Jean Allison

as Gwen Halstead/Guinevere in the movie Highway to Heaven

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Real name is Jean Allison
Was born at 24 October 1929 (now is 89 years old) in New York City, New York, USA

Marymount High School, Tarrytown, New York Graduated Adelphi College, NYMarried another Adelphi graduate, 'Lee Philips (I)' (actor,director). Divorced amicably. Studied with 'Sanford Meisner' . Married 'F.

X. Toole' (writer: Million Dollar Baby (2004) Pseudonym for Jerry Boyd, in Mexico City where daughter Erin was born. Divorced amicably. Did the play, Teach Me How To Cry, writer:'Patricia Joudry' . She was spotted by agent, Doovid Barskin, whosigned her.

In 1960 she met the perfect man, Phil Toorvald, a StanfordUniversity senior studying electrical engineering. Having raised onedaughter, Jean knew where her heart really was--as a mother. She hadtwo children with Phil in quick succession, Sven and Tina, raisedanother girl (adopted), and then raised that girl's two daughters. Shewas happy in her mothering role for many years and never returned toacting. Jean's first feature part had been in 1952 in the film Edge of Fury (1958) where she met first-time cameraman'Jack Couffer' .

Fifty years later, after each had survived theloss of long time spouses they now share their lives together inretirement. .

There is some small facts about Jean Allison:
  • Mother, with 'F.X. Toole' , of daughter Erin.
  • Mother, with Phil Toorvald, of daughter Tina and son Sven. They also adopted a girl.
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There is the list of movies, where Jean Allison was taked part:
1 Highway to Heaven movie Highway to Heaven 1984 as Gwen Halstead/Guinevere
2 Law of the Plainsman movie Law of the Plainsman 1959 as Rosa Costello Slade
3 Schlitz Playhouse of Stars movie Schlitz Playhouse of Stars 1951 as Ellen Oliver
4 The Man and the Challenge movie The Man and the Challenge 1959 as Sally Cheever
5 A Cry for Help movie A Cry for Help 1975 as Irene Schullman
6 Bad Company movie Bad Company 1972 as Mrs. Dixon
7 Brocks Last Case movie Brocks Last Case 1973 as Alma Gamm
8 Devils Partner movie Devils Partner 1961 as Nell Lucas
9 Edge of Fury movie Edge of Fury 1958 as Eleanor Hackett
10 Hardcore movie Hardcore 1979 as Mrs. Steensma
11 Man on the Outside movie Man on the Outside 1975 as Ellen
12 Runamuk movie Runamuk 1978 as The Professor's Wife
13 The Death of Me Yet movie The Death of Me Yet 1971 as Marilyn Keller
14 The Elevator movie The Elevator 1974 as Mrs. Peters
15 The Steagle movie The Steagle 1971 as Florence Maguire
16 The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver movie The Strange Possession of Mrs. Oliver 1977 as Mrs. Dempsey
17 77 Sunset Strip movie 77 Sunset Strip 1958 as Helen Schmidt
18 Adam-12 movie Adam-12 1968 as Loise Spencer
19 Bat Masterson movie Bat Masterson 1958 as Lorna Stevens
20 Bonanza movie Bonanza 1959 as Sally Byrnes
21 Bourbon Street Beat movie Bourbon Street Beat 1959 as Linda Jelkins
22 Bronco movie Bronco 1958 as Susan McSween
23 Cains Hundred movie Cains Hundred 1961 as Eve Forbes
24 Cannon movie Cannon 1971 as Dr. Thorpe - Psychiatrist
25 Charlies Angels movie Charlies Angels 1976 as Mrs. Morris
26 Chase movie Chase 1973 as Helen Bronston
27 Code R movie Code R 1977 as Hilda
28 Dr. Kildare movie Dr. Kildare 1961 as Dorothy Karas
29 Emergency! movie Emergency! 1972 as Grace
30 General Electric Theater movie General Electric Theater 1953 as Ethel Keeley
31 Gunsmoke movie Gunsmoke 1955 as Martha Vail
32 Have Gun - Will Travel movie Have Gun - Will Travel 1957 as Nora Borden
33 Hawaiian Eye movie Hawaiian Eye 1959 as Mary Potts
34 Hawkins movie Hawkins 1973 as Helen Wyatt
35 Hec Ramsey movie Hec Ramsey 1972 as Grace Lambert
36 Hennesey movie Hennesey 1959 as Dr. Leslie Crandall
37 Hong Kong movie Hong Kong 1960 as Millie Harris
38 How the West Was Won movie How the West Was Won 1976 as Mrs. Stillman
39 Ironside movie Ironside 1967 as Helen Borden
40 Johnny Midnight movie Johnny Midnight 1960 as Joannie
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