Sarah Alles

as Kollegin Präsidium in the movie Der letzte Kronzeuge

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Was born at 17 September 1986 (now is 32 years old) in Berlin, Germany

Born in West-Berlin, Sarah Alles always wanted to either become anactress or a princess. At the age of 12, she landed her first role(1999) after a talent scout discovered her during a street casting andever since she has been a regular on German television, appearing in anumber of both series and feature films. After finishing high school,Alles studied Performing Arts at the renowned Ernst Busch Academy ofDramatic Arts in Berlin. In 2008, she played opposite Christoph Waltzin the film "Das Geheimnis im Wald" (The Secret in the Woods) andalongside Marianne Sägebrecht and Christian Oliver in "Immer Wirbel umMarie".

In 2014 Alles is starring in the crime series "Heiter bistödlich - Akte Ex" and is also working on an adaptation of BrianNelson's movie "hard candy" for the stage, set to premiere in 2015. .

There is some small facts about Sarah Alles:
  • The movie "Karate Kid" inspired her to take up martial arts. Alles holds a black belt in karate and won three regional championships as well as coming in second place on a national level twice before deciding to quit in favor of her acting career.
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There is the list of movies, where Sarah Alles was taked part:
1 Der letzte Kronzeuge movie Der letzte Kronzeuge 2014 as Kollegin Präsidium
2 Kill Your Darling movie Kill Your Darling 2009 as Ordensschwester Maria
3 Tausche Firma gegen Haushalt movie Tausche Firma gegen Haushalt 2003 as Nicki Lackner
4 Birdland movie Birdland 2009 as Sophie
5 Das Geheimnis im Wald movie Das Geheimnis im Wald 2008 as Melanie Bauer
6 Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss movie Der kleine Drache Kokosnuss 2014 as Ananas
7 Der Sieger in dir movie Der Sieger in dir 2013 as Kim Röder
8 Destruction of Silence movie Destruction of Silence 2013 as Sandra Koch
9 Doktorspiele movie Doktorspiele 2014 as Additional Voices
10 Georgi movie Georgi 2014 as Waitress
11 Immer Wirbel um Marie movie Immer Wirbel um Marie 2008 as Jeannette
12 Mama machts möglich movie Mama machts möglich 2003 as Kaya Brandt
13 Mantrailer - Spuren des Verbrechens movie Mantrailer - Spuren des Verbrechens 2013 as Jale Üzüm
14 Stilles Erbe movie Stilles Erbe 2014 as Annie Toben
15 Stilles Tal movie Stilles Tal 2011 as Dixie Stille
16 Verlangen movie Verlangen 2011 as Anna
17 Bettys Diagnose movie Bettys Diagnose 2015 as Nadja Sukow
18 Bis in die Spitzen movie Bis in die Spitzen 2005 as Calypso
19 Countdown - Die Jagd beginnt movie Countdown - Die Jagd beginnt 2010 as Tine Renz
20 Das Traumschiff movie Das Traumschiff 1981 as Nadja Holm
21 Der Bergdoktor movie Der Bergdoktor 2008 as Pia Hofer
22 Der Landarzt movie Der Landarzt 1987 as Sonja Linden
23 Die Bergretter movie Die Bergretter 2009 as Sarah
24 Die Stein movie Die Stein 2008 as Janis
25 Heiter bis tödlich - Akte Ex movie Heiter bis tödlich - Akte Ex 2012 as Yvette Müller
26 Heiter bis tödlich - Henker & Richter movie Heiter bis tödlich - Henker & Richter 2011 as Pia Zander
27 In aller Freundschaft - Die jungen Ärzte movie In aller Freundschaft - Die jungen Ärzte 2015 as Anna
28 In aller Freundschaft movie In aller Freundschaft 1998 as Janina Pester
29 Küstenwache movie Küstenwache 1997 as Bonnie Grabow
30 München 7 movie München 7 2004 as Melek Armut
31 Notruf Hafenkante movie Notruf Hafenkante 2007 as Sofia Oliveira
32 Rote Rosen movie Rote Rosen 2006 as Ella Meissner
33 Schmidt - Chaos auf Rezept movie Schmidt - Chaos auf Rezept 2014 as Maya Born
34 SOKO Köln movie SOKO Köln 2003 as Lisa Freund
35 SOKO Stuttgart movie SOKO Stuttgart 2009 as Dana Borgemann
36 SOKO Wismar movie SOKO Wismar 2004 as Evi Sost
37 Tessa - Leben für die Liebe movie Tessa - Leben für die Liebe 2006 as Mia Dannenberg
38 Volles Haus movie Volles Haus 2008 as Mirja
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