Courtney Amis

as Girl at Beach in the movie You, Me and That Other Guy

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Courtney was born in Orlando, Florida on September 28, 1995. She movedto Atlanta, Georgia when she was 3 and started acting by the time shewas seven. She starred in her first short film at the age of nine,quickly deciding it would be a career to pursue. Through middle schooland high school she commuted to Los Angeles from Atlanta for months ata time, then finally moved to Los Angeles for college to pursue a BFAdegree in film production.


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There is the list of movies, where Courtney Amis was taked part:
1 You, Me and That Other Guy movie You, Me and That Other Guy 2013 as Girl at Beach
2 7 Days of Yellow movie 7 Days of Yellow 2009 as Sissy
3 Lonely Love movie Lonely Love 2009 as Young Abby
4 Playin Church movie Playin Church 2008 as Angel
5 Poison Tree movie Poison Tree 2009 as Shine
6 Speedland movie Speedland 2008 as Young Sunny
7 Sweatshop movie Sweatshop 2011 as Sage
8 The Woods movie The Woods 2008 as Jodie
9 White Lies movie White Lies 2007 as Rebecca
10 The Outer Rim movie The Outer Rim 2016 as Ava
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