ), "Of Love and Shadows" (adaptedinto the movie Of Love and Shadows (1994) ), "Eva Luna", "theInfinite Plain", "Paula" (a book of memories, written during a tragicperiod, the illness and death of her daughter), and the trilogy ofbooks for young adults, "The City of the Beasts", "Kingdom of theGolden Dragon" and "Forest of the Pygmies", which are in talks to beadapted for the big screen. .

There is some small facts about Isabel Allende:
  • First cousin once removed of the former Chilean president 'Salvador Allende (I)' . Her father Tomás Allende was first cousin of Salvador Allende.
  • Gave birth to her daughter Paula in 1963 and her son Nicolás Frias in 1966.
  • Sister of Dr. Juan Allende, an associate professor of Political Science at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia and Francisco Allende Llona.
  • Born to Tomás Allende, a diplomatic official, and his wife Francisca Llona Barros, she grew up at her maternal grandparents' home after her parents had divorced in 1945.
  • Her most successful novels include "The House of the Spirits" (1982), which was adapted into The House of the Spirits (1993) , "Eva Luna" (1987), "Paula" (1995), "Daughter of Fortune" (1999) and "Portrait in Sepia" (2000).
  • Her daughter Paula died at the age of 29 after being in a coma from complications of porphyria (6 December 1992).
  • Obtained US citizenship (2003).
  • Resides in San Rafael, California with her second husband Willie Gordon, a lawyer and novelist.
  • One of the eight women bearing the Olympic flag at the opening ceremony of "Turin 2006: XX Olympic Winter Games" (2006) .
  • Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President 'Barack Obama' 24 November 2014.
  • Inducted into the Marin [County, California] Women's Hall of Fame in 1994.
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There is the list of movies, where Isabel Allende was taked part:
1 The Power of Their Song: The Untold Story of Latin Americas New Song Movement movie The Power of Their Song: The Untold Story of Latin Americas New Song Movement 2008 as Herself
2 A Fierce Green Fire movie A Fierce Green Fire 2012 as (Narrator)
3 Behind the Mask of Zorro movie Behind the Mask of Zorro 2005 as Herself
4 Besser als mein Haus je war movie Besser als mein Haus je war 1993 as Herself
5 Canto a la vida movie Canto a la vida 1988 as Herself
6 Isabel Allende. Erzähl mir vom Leben movie Isabel Allende. Erzähl mir vom Leben 2008 as Herself
7 Isabel Allende: An Extraordinary Life movie Isabel Allende: An Extraordinary Life 1995 as Herself
8 La independencia inconclusa movie La independencia inconclusa 2010 as Herself
9 Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco - The Mission movie Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco - The Mission 1994 as Narrator
10 Once Upon a Time... movie Once Upon a Time... 2005 as Herself
11 Pablo Neruda! Presente! movie Pablo Neruda! Presente! 2004 as Narrator
12 Santiago Files movie Santiago Files 2011 as Herself
13 The Naturalized movie The Naturalized 2010 as Herself
14 The Power of the Heart movie The Power of the Heart 2014 as Herself
15 Viola Chilensis movie Viola Chilensis 2003 as Herself
16 Animal nocturno movie Animal nocturno 2006 as Herself
17 Bestseller movie Bestseller 1999 as Herself - Author
18 Charlie Rose movie Charlie Rose 1991 as Herself
19 Continuarà... movie Continuarà... 1996 as Herself
20 Democracy Now! movie Democracy Now! 2001 as Herself
21 Día a día movie Día a día 1996 as Herself
22 El primer café movie El primer café 1996 as Herself
23 Els matins a TV3 movie Els matins a TV3 2004 as Herself
24 Først & sist movie Først & sist 1998 as Herself
25 La mirada crítica movie La mirada crítica 1997 as Herself
26 Las mañanas de Cuatro movie Las mañanas de Cuatro 2006 as Herself
27 Lo + plus movie Lo + plus 1995 as Herself
28 Los desayunos de TVE movie Los desayunos de TVE 1994 as Herself
29 Miradas 2 movie Miradas 2 2004 as Herself
30 Negro sobre blanco movie Negro sobre blanco 1997 as Herself
31 Now with Bill Moyers movie Now with Bill Moyers 2002 as Herself
32 Página 2 movie Página 2 2007 as Herself
33 Tavis Smiley movie Tavis Smiley 2004 as Herself
34 TEDTalks movie TEDTalks 2006 as Herself
35 Texas Monthly Talks movie Texas Monthly Talks 2003 as Herself - Interviewee
36 The Frost Interview movie The Frost Interview 2012 as Herself
37 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson movie The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2005 as Herself
38 The South Bank Show movie The South Bank Show 1978 as Herself
39 Turin 2006: XX Olympic Winter Games movie Turin 2006: XX Olympic Winter Games 2006 as Herself
40 Unsere Besten movie Unsere Besten 2003 as Herself
There is the list of interview of Isabel Allende:
  • "Eikones" (Greece), 2 July 2006, Vol. 2, Iss. 227, pg. 66-70, by: Yannis Kessopoulos, "Egina sigrafeas hari ston Pinosset"
  • "Der Tagesspiegel" (Germany), 21 December 2003, Iss. 18337, pg. S1, by: Kerstin Kohlenberg, "Ich war eine schlechte Ehefrau", German
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  • "The Times Magazine" (UK), 25 April 1998, Vol. 1, Iss. 16, pg. 18-21+23+25, "Sins of the flesh"
  • "Diário de Notícias" (Portugal), 2 August 1997, pg. 34
There is the list of some articles of Isabel Allende:
  • "Telegraph Magazine" (UK), 1 May 2010, pg. 82, by: Sophie Robinson, "Flashback"
  • "The Independent: Extra" (UK), 12 December 2006, pg. 2 - 5, by: Isabel Allende, "Chile Under The Gun"
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  • "To allo vima" (Greece), 2 December 2001, pg. 21, by: Filippos Filippou, "Ti eide i Aouroura"
  • "Playboy" (Germany), August 1998, pg. 10-11, by: Brigitte Steinmetz, "Nachtlektüre, Nacktlektüre"
The image of Isabel Allende Llona was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "AD Magazine" (Netherlands), 20 September 2003
  • "Vimagazino" (Greece), 9 March 2003, Iss. 126
  • "The Times Magazine" (UK), 25 April 1998, Vol. 1, Iss. 16
There is the list of some quotes of Isabel Allende:
  • For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time.
  • Erotica is using a feather, pornography is using the whole chicken.
  • [on being 70] For a vain woman like myself, it's very hard to age in this culture. I feel charming, seductive, sexy. Nobody sees that. I'm invisible. I hate to be invisible.
  • My erotic Antonio Banderas fantasy: place him naked in a tortilla, slather him with guacamole and eat him.
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