Chelo Alonso

as Pepita Garcia in the movie Guardatele ma non toccatele

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Real name is Isabella Garcia
Also known as The Cuban H-Bomb
Was born at 10 April 1933 (now is 85 years old) in Central Lugareño, Camagüey, Cuba

If you remember those silly, badly-dubbed sandal-and-spear spectaclesthat became the rage of Italian cinema during the late 1950s and early1960s, then you will certainly recall this torrid brunet bombshell. Invariably cast as the ambitiously evil queen or undulatingdancer/temptress whose soul mission was to entrance the film's residentmuscleman, Chelo Alonso's "peplum princess" prime would be surprisinglybrief but her memorable moves and over-the-top histrionics were reasonenough to place her on the international sex symbol pedestal and earnher cult status. While her acting contributions would certainly attractno awards, she did earn the honor of becoming "Italian Cinema's FemaleDiscovery" early in the game. The darkly stunning Alonso was born Isabella Garcia in Central Lugareño,Camagüey, Cuba, on April 10, 1933, to a Cuban father and Mexicanmother.

Attracted to dancing, she began performing seriously in Havanaat age 17, and soon earned notoriety at Cuba's National Theatre for hersensual, exotic style. She took her trade to Paris in 1957 and becamethe toast of the Folies Bergère as an up-and-coming'Josephine Baker (I)' . Billed as the "Cuban H-Bomb", she combinedher native Afro-Cuban rhythms with a seductive belly-dancing style thatencouraged wolf whistles wherever she toured, which would eventuallyinclude Puerto Rico, Haiti and even the United States. It wasn't long before she slithered her way into Neopolitan actionfilms. Bodybuilder 'Steve Reeves (I)' had just muscled his wayinto films with his mythological hero Hercules and a new genre wasborn, with the exotic Chelo soon proving herself a fiery fit.

She firstattracted attention with the film Nel segno di Roma (1959) [Signof the Gladiator] where her erotically-charged dance segment stole thethunder right from under the movie's top-billed sex star, Swedish siren'Anita Ekberg' . From there Chelo, with her volcanic temperament, highly distinctivecheekbones and wild mane of dark hair, went on to charm a number of"ab"normally fit muscleman co-stars, including Reeves,'Gordon Mitchell (I)' and 'Mark Forest (I)' in suchobviously-titled adventure films as La scimitarra del saraceno (1959) ; Il terrore dei barbari (1959) ; Maciste nella valle dei Re (1960) ; Il terrore della maschera rossa (1960) ; La regina dei tartari (1960) ; and Morgan il pirata (1960) . Following her filming of Quattro notti con Alba (1962) , Chelo abandoned the film sceneand focused briefly on Italian TV. By this time she had already met production manager 'Aldo Pomilia' while both were working on the "Morgan the Pirate" film in 1960. Theymarried a year later and she later bore him son Aldino.

Any return tofilm after this period was minor and/or insignifant. This included anunbilled mute role in 'Clint Eastwood' 's star-making "spaghettiwestern" Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo (1966) . Her last filmappearance was in La notte dei serpenti (1969) . . .

and then shevanished. After the death of her husband in 1986, Alonso moved to Tuscany, Italy,where she found several interests to keep her busy, including breedingcats and operating a hotel/restaurant. .

There is some small facts about Chelo Alonso:
  • Former exotic dancer at the Folies Bergères.
  • Has a son, Aldino Pomilia.
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There is the list of movies, where Chelo Alonso was taked part:
1 Guardatele ma non toccatele movie Guardatele ma non toccatele 1959 as Pepita Garcia
2 Il terrore della maschera rossa movie Il terrore della maschera rossa 1960 as Karima
3 La strada dei giganti movie La strada dei giganti 1960 as Stella Von Kruger
4 Maciste nella valle dei Re movie Maciste nella valle dei Re 1960 as Queen Smedes
5 Nel segno di Roma movie Nel segno di Roma 1959 as Erica, Zemanzius' Favourite and Dancer
6 Corri uomo corri movie Corri uomo corri 1968 as Dolores
7 Gastone movie Gastone 1960 as Carmensita
8 I Reali di Francia movie I Reali di Francia 1959 as Suleima
9 Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo movie Il buono, il brutto, il cattivo 1966 as Stevens' Wife
10 Il terrore dei barbari movie Il terrore dei barbari 1959 as Landa
11 La notte dei serpenti movie La notte dei serpenti 1969 as Dolores
12 La ragazza sotto il lenzuolo movie La ragazza sotto il lenzuolo 1961 as Maria Celeste Cortez d'Aragona
13 La regina dei tartari movie La regina dei tartari 1960 as Tanya, Queen of the Tartars
14 La scimitarra del saraceno movie La scimitarra del saraceno 1959 as Princess Miriam
15 Maciste nella terra dei ciclopi movie Maciste nella terra dei ciclopi 1961 as Capys
16 Morgan il pirata movie Morgan il pirata 1960 as Consuela
17 Quattro notti con Alba movie Quattro notti con Alba 1962 as Alba Petti
18 Tunisi top secret movie Tunisi top secret 1959 as Sherazad/Soraya
19 Western, Italian Style movie Western, Italian Style 1968 as Herself
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