Astrid Allwyn

as Vivian Snowden in the movie Hands Across the Table

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Real name is Astrid Allwyn Christofferson
Was born at 27 November 1905 in South Manchester, Connecticut, USA . Died at 31 March 1978, Los Angeles, California, USA (cancer)

Lovely Connecticut-born blonde Astrid Allwyn, with her foreign-soundingname and icy countenance, spruced up a number of 1930s and early 1940sfilms. Of Swedish descent, she studied dancing and dramatics in NewYork and later gathered experience joining a stock company. Allwyn madeher Broadway debut in 1929 in 'Elmer Rice (I)' 's "Street Scene"and, on the strength of her second play "Once in a Lifetime," wasbrought to Hollywood in 1932. With the help of the 'Greta Garbo' craze, the chic, heart-shapedfaced beauty managed to parlayed her placid Scandanavian allure into afilm career.

She made her debut supporting 'Constance Bennett (I)' in the romantic comedy Lady with a Past (1932) and continued tocharm then harm as the "other woman" opposite many of the big malestars of the day -- 'Humphrey Bogart' in Love Affair (1932) , 'Lee Tracy (I)' in The Night Mayor (1932) , 'James R. Murray (I)' in Bachelor Mother (1932) , 'Lionel Atwill' in Beggars in Ermine (1934) , 'Lew Ayres' in Servants' Entrance (1934) , 'John Boles' in The White Parade (1934) , 'Spencer Tracy (I)' in It's a Small World (1935) , 'Herbert Marshall (I)' in Accent on Youth (1935) , 'Henry Fonda' in Way Down East (1935) , 'Fred MacMurray' in Hands Across the Table (1935) , 'Fred Astaire' in Follow the Fleet (1936) , 'William Gargan' in Flying Hostess (1936) , 'James Dunn (I)' in Venus Makes Trouble (1937) , 'Alan Baxter (I)' in It Could Happen to You! (1937) , 'Preston Foster (I)' in The Westland Case (1937) , 'Bruce Cabot' in Love Takes Flight (1937) , 'Robert Young (I)' in Miracles for Sale (1939) and 'Richard Dix (I)' in Reno (1939) . Rarely placed in the leading lady position, Astrid was given fewfront-tier assignments aside from Mystery Liner (1934) , International Crime (1938) and as the lady reporter opposite'John Archer (I)' 's cop in the crimer City of Missing Girls (1941) . She is probably better rememberedfor her support roles in the'Charles Boyer (I)' /'Irene Dunne' tearjerker Love Affair (1939) , as the scheming, predatory daughter ofSenator 'Claude Rains' who focuses her sites on'James Stewart (I)' in the 'Frank Capra' classic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939) and as a barfly in No Hands on the Clock (1941) .

After filming Hit Parade of 1943 (1943) , Astrid made a decisionto retire so she could on family and raising children. Briefly marriedto first husband/actor 'Robert Kent (I)' , the couple appearedtogether in the 'Shirley Temple' vehicle Dimples (1936) andAstrid went on to provide her customary chilly demeanor to little MissTemple later again in Stowaway (1936) . Married a second time in1941 to businessman Charles O. Fee, a union that lasted until herdeath, they had two children -- 'Melinda O. Fee' and'Vicki Fee' , both of whom became actresses.

Astrid died of cancerin 1978 at age 72, and was interred at Forest Lawn Glendale, Court ofFreedom, #955. .

There is some small facts about Astrid Allwyn:
  • She began her career as a singer and a broadway actress before turning to Hollywood.
  • Mother of 'Melinda O. Fee' .
  • Mother of actress 'Vicki Fee' .
  • Born of Swedish parents, blonde Astrid Allwyn was brought to Hollywood in 1932 on the wave of Garbo-mania. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, she never reached the lofty heights of stardom and, instead, played a succession of icy, predatory 'other women' who would tempt or seduce the hero and make life difficult for the heroine - but only momentarily. She made her stage debut in 'Street Scene' in 1929.
  • In 1931 MGM publicity announced that the studio had signed Astrid Allwyn due to her success in the recent theatrical productions "Once in a Lifetime" and "Young Sinners" and that her first movie for MGM would be West of Broadway (1931) .
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There is the list of movies, where Astrid Allwyn was taked part:
1 Hands Across the Table movie Hands Across the Table 1935 as Vivian Snowden
2 Miracles for Sale movie Miracles for Sale 1939 as Mrs. Zelma La Claire
3 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1939 as Susan Paine
4 20th Century Fox Promotional Film movie 20th Century Fox Promotional Film 1936 as Herself
5 Accent on Youth movie Accent on Youth 1935 as Genevieve Lang
6 All of Me movie All of Me 1934 as Ray
7 Bachelor Mother movie Bachelor Mother 1932 as Lola Butler
8 Beggars in Ermine movie Beggars in Ermine 1934 as Mrs. Vivian Dawson
9 Charlie Chans Secret movie Charlie Chans Secret 1936 as Janice Gage
10 City of Missing Girls movie City of Missing Girls 1941 as Nora Page
11 Cracked Nuts movie Cracked Nuts 1941 as Ethel Mitchell
12 Dantes Inferno movie Dantes Inferno 1935 as Girl in Stoke-Hold
13 Dimples movie Dimples 1936 as Cleo Marsh
14 Flying Hostess movie Flying Hostess 1936 as Phyllis Crawford
15 Follow the Fleet movie Follow the Fleet 1936 as Mrs. Iris Manning
16 Gangs of Chicago movie Gangs of Chicago 1940 as Virginia Brandt
17 Hat Check Girl movie Hat Check Girl 1932 as A Party Guest
18 He Couldnt Take It movie He Couldnt Take It 1933 as Blonde
19 Hello, Sister! movie Hello, Sister! 1933 as Webster's Secretary
20 Hit Parade of 1943 movie Hit Parade of 1943 1943 as Joyce Germaine
21 Honeymoon in Bali movie Honeymoon in Bali 1939 as Fortune Teller at Egret Room
22 International Crime movie International Crime 1938 as Phoebe Lane
23 It Could Happen to You! movie It Could Happen to You! 1937 as Angela
24 It Had to Happen movie It Had to Happen 1936 as Mabel Spears
25 Its a Small World movie Its a Small World 1935 as Nancy Naylor
26 Ladies Love Danger movie Ladies Love Danger 1935 as Chorus Girl
27 Lady with a Past movie Lady with a Past 1932 as Lola
28 Love Affair movie Love Affair 1932 as Linda Lee
29 Love Affair movie Love Affair 1939 as Lois Clarke
30 Love Takes Flight movie Love Takes Flight 1937 as Diane Audre
31 Meet the Missus movie Meet the Missus 1940 as Violet Stevens
32 Melody for Three movie Melody for Three 1941 as Gladys McClelland
33 Monte Carlo Nights movie Monte Carlo Nights 1934 as Blondie Roberts
34 Murder Goes to College movie Murder Goes to College 1937 as Greta Barry
35 Mystery Liner movie Mystery Liner 1934 as Lila Kane
36 No Hands on the Clock movie No Hands on the Clock 1941 as Gypsy Toland
37 One More Spring movie One More Spring 1935 as Girl at Auction
38 Puddin Head movie Puddin Head 1941 as Yvonne Jones
39 Reno movie Reno 1939 as Flora McKenzie
40 Servants Entrance movie Servants Entrance 1934 as Sigrid Hansen
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