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as Angel/Hooker in the movie Total Overdose: A Gunslingers Tale in Mexico

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Was born at Cuba (now is -0 years old)

Yeni Alvarez is a Cuban American actress, voiceover artist and writer. She is best known for her role as Anita in the Spanish sitcom "LosBeltran". She is also one of the "divas" behind the blogTravelingDiva. com and a self-described "bon vivant".

Career In 1999 Alvarez was cast in "Los Beltran" and starred as Anitauntil the show's cancellation in 2001. Since then she has beenprimarily involved in voiceover work. She voiced the artist Carmela onDisney's Handy Manny and Aquamaria in the Static Shock episode "Wet andWild", as well as featured voice roles on Glenn Martin DDS and theGuardians of Luna TV series and in video games such as Freedom: FirstResistance and Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico. She hasalso made on-screen appearances in Resurrection Blvd. , Line of Fire,Judging Amy, Without a Trace and Criminal Minds.

In 2008 Alvarez started TravelingDiva. com, a blog that focuses ontravel, Latin culture and Los Angeles nightlife that is also part ofAlvarez Media, a literary and artist public relations firm that sheowns. Personal Life Alvarez was born in Cuba, but left with her family toMiami, FL, via Panama, when she was ten. She studied at the YoungActors Workshop and Marymount Manhattan College before receiving herBFA in Fine Arts from Florida International University in 1995. She is a fan of salsa singer Celia Cruz and got to meet her when Cruzwas headlining a Cuban Festival in LA at which Alvarez emceed.

Whenthey met she asked Cruz for her autograph; Cruz smiled and said "Ay,mira quien es! La chiquita de "Los Beltran. " ("Oh, look who it is! Thegirl from 'Los Beltran'!") Her manager later told Alvarez that shenever missed an episode of "Los Beltran", and when she was on tour Cruzwould have him record the show. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She is trained in karate and enjoys traveling, citing Paris, Prague,andNew Orleans as memorable places. Awards and Recognition Los Beltran received the 2001 Imagen FoundationAward for Best Comedy Series and the 2001 ALMA Award from the NationalCouncil of La Raza for Best Spanish Language Comedy Series.

It wasnominated for two GLAAD Media Awards, the first Spanish-languageprogram so honored by the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. .

There is some small facts about Yeni Alvarez:
  • Vocal range: Soprano
  • Trains in karate.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish, and conversational Italian.
  • Is a fan of salsa singer Celia Cruz and got to meet her when Cruz was headlining a Cuban Festival in LA at which Alvarez emceed.
Also look some video clip about Yeni Alvarez:
There is the list of movies, where Yeni Alvarez was taked part:
1 Total Overdose: A Gunslingers Tale in Mexico movie Total Overdose: A Gunslingers Tale in Mexico 2005 as Angel/Hooker
2 What Really Happened During the Cuban Missile Crisis movie What Really Happened During the Cuban Missile Crisis 2003 as Yeni
3 Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis movie Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis 2012 as Herself
4 2002 ALMA Awards movie 2002 ALMA Awards 2002 as Herself
5 Freedom: First Resistance movie Freedom: First Resistance 2000 as Angel
6 In Hot Pursuit movie In Hot Pursuit 2003 as Lupita Lopez
7 Left at the Rio Grande movie Left at the Rio Grande 2005 as Maria
8 Madam Marina movie Madam Marina 2005 as Lucas' Mother
9 Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! movie Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action! 2014 as Viperine Gorgon/Scary Stone
10 Rogues movie Rogues 2003 as Arlina Romano
11 Take Out movie Take Out 2005 as Amy
12 Ben 10: Ultimate Alien movie Ben 10: Ultimate Alien 2010 as Dr. Borges
13 Criminal Minds movie Criminal Minds 2005 as 2nd Aide
14 Crossing Jordan movie Crossing Jordan 2001 as Paramedic
15 Eve movie Eve 2003 as Gloria
16 Get Blake! movie Get Blake! 2015 as Carmen de la Cruz
17 Glenn Martin DDS movie Glenn Martin DDS 2009 as Mercedes
18 Guardians of Luna movie Guardians of Luna 2008 as Maria Gonzales
19 Handy Manny movie Handy Manny 2006 as Carmela
20 Judging Amy movie Judging Amy 1999 as Officer Young
21 Line of Fire movie Line of Fire 2003 as Juana Contrera
22 Los Beltrán movie Los Beltrán 1999 as Anita Beltran
23 Pipers Picks TV movie Pipers Picks TV 2008 as Herelf - guest
24 Resurrection Blvd. movie Resurrection Blvd. 2000 as Tiffany
25 Static Shock movie Static Shock 2000 as Aquamaria
26 Summerland movie Summerland 2004 as Paramedic
27 Without a Trace movie Without a Trace 2002 as Sophia
The image of was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Backstage" (USA), March 23-29, 2000
  • "TV Guide en Español" (USA), Nov 6 - 12, 1999
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