Azzie Amani

as Wife (2014-2015) in the movie Minutes with Max Amini

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There is some small facts about Azzie Amani:
  • Nominated for best supporting actress in a short at the British Film Festival LA - Ruyah Zahir 2009.
Also look some video clip about Azzie Amani:
There is the list of movies, where Azzie Amani was taked part:
1 Minutes with Max Amini movie Minutes with Max Amini 2014 as Wife (2014-2015)
2 Faraway Waters movie Faraway Waters 2008 as Shirin
3 Ruyah Zahir movie Ruyah Zahir 2009 as Ruyah
4 All My Children movie All My Children 1970 as Shopper
5 As the World Turns movie As the World Turns 1956 as Intern
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