Diane Amos

as Woman Next to J.P. in the movie Angels in the Outfield

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Was born at 1958 (now is -0 years old) in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
There is some small facts about Diane Amos:
  • Attended George Washington High School in San Francisco, California.
  • (June 2004) Works as a stand up comic and appears in Pinesol commercials.
Also look some video clip about Diane Amos:
There is the list of movies, where Diane Amos was taked part:
1 Angels in the Outfield movie Angels in the Outfield 1994 as Woman Next to J.P.
2 Sweet November movie Sweet November 2001 as Rachel, Coffee Shop Waitress
3 The $10,000 Pyramid movie The #10,000 Pyramid 1973 as Herself - Contestant
4 Blue Jasmine movie Blue Jasmine 2013 as Dental Hygienist
5 Career Suicide movie Career Suicide 2004 as Dwahza
6 Copycat movie Copycat 1995 as Gigi
7 Dream with the Fishes movie Dream with the Fishes 1997 as Nurse #1
8 Edtv movie Edtv 1999 as Autograph Mom
9 Innocent Victims movie Innocent Victims 1996 as Mildred Guinn
10 Nine Months movie Nine Months 1995 as Rebecca's Nurse
11 Olive movie Olive 2011 as Cashier at Pet Store
12 Patch Adams movie Patch Adams 1998 as Older Waitress
13 Pine-Sol® Pranked movie Pine-Sol® Pranked 2012 as Diane Amos
14 Web of Deception movie Web of Deception 1994 as Dr. Sanford
15 Where the Money Is movie Where the Money Is 2000 as Kitty
16 Blunt Talk movie Blunt Talk 2015 as Diane
17 Midnight Caller movie Midnight Caller 1988 as Janet Drew
18 Nash Bridges movie Nash Bridges 1996 as Patty, the booking Cop
19 Pyramid movie Pyramid 2002 as Herself
20 The Birthday Boys movie The Birthday Boys 2013 as Barbara Roslyn
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