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as Virginia Houston in the movie A Successful Adventure

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Was born at 14 June 1890 in Rising Fawn, Georgia, USA . Died at 27 March 1989, Bratenahl, Ohio, USA (respiratory failure)

Born in Rising Fawn, GA (youngest of 5 children) Parents: Dr. John S. Allison and Nannie Virginia Wise Sisters: Maude, Verda, Zetta Brother:Herschel Mother Lived with her in California until her death. AfterQuirk's death, she met C.

N. Osborne in NYC, they were married for over40 years until his death in '82 and lived in Cleveland Ohio. Had a Homein Tucker's Town, Bermuda for many years. Patron of The ClevelandSymphony for many years. .

There is some small facts about May Allison:
  • Editor of Photoplay Magazine after husband's (Quirk) death
  • Blonde leading lady of the silent screen, on stage from 1914. She was popularly paired in twenty films with 'Harold Lockwood (I)' at Mutual and Metro, beginning in 1915 and ending with Lockwood's untimely death from Spanish influenza in 1918. Allison's career subsequently declined and she retired from acting in 1927.
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There is the list of movies, where May Allison was taked part:
1 A Successful Adventure movie A Successful Adventure 1918 as Virginia Houston
2 One Increasing Purpose movie One Increasing Purpose 1927 as Linda Travers Paris
3 The Cheater movie The Cheater 1920 as Lilly Meany, aka Vashti Dethic
4 The Governors Lady movie The Governors Lady 1915 as Katherine Strickland
5 The Hidden Children movie The Hidden Children 1917 as Lois de Contrecoeur
6 The Man in the Sombrero movie The Man in the Sombrero 1916 as Alice Van Zandt
7 The Other Side of the Door movie The Other Side of the Door 1916 as Ellie Fenwick
8 The Secretary of Frivolous Affairs movie The Secretary of Frivolous Affairs 1915 as Loulie
9 The Testing of Mildred Vane movie The Testing of Mildred Vane 1918 as Mildred Vane
10 The Winning of Beatrice movie The Winning of Beatrice 1918 as Beatrice Buckley
11 A Fool There Was movie A Fool There Was 1915 as The Wife's Sister
12 Are All Men Alike? movie Are All Men Alike? 1920 as Teddy Hayden
13 Big Tremaine movie Big Tremaine 1916 as Isobel Malvern
14 Castles in the Air movie Castles in the Air 1919 as Fortuna Donnelly
15 David Harum movie David Harum 1915 as Mary Blake
16 Extravagance movie Extravagance 1921 as Nancy Vane
17 Fair and Warmer movie Fair and Warmer 1919 as Blanny Wheeler
18 Flapper Wives movie Flapper Wives 1924 as Claudia Bigelow
19 Held in Trust movie Held in Trust 1920 as Mary Manchester
20 Her Inspiration movie Her Inspiration 1918 as Kate Kendall
21 I Want My Man movie I Want My Man 1925 as Lael
22 In for Thirty Days movie In for Thirty Days 1919 as Helen Corning
23 Lifes Blind Alley movie Lifes Blind Alley 1916 as Helen Keating
24 Lillo of the Sulu Seas movie Lillo of the Sulu Seas 1916 as Lillo
25 Men of Steel movie Men of Steel 1926 as Clare Pitt
26 Mismates movie Mismates 1926 as Belle
27 Mister 44 movie Mister 44 1916 as Sadie Hicks
28 Pardoned movie Pardoned 1915 as Kathie Hart
29 Peggy Does Her Darndest movie Peggy Does Her Darndest 1919 as Peggy Ensloe
30 Pidgin Island movie Pidgin Island 1916 as Diana Wynne
31 Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 1-F movie Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 1-F 1921 as Herself
32 Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 22-F movie Screen Snapshots, Series 2, No. 22-F 1922 as Herself
33 Social Hypocrites movie Social Hypocrites 1918 as Leonore Fielding
34 The Broad Road movie The Broad Road 1923 as Mary Ellen Haley
35 The Broken Cross movie The Broken Cross 1916 as Helen Brandon
36 The Buzzards Shadow movie The Buzzards Shadow 1915 as Alice Corbett
37 The City movie The City 1926 as Elinor Voorhees
38 The Come-Back movie The Come-Back 1916 as Patta Heberton
39 The End of the Road movie The End of the Road 1915 as Grace Wilson
40 The Gamble movie The Gamble 1916 as Jean Hastings
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