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as David Wuhlman in the movie Beyond

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Real name is Seth Cosentino
Was born at 3 October 1981 (now is 37 years old) in Hollywood, Florida, USA
There is some small facts about Seth Gabel:
  • Related to 'Martin Gabel' , 'Arlene Francis' , and 'Peter Gabel' .
  • Attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts.
  • Son-in-law of 'Ron Howard (I)' and 'Cheryl Howard (I)' .
  • Seth and his wife, 'Bryce Dallas Howard' , became the parents of a son named Theodore "Theo" Norman Howard Gabel, born on February 16, 2007.
  • Nephew-in-law of 'Clint Howard' .
  • Grandson-in-law of 'Rance Howard' and 'Jean Speegle Howard' .
  • Brother-in-law of 'Paige Howard (I)' , Jocelyn Howard and Reed Howard.
  • Best friend and high school classmate of actor 'Josh Gad' , who is godfather of Theo Gabel.
  • Second child, Beatrice Jean Howard-Gabel, was born on January 19, 2012, weighing in at 8lbs 6oz.
  • He is of Ashkenazi Jewish descent on both sides of his family. He was raised under the Italian surname "Cosentino", the surname of his stepfather, who adopted him.
  • Appeared in the 2006 film "The Da Vinci Code", which was directed by his father-in-law, Ron Howard.
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There is the list of movies, where Seth Gabel was taked part:
1 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation movie CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2000 as Larry Colton
2 Fringe movie Fringe 2008 as Lincoln Lee/Alternate Lincoln Lee
3 Arrow: Year One movie Arrow: Year One 2013 as Count Vertigo
4 Beyond movie Beyond 2006 as David Wuhlman
5 Dirty Sexy Crafty movie Dirty Sexy Crafty 2009 as Himself
6 Good Dick movie Good Dick 2008 as Kissing Man
7 Gothica movie Gothica 2013 as Roderick Usher
8 Hyperthermia movie Hyperthermia 2015 as Stephen
9 Jerry movie Jerry 2009 as Jerry's Friend #2
10 Jonah Hex movie Jonah Hex 2010 as Advisor
11 Solemates movie Solemates 2015 as Man
12 Tadpole movie Tadpole 2000 as Mike
13 Take Me Home Tonight movie Take Me Home Tonight 2011 as Brent
14 The Da Vinci Code movie The Da Vinci Code 2006 as Michael
15 The Hug movie The Hug 2014 as Ryan
16 The Lions Mouth Opens movie The Lions Mouth Opens 2014 as Himself
17 100 Centre Street movie 100 Centre Street 2001 as James Bass
18 American Horror Story movie American Horror Story 2011 as Jeffrey Dahmer
19 Arrow movie Arrow 2012 as The Count
20 Celebrity Name Game movie Celebrity Name Game 2014 as Himself
21 Dirty Sexy Money movie Dirty Sexy Money 2007 as Jeremy Darling
22 Entertainment Tonight movie Entertainment Tonight 1981 as Himself
23 Fashionably Nerdy Geek Chic TV movie Fashionably Nerdy Geek Chic TV 2014 as Himself
24 Ironside movie Ironside 2013 as Buddy Rovner
25 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit movie Law & Order: Special Victims Unit 1999 as Garrett Perle
26 Nip/Tuck movie Nip/Tuck 2003 as Adrian Moore
27 Salem movie Salem 2014 as Cotton Mather
28 Sex and the City movie Sex and the City 1998 as Sweet Young Sailor
29 The Closer movie The Closer 2005 as Nikolai Koslov
30 The Division movie The Division 2001 as Mikhail Ominsky
31 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson movie The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2005 as Himself
32 The Lyons Den movie The Lyons Den 2003 as Beau Van Hessche
33 United States of Tara movie United States of Tara 2009 as Zach
34 Unsolved Mysteries movie Unsolved Mysteries 1987 as Skunk Ape Witness
There is the list of some articles of Seth Gabel:
  • "Hollywood Reporter" (USA), 23 June 2004, pg. 16, by: Nellie Andreeva, "Casting Call"
There is the list of some quotes of Seth Gabel:
  • I think everyone thinks their family is insane, and every family is insane. There is no real normal.
  • "Fringe" (2008) was the first time I realized that I could ever man up in a character and make this transition from being a boy or a young man into actually being a man.
  • Before my first child was born, I had nothing going on professionally really, and it's been a very blessed period of creativity for me since he arrived. It's very surreal. It's almost as if the babies are out there pulling strings somewhere, deciding what kind of life they want to be born into.
  • I was always prepared for my "Fringe" (2008) journey to end immediately. I had only signed up for a guest role but they kept bringing me back in the third season as a recurring character. So pretty much every time I went to film a 'Fringe' episode I kind of said goodbye to the show, but then they kept bringing me back.
  • I think what's so great about "Arrow" (2012) is that they really ground everything in reality.
  • I could have been on a path that led to different, more traditional teen romance, and "Nip/Tuck" (2003) shook me loose from any generalization I might have been forced into. It helped me understand I wanted to take on things that were edgier, more challenging and riskier.
  • I was incredibly intimidated playing Lincoln Lee in the alternate universe, which was the first role I played on 'Fringe' because I was actually the head of a Fringe division and the head of a unit that was going out and I had to lead entire SWAT teams of people. I really questioned in myself, 'Can I carry that responsibility?'
  • Before "Fringe" (2008) I was in "Dirty Sexy Money" (2007) playing Jeremy Darling who was this bratty New York socialite.
  • On "Salem" (2014) : We're so excited because we've put our heart and soul into this. Getting picked up puts more wind in your sails to put more into the show and to know that it's being received. It gives you a good feeling. I thought it made sense that they'd pick it up quickly since it's WGN's first show. I felt like it would be a good message to the fans that they can invest in the long run and watch every episode and know that it's not going to be canceled. I thought that was a good move and it felt good for us because it showed that WGN was putting its confidence in the work we'd been doing that hadn't aired yet, and with season two promising to be more epic.
  • To get to play a bad person and do bad things in a safe environment like "Arrow" (2012) was pretty amazing.
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