Betty Amann

as Hilde Wollwarth in the movie Der Sträfling aus Stambul

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Real name is Philippine Amann
Also known as Amann, Bee
Was born at 10 March 1905 in Pirmasens, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany . Died at 3 August 1990, Westport, Connecticut, USA

Born in Germany to American parents, dark-haired Betty Amann (bornPhilippine Amann) grew up in the US. She began her screen career as BeeAmann in the mid-'20s, but returned to Germany after appearing in a'Tom Tyler' Western for low-budget FBO Pictures. Arriving in the wakeof 'Louise Brooks (I)' , she was awarded a screen test by producer'Erich Pommer' and went on to star or co-star in such Germanproductions as 'Joe May (I)' 's silent Asphalt (1929) andthe talkies Der weiße Teufel (1930) -- opposite'Lil Dagover' and 'Ivan Mozzhukhin' --and Die kleine Schwindlerin (1933) , opposite 'Dolly Haas' . Shelater did Daughters of Today (1933) in England, but was back inHollywood by the mid-'30s, where she mainly appeared in "Poverty Row"productions.

Her final appearance came in 'Edgar G. Ulmer' 'sbizarre Isle of Forgotten Sins (1943) for rock-bottom PRCPictures as one of 'Gale Sondergaard' 's "hostesses. ".

There is some small facts about Betty Amann:
  • Betty Amann got the Filmband in Gold in 1987 for her activity for the German film.
  • When the National Socialist seized power in Germany the Jew Betty Amann went to England. But when she was not able to gain a foothold there as an actress she returned to Germany in the same year and worked there till 1937.
  • When her family moved to the USA she first made an education as an artist in painting.
Also look some video clip about Betty Amann:
There is the list of movies, where Betty Amann was taked part:
1 Der Sträfling aus Stambul movie Der Sträfling aus Stambul 1929 as Hilde Wollwarth
2 Die große Sehnsucht movie Die große Sehnsucht 1930 as Herself, Betty Amann
3 A Simple Sap movie A Simple Sap 1928 as She
4 Asphalt movie Asphalt 1929 as Else Kramer
5 Daughters of Today movie Daughters of Today 1933 as Joan
6 Der große Bluff movie Der große Bluff 1933 as Marion Millner
7 Der weiße Teufel movie Der weiße Teufel 1930 as Saira
8 Die kleine Schwindlerin movie Die kleine Schwindlerin 1933 as Gwendoline
9 Hans in allen Gassen movie Hans in allen Gassen 1930 as Nelly, die Andere
10 Hubbys Weekend Trip movie Hubbys Weekend Trip 1928 as Charley's 2nd Girlfriend
11 In Old Mexico movie In Old Mexico 1938 as Janet Leeds
12 Isle of Forgotten Sins movie Isle of Forgotten Sins 1943 as Olga
13 Motorboat Mamas movie Motorboat Mamas 1928 as Catalina Cafe Patron
14 Nancy Drew... Reporter movie Nancy Drew... Reporter 1939 as Eula Denning
15 Niebezpieczny romans movie Niebezpieczny romans 1930 as Ada
16 O alte Burschenherrlichkeit movie O alte Burschenherrlichkeit 1930 as Norma, dessen Tochter
17 Pyjamas Preferred movie Pyjamas Preferred 1932 as Violet Ray
18 Rich and Strange movie Rich and Strange 1931 as The Princess
19 Schleppzug M 17 movie Schleppzug M 17 1933 as Gescha
20 Smiths Holiday movie Smiths Holiday 1928 as Minor Role
21 Strictly Business movie Strictly Business 1931 as Theodora Smith
22 Strictly in Confidence movie Strictly in Confidence 1933 as Rita
23 The Beach Club movie The Beach Club 1928 as Minor Role
24 The Best Man movie The Best Man 1928 as Minor Role
25 The Campus Carmen movie The Campus Carmen 1928 as Extra
26 The Campus Vamp movie The Campus Vamp 1928 as Minor Role
27 The Kick-Off movie The Kick-Off 1926 as Ruth
28 The Perfect Lady movie The Perfect Lady 1931 as Jacqueline Dubarry
29 The Rodeo movie The Rodeo 1929 as Minor Role
30 Trail of the Horse Thieves movie Trail of the Horse Thieves 1929 as Amy Taggart
There is the list of some articles of Betty Amann:
  • "Die Filmwoche" (Germany), 24 September 1930, Iss. 39, by: Edith Hamann, "Betty Amann"
  • "Die Filmwoche" (Germany), 9 October 1929, Iss. 41, by: Betty Amann, "Ich komme aus Pirmasens"
  • "Ufa-Feuilleton" (Germany), 19 September 1929, Iss. 38, by: Betty Amann, "Berufe und Sehnsüchte"
  • "Berliner Nachtausgabe" (Germany), 8 March 1929, by: Betty Amann, "Ich liebe Berlins Asphalt!"
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