Jane Allsop

as Mary the Talk Show Host in the movie FH2: Faghag2000

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Real name is Jane Claire Allsop
Was born at 3 July 1975 (now is 43 years old) in Oxford, England, UK

Jane Allsop was born in Oxford, England, in 1975 and soon after moved tothe US for several years. Upon returning to Melbourne the familysettled in the eastern suburbs and Jane began drama classes at the ageof nine. At age 13 Jane went to her first audition and got it - aWedgewood Pie commercial. Ironically this was the same commercial thatbegan Stephen Curry's career, and nearly two decades later they workedalongside one another in "The King".

After secondary school Janecompleted a Visual and Performing Arts Degree at the Victorian Collegeof the Arts. She worked consistently over the years, gaining guestroles in many television programs including "Neighbours", StateCoroner, "Kangaroo Palace" TV movie, "Halifax f. p III: Afraid of theDark", "Lano and Woodley" and "Blue Heelers". But her big break came in1999 when she landed the role of Constable Jo Parrish in the SevenNetwork's hit drama "Blue Heelers". She played the role of Jo Parrishfor 5 years, completing exactly 200 episodes.

The roles that followedincluded among other things a regular role on "Last Man Standing", a 4part series of "MDA" starring alongside Vince Colosimo, and the role ofNoeline Brown in "The King". In the latter half of 2010, she can besimultaneously seen in "Matching Jack" in cinemas, in "Tangle" onFoxtel Showcase, on Channel 10 in her role as Tash on "Rush", and onthe Nine Network playing Carmel Arthur in the first "Underbelly Files:Tell Them Lucifer Was Here" telemovie. .

There is some small facts about Jane Allsop:
  • Gave birth to a baby boy in May 2006, and had a second son in May 2008.
Also look some video clip about Jane Allsop:
There is the list of movies, where Jane Allsop was taked part:
1 FH2: Faghag2000 movie FH2: Faghag2000 2012 as Mary the Talk Show Host
2 Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here movie Underbelly Files: Tell Them Lucifer Was Here 2011 as Carmel Arthur
3 Blue Heelers movie Blue Heelers 1994 as Const. Joanna 'Jo' Parrish
4 The Adventures of Lano & Woodley movie The Adventures of Lano & Woodley 1997 as Teresa
5 The Doctor Blake Mysteries movie The Doctor Blake Mysteries 2013 as Ruth Dempster
6 Attack movie Attack 2011 as Carol
7 Cherokee movie Cherokee 2014 as Linda
8 Golden Girl movie Golden Girl 2011 as Cilla's Mother
9 Guru Wayne movie Guru Wayne 2002 as Jane White
10 Kangaroo Palace movie Kangaroo Palace 1997 as Cecily
11 Matching Jack movie Matching Jack 2010 as Marianne
12 The King movie The King 2007 as Noeline Brown
13 The Menkoff Method movie The Menkoff Method 2015 as Nancy
14 You Cut, I Choose movie You Cut, I Choose 2014 as Jill (27 Years-old)
15 Berts Family Feud movie Berts Family Feud 2006 as Herself
16 City Homicide movie City Homicide 2007 as Jo Andrews
17 Devils Dust movie Devils Dust 2012 as Eva Francis
18 Driven Crazy movie Driven Crazy 1998 as Cinema Patron 2
19 Halifax f.p. movie Halifax f.p. 1994 as Lauper's Girlfriend
20 Hollys Heroes movie Hollys Heroes 2005 as Abby Dawson
21 House Husbands movie House Husbands 2012 as Rachel
22 Last Man Standing movie Last Man Standing 2005 as Suzie
23 MDA movie MDA 2002 as Lucy Morello
24 Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries movie Miss Fishers Murder Mysteries 2012 as Delores
25 Neighbours movie Neighbours 1985 as Samantha Spry
26 Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS movie Never Tear Us Apart: The Untold Story of INXS 2014 as Pat Hutchence
27 Rake movie Rake 2010 as Felicity Finnane
28 Rush movie Rush 2008 as Tash Button
29 SlideShow movie SlideShow 2013 as Herself
30 State Coroner movie State Coroner 1997 as Kirsty Wilson
31 Talkin Bout Your Generation movie Talkin Bout Your Generation 2009 as Herself
32 Tangle movie Tangle 2009 as Tanya Hicks
33 The Big Schmooze movie The Big Schmooze 2000 as Herself
34 The Divorce movie The Divorce 2015 as Police Officer
35 The Slap movie The Slap 2011 as Tracey
36 Underbelly movie Underbelly 2008 as Lady Margaret Stanley
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