Jonas Bloch

as Tiago in the movie Ovelha Negra

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Was born at 8 February 1939 (now is 80 years old) in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
There is some small facts about Jonas Bloch:
  • Father of two girls named 'Débora Bloch' and Deni Bloch.
  • Also a narrator and a radio show host
  • Half-brother of Adolfo Bloch.
  • Grandchildren: Júlia and Hugo (Débora's children) and Tomaz (Deni'son).
  • Has a stepson named Pedro, from Sylvia's previous relation.
  • 'Adolfo Celi' and 'Maria Clara Machado' were his teachers.
  • Studied in a boarding school in Petrópolis until the age of 10.
  • His father died when he was two and his mother remarried eight years later.
  • He's of Ukrainian descent.
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There is the list of movies, where Jonas Bloch was taked part:
1 O Circo das Qualidades Humanas movie O Circo das Qualidades Humanas 2000 as Eduardo da Cunha Júnior
2 O Escaravelho do Diabo movie O Escaravelho do Diabo 2016 as Padre Paulo Alfonso
3 Mulheres de Areia movie Mulheres de Areia 1993 as Walter Hartman 'Alemão'
4 Os ricos Também Choram movie Os ricos Também Choram 2005 as Antonio Domingues
5 A Maldição do Sanpaku movie A Maldição do Sanpaku 1991 as Bruce
6 Amarelo Manga movie Amarelo Manga 2002 as Isaac
7 Apolônio Brasil, Campeão da Alegria movie Apolônio Brasil, Campeão da Alegria 2003 as General
8 Avaeté - Semente da Vingança movie Avaeté - Semente da Vingança 1985 as Missionary Bruno
9 Cabra-Cega movie Cabra-Cega 2004 as Mateus
10 Cobrador: In God We Trust movie Cobrador: In God We Trust 2006 as Detective
11 Discretion Assured movie Discretion Assured 1994 as Santos
12 Doces Poderes movie Doces Poderes 1997 as Paulo Beckman
13 Histórias do Olhar movie Histórias do Olhar 2002 as Pedro
14 Kenoma movie Kenoma 1998 as Gerônimo
15 Nossa Vida Não Cabe Num Opala movie Nossa Vida Não Cabe Num Opala 2008 as Gomes
16 O Caso Cláudia movie O Caso Cláudia 1979 as Pierre Dorf
17 O Dia da Caça movie O Dia da Caça 2000 as Branco
18 O Diabo na Cama movie O Diabo na Cama 1988 as The Suicidal
19 O Homem da Capa Preta movie O Homem da Capa Preta 1986 as Adolfo
20 O Outro Lado do Paraíso movie O Outro Lado do Paraíso 2014 as Simeão
21 O Paraíso Proibido movie O Paraíso Proibido 1971 as Celso Felix
22 Policarpo Quaresma, Herói do Brasil movie Policarpo Quaresma, Herói do Brasil 1998 as Dr. Mendonça
23 Quilombo movie Quilombo 1984 as Samuel
24 Retrato Falado de uma Mulher Sem Pudor movie Retrato Falado de uma Mulher Sem Pudor 1982 as Cacá Salles
25 Texas Hotel movie Texas Hotel 1999 as Isaac
26 Woman on Top movie Woman on Top 2000 as Pierre Laroche
27 À Flor da Pele movie À Flor da Pele 1977 as Luiz
28 A Lei e o Crime movie A Lei e o Crime 2009 as Feitosa
29 A Viagem movie A Viagem 1994 as Ismael
30 Almeida Garrett movie Almeida Garrett 2000 as Minister Dumond
31 Amor e Intrigas movie Amor e Intrigas 2007 as Camilo Fraga
32 Avassaladoras: A Série movie Avassaladoras: A Série 2006 as Mauro
33 Bandidos da Falange movie Bandidos da Falange 1983 as Gilberto
34 Bela, a Feia movie Bela, a Feia 2009 as Ricardo Ávila
35 Bicho do Mato movie Bicho do Mato 2006 as Ramalho
36 Cara e Coroa movie Cara e Coroa 1995 as Nuzman
37 Confissões de Adolescente movie Confissões de Adolescente 1994 as Alberto
38 Corpo Santo movie Corpo Santo 1987 as Russo (Giovanni Kepler)
39 Irmãos Coragem movie Irmãos Coragem 1995 as Siqueira
40 Jamais Te Esquecerei movie Jamais Te Esquecerei 2003 as Antônio
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