Asma Ambrus

as Old Katalin Kemeny in the movie Kaprazatok Kaoszaban

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Was born at 5 September 1954 (now is 64 years old) in Dunaegyháza, Hungary
There is some small facts about Asma Ambrus:
  • Hungarian stage actress, who often appears in plays for children.
Also look some video clip about Asma Ambrus:
There is the list of movies, where Asma Ambrus was taked part:
1 Kaprazatok Kaoszaban movie Kaprazatok Kaoszaban 2003 as Old Katalin Kemeny
2 A nagymama movie A nagymama 1986 as Növendék
3 Highway Dawn movie Highway Dawn 2016 as Barbara
4 No Place Like on the Road movie No Place Like on the Road 2016 as Nándi's mom
5 A védelemé a szó movie A védelemé a szó 1988 as ápolónõ
6 Kicsi a bors... movie Kicsi a bors... 1983 as Tanárnõ
7 Szeress most! movie Szeress most! 2003 as Auntie Stefi
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