Irene Ambrus

as Madelaine Biron, Vorleserin in the movie Die Marquise von Pompadour

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Real name is Irene Klopfer
Was born at 28 April 1904 in Budapest, Hungary . Died at 22 July 1990, London, England, UK
There is some small facts about Irene Ambrus:
  • Cousin of Gitta Alpar
  • Hungarian actress and singer, trained at the Budapest Conservatory and briefly popular in a few early 1930's Austrian comedies and operettas. She also recorded several (for the period) risqué songs, sometimes using the pseudonyms Mabel Eton or Ina Aristid. Being Jewish, she was forced to leave Germany in 1933 and emigrated to Britain where she made several more appearances on stage.
  • She became famous as a singer in the first place and she also appeared with her pseudonym Mabel Eton and Ina Aristid.
  • In the film business she was only successful for a short time. After that she concentrated again on her singing career completely.
  • When she got married with Dr. Levy who was working for the record company Lindström AG her career got another drive. She released several records often with comedic and equivocate lyrics.
  • After a singing education at the conservatory in Budapest she got an engagement at the operetta theater in Pest. Finally she was engaged to Berlin where she played for Eric Charell at the Grosses Schauspielhaus.
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There is the list of movies, where Irene Ambrus was taked part:
1 Die Marquise von Pompadour movie Die Marquise von Pompadour 1931 as Madelaine Biron, Vorleserin
2 Die weisse Geisha movie Die weisse Geisha 1926 as Lisa
3 Lumpenball movie Lumpenball 1930 as Eva, seine Frau
4 Moritz macht sein Glück movie Moritz macht sein Glück 1931 as Ruth Meier
5 Opernredoute movie Opernredoute 1931 as Ilona Antalffy, die Tänzerin
6 Wien, du Stadt der Lieder movie Wien, du Stadt der Lieder 1930 as Ilona, Verkäuferin
There is the list of some articles of Irene Ambrus:
  • "Verlag Medium Film Berlin" (Germany), 1994, pg. 10, 11, by: Helga & Karlheinz Wendtland, "Kuenstlerbiagrapgien"
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