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Real name is Myra Ellen Amos
Also known as 'T'
Was born at 22 August 1963 (now is 55 years old) in Newton, North Carolina, USA

At age one, Tori and her family moved to Baltimore, where she spent muchof her childhood. She started playing piano at a very early age (21/2). At the age of five, she was accepted to the Peabody Conservatoryof Music (Arts school); she was the youngest person to be accepted tothe school. However, she soon discovered that there were conflictsbetween her wants and those of the school.

At age 11, she was kickedout thereby making her the youngest person to be expelled from theschool. She eventually ended up in a rock band called Y Kan't ToriRead, who released an album in 1988. The album was a severe flop, andthe band broke up shortly thereafter. Tori has been doing her solo gigever since, known for her strong voice, eccentric lyrics, and (ofcourse) her exceptional skill on the piano. Born Myra Ellen Amos on August 22, 1963 in Newton, North Carolina (butmoving to Baltimore, Maryland very shortly thereafter),singer/songwriter and sometimes-actress Tori Amos has accumulated oneof the most ravenous, cult- like followings known to the entertainmentindustry.

After cutting a 45"RPM record at the age of 18 called"Baltimore" (which, along with the flip-side song "Walking With You,"won her a citation from the mayor of Baltimore and the key to thecity,) Amos began recording demonstration songs and sending them out tothe recording industry. She had already gained a following in theWashington, D. C. area, most notably performing in gay piano bars. Starting at age 16, she was often accompanied by her minister father,Dr.

Rev. Edison Amos. At the age of 21 she moved to Los Angeles andparticipated in various pop and hair-metal bands, including "Tess MakesGood" and "Skirts on Fire. " Eventually she landed herself in a bandcalled "Y Kant Tori Read. " The members of the band were relativeunknowns, although guitarist Steve Caton had performed with her forseveral years at that point and continued to do so until 1999 beforeleaving to pursue his own endeavors.

"Y Kant Tori Read" eventuallygathered attention from Atlantic Records and was signed to record analbum with legendary 80's music producer Joe Chicarelli (who, in themeantime, got Tori various backup vocal gigs on projects by Pherron,Sandra Bernhard and even scored her a song in the soundtrack to theschlocky martial-arts movie "China O'Brien" -- Tori was paid $300). Atlantic Records' main interest was not in the band but in the loopy,sexy, big-haired main vocalist. When Y Kant Tori Read went into thestudio to record their first major label album, only Tori and SteveCaton remained. The rest of the band was fleshed out withsinger/pianist Kim Bullard (of Kajagoogoo) and Matt Sorum (later ofGuns and Roses). The eponymous debut album was a huge flop, sellingless than 8,000 copies.

The embarrassing music video which aired a fewtimes on MTV featured Tori in skin tight leather pants and a halter topcavorting around a "downtown Los Angeles" studio set with sky-highhair, waving around a sword and dancing with bikers and rock-n-rollgirls in pink tutus. The huge failure put Tori in a funk, but herrecord label was willing to give her one more shot. She switched gearsback to the girl-with-a-piano sound she had focused on for much of heryouth. (Amos was the youngest person admitted into the BaltimorePeabody Conservatory, though she was kicked out a few years later forrefusing to read sheet music. Thus the name of her hair-metal band.

)Eventually, through encouragement from friends, she put together thegroup of songs that would make up her first solo album, "LittleEarthquakes. " Because the content and sound of the music in "LittleEarthquakes" was so different than what was being played on Americanradio, Atlantic moved Tori to London, England where she almostinstantly became a smash hit. Gathering frequent comparisons to KateBush, Amos was labeled as a "fruit- loop" and a "kook" by the Britishpress. Who was this 5 foot 1/2" redhead, wearing swimsuits with bluejeans over them, performing intensely personal piano-pop while writhingat her instrument? Amos' debut album eventually garnered several hitsingles in both the UK and the US including "Winter," "Silent All TheseYears," "Crucify" and "China. " The most startling song, however, was atrack called "Me and a Gun.

" It was an a'capella account of her ownexperience with rape, and its impact would be felt by Tori over thenext few years. She also gained further notice by releasing an E. P. ofthe song "Crucify" with three cover songs, most notably a remake ofNirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit. " This would mark Tori's habit ofcompletely reinterprereting other people's works in live performancesand as B-sides.

At this point Tori started what would become atrademark style of touring for her, spending almost a year tirelesslytouring the entire world. She also began her habit of contributing newworks to soundtrack albums with the song "Happy Workers" on the TOYSsoundtrack. In 1994 Tori released her second album, "Under the Pink. "Where her first album was very diary-like, confessional and piano-poporiented, "Under the Pink" was fleshed out with full orchestralarrangements, lots of guitars and drums, and even a littleindustrial-techno (on the song "The Waitress"). The album was alsolyrically much more inaccessible, with subtext on top of subtext.

Songslike "Past the Mission," a hit single, dealt with the sexualrelationship between Jesus and Mary Magdelene. It was at this pointTori really developed an underground following of fans who wouldresearch and hang onto every word she uttered in an interview, hopingto get a clearer understanding of her music. The album also had hitswith "Pretty Good Year," "God," and "Cornflake Girl," a song thataddressed the topic of African female genitalia mutilation (in relationto Alice Walker's book "Possessing the Secret of Joy"). The song "God"opened up Tori's ongoing rivalry with the religious right, who objectedto the song's content. "God sometimes you just don't come through/Doyou need a woman to look after you?" The song was even sent out toradio stations on a promo disc with "some guitar/no guitar" remixversions to lessen the harsh sound.

At this time Tori was receiving somany letters from fans who had experiences with rape that she founded"R. A. I. N. N.

", the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network. It was, andis to this date, the nation's only 24 hour, completely confidential andtoll free hotline for victims of sexual assault. It has gone close tocollapse several times and has relied on Tori's generosity to pullitself through. She also contributed the songs "Butterfly" and "LosingMy Religion" (a cover of R. E.

M. 's hit) to the soundtrack of "HigherLearning. " In 1996 Tori released her third album, "Boys For Pele," tocritical acclaim but lower album sales. It became clear that sheintended to not let up on the cryptical lyricism. On this album shealso introduced songs centered around the harpsichord, clavichord andharmonium organ.

As she had brought the piano back into the pop scenein 1992, with "Boys For Pele" she crafted incredibly complex pop songsaround these antiquated instruments along with orchestra, brass bandsand gospel choirs. The album consisted of 19 tracks (and almost 20non-album tracks released as B-sides on singles). She collaborated withGeorge Porter Jr. of The Meters on the album, which featuredsouthern-influenced artwork including a photo of Tori breast feeding apiglet. (This image was on a billboard in Los Angeles and caused a caraccident, resulting in a publicized lawsuit.

The image was removed fromlibrary-issued copies of the album. ) The album dealt with the theme ofthe male relationships in Tori's life, most notably her breakup withEric Rossee, former record producer whom she had been involved with fornearly 7 years. (Pele is a Hawaiian volcano goddess to whom malesacrifices are made. ) The album spawned hits with "Caught A LiteSneeze" (which made history as the first song made available as adownload on the internet by the recording industry), "Talula" (whichwas remixed by dance artist B. T.

and included in the soundtrack to thefilm "Twister"), "Professional Widow," "In the Springtime of HisVoodoo" and "Hey Jupiter. " At this time Amos did something no oneexpected, and allowed her music to be remixed and released to danceclubs. The song "Professional Widow," originally a rough, punkishharpsichord dirge about Courtney Love and her involvement in husbandKurt Cobain's death, became a huge smash dance club hit when artistArmand Van Helden remixed it using only the lines "Honey, bring itclose to my lips" and "It's Gotta be Big. " The remix brought Amos herbiggest hit yet, and propelled Van Helden to stardom although yearslater he would comment that he didn't receive a dime from the remix. Following that success, a remix of "In the Springtime of His Voodoo"was issued with lesser success.

She also recollaborated with BT on asong called "Blue Skies. " BT attended one of Tori's concert soundchecksand had her improvise the lyrics to the song, which he then mixed intoa #1 dance hit. Amos, in the meantime, continued to rigorously tour theworld. During her 1997 tour she took up a relationship with her soundengineer 'Mark Hawley (III)' , and suffered a miscarriage. In 1998she released the album "From the Choirgirl Hotel," which dealt verystrongly with her miscarriage and the idea of loss.

The album was hermost accessible since "Little Earthquakes," and even more radiofriendly. It was also her first venture with a full rock band since "YKant Tori Read" in 1988. However mainstream the album's sound was, withrock influence, and even a full on techno song ("Hotel"), the lyricsremained cryptic as ever. The album artwork featured Amos in variouswacky outfits, having been full-body scanned on a human sizedphotocopier. The album spawned the hit singles "Spark," "Cruel,""Raspberry Swirl," and "Jackie's Strength.

" The latter was remixed intoa dance hit; it dealt with a young woman's reaction to the death ofJackie Kennedy and its relevance to her own wedding. The song"Raspberry Swirl" was nominated for a Grammy award for best alternativeperformance. The tour for the album was one of the most successful ofthe year. In 1998 Tori also toured with Alanis Morrissete, causingquite a stir among fans. Tori performed before Alanis, labeling her asthe opening act, although it was a co-tour and the simple fact was thatTori HAD to perform first due to setting up and taking off her piano.

In 1999 Tori released "To Venus and Back," a 2 CD set that featured onedisc of 11 new songs and another disc of a sort of "greatest hits live"of performances from her 1998 tour. The disc did not perform as well aspast efforts, although it spawned the hits "Bliss," "Concertina" and"1,000 Oceans. " She toured to support the album with a full band. Shealso married her sound engineer, 'Mark Hawley (III)' . In the year2000 Tori and Mark gave birth to their first child,'Natashya Lórien Hawley' .

In 2001 Amos released "Strange LittleGirls," an album of 12 cover songs. This album was a full-on conceptalbum. Amos' goal was to re-interpret these songs, all written by maleartists about female characters, from a female point of view. Shecreated 13 female characters (one each for 11 songs plus a set oftwins). She brought on longtime-colleague makeup artist Kevin Aucoin tocreate the characters and had photos taken of each.

The songs on thealbum all deal with violence and men's views of women. She tackles suchsongs as "Happiness is a Warm Gun" by the Beatles from the point ofview of the prostitute who visited John Lennon's assassin hours beforethe murder; "'97 Bonnie and Clyde" by Eminem from the point of view ofthe slaughtered and dying wife in the trunk of the car; and "Heart ofGold" from the point of view of twins involved in internationalespionage. As if all of this weren't enough, she also brought onlegendary comic book and novel author Neil Gaiman to write shortstories about each character, although they were reduced to simplequotes in the liner notes. The album was released with 4 differentcovers. Tori continues to make popular, interesting music on her ownterms.

Although she has participated in acting projects in the past (a"Kellog's Just Right" commercial and a guest role in the TV courtroomdrama "Trial by Jury," both in the late 80s during her hair-metalphase), she doesn't seem in a hurry to keep it up. .

There is some small facts about Tori (I) Amos:
  • In high school, Tori was voted Homecoming Queen, Choir Flirt, and Most Likely To Suceed.
  • (1996) Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.
  • (5 September 2000) She gave birth to a 7 pound, 1 ounce baby girl, named 'Natashya Lorien'.
  • Born at 1:10 PM EDT
  • Her father is Methodist minister Dr. Rev. Edison Amos of Rockville, Maryland. His commentary on the second amendment is featured in sound clips on her song "Happiness is a Warm Gun" (a Beatles cover).
  • Resides in Cornwall, England and West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Her husband is from England.
  • Has received 7 Grammy nominations, sold close to 20 million albums worldwide (despite recieving little, if any mainstream airplay) and according to VH1, is the 77th greatest woman in rock n' roll history.
  • Toured with 'Alanis Morissette' in 1999.
  • Ranked #71 on VH1's 100 Greatest Women of Rock N Roll
  • Is good friends with 'Trent Reznor' , who sang the background vocals on her song "Past the Mission" from her album "Under The Pink".
  • Lost her older brother, Michael Amos, in a tragic car accident in November of 2004.
  • Close friend of writer 'Neil Gaiman' , who dedicated to her the character of "Delirium" in his comic saga "Sandman".
  • She is famous for her skill to play covers of famous songs on the piano. Her first strike was the piano cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit". At her concerts, there is always the Tori Amos Pianobar Moment, where she plays covers requested by her fans.
  • Tori has stated that two of her maternal great-great-grandparents were Cherokee Native American (though all of her maternal great-grandparents were listed as "White" on United States censuses). Tori often has Native American influences in her songs, esp. on the album "Scarlet's Walk", which includes the song "Wampum Prayer", a tribute to Native Americans.
  • Was offered the part of Sarah in The Crow: City of Angels (1996) , but refused because she did not like the character. In an interview, she attributed the refusal of the role to the fact that the character had poor choice of footwear.
  • Refers to her songs as "girls".
  • May 2007: Named Epic's Jane Magazine's Artist of the Month.
  • 1st May 2007: Released her ninth studio album: "American Doll Posse". It was written and produced by Tori at Martian Engineering in Cornwell, England, UK. The physical version was available in two different formats: the Standard Version and the Limited Edition CD/DVD Deluxe Version. The bonus DVD featured Behind The Scenes footage of the album photo shoot, an exclusive photo gallery, and the bonus track "My Posse Can Do". The Limited Edition version also included five collectible postcards, and a full color thirty six page booklet. Purchases from select independent retailers in the US, also came with a free 11"x26" Tori Amos lithograph.
  • Ranked #77 on VH1's 100 Sexiest Artists.
  • Recorded the song "Past the Mission" in the Beverly Hills mansion where 'Sharon Tate (I)' was murdered.
  • Good friend of 'Björk' .
  • Is a fan of playwright 'Tennessee Williams' .
  • Owns a home in Cork, Ireland.
  • (May 2009) Released her tenth studio album "Abnormally Attracted to Sin" on May 19th, 2009 with plans for a summer tour.
  • (March 2007) Preparing to release her 9th studio album "American Doll Posse" in May 2007 and follow with a world tour.
  • (April 2005) Touring solo (for the first time since 2001) in support of her new album "The Beekeeper"
  • (2005) Release of her book, "Piece by Piece".
  • (August 2003) Continues to tour in support of her album "Scarlet's Walk".
  • Mother of 'Natashya Lórien Hawley' .
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2 FM4 Radio Sessions: Tori Amos movie FM4 Radio Sessions: Tori Amos 2009 as Herself
3 The 1994 Billboard Music Awards movie The 1994 Billboard Music Awards 1994 as Herself
4 Breakfast movie Breakfast 2000 as Herself - Singer-Songwriter
5 Crossroads movie Crossroads 1994 as Herself - Performer (1994)
6 Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show movie Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show 2003 as Herself
7 Late Night with David Letterman movie Late Night with David Letterman 1982 as Herself
8 Late Show with David Letterman movie Late Show with David Letterman 1993 as Herself - Musical Guest
9 Live with Regis and Kathie Lee movie Live with Regis and Kathie Lee 1988 as Herself
10 Sendung ohne Namen movie Sendung ohne Namen 2002 as Herself - Interviewee
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15 Mayor of the Sunset Strip movie Mayor of the Sunset Strip 2003 as Herself
16 Mona Lisa Smile movie Mona Lisa Smile 2003 as Wedding Singer
17 MTV Revue with Tori Amos movie MTV Revue with Tori Amos 1998 as Herself
18 MTV Video Music Awards 1998 movie MTV Video Music Awards 1998 1998 as Herself - Presenter
19 NPR Music Live: Tori Amos movie NPR Music Live: Tori Amos 2012 as Herself
20 Spirit, Show and Songs movie Spirit, Show and Songs 1994 as Herself
21 The Brit Awards 1994 movie The Brit Awards 1994 1994 as Herself - Presenter: Best British Newcomer
22 The Kate Bush Story: Running Up That Hill movie The Kate Bush Story: Running Up That Hill 2014 as Herself
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31 ABC in Concert movie ABC in Concert 1991 as Herself
32 AOL Sessions movie AOL Sessions 2002 as Performer
33 Big Morning Buzz Live movie Big Morning Buzz Live 2011 as Herself
34 Breakfast with the Arts movie Breakfast with the Arts 1991 as Herself
35 BTM2 movie BTM2 2000 as Herself
36 Conan movie Conan 2010 as Herself - Musical Guest
37 Continuarà... movie Continuarà... 1996 as Herself
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40 Die Harald Schmidt Show movie Die Harald Schmidt Show 1995 as Herself
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There is the list of some quotes of Tori (I) Amos:
  • I know I'm an acquired taste: I'm anchovies. And not everyone wants those hairy little things. If I was potato chips, I could go more places.
  • Stuff is the issue...
  • I'm too wacky for most weirdos, who am I to judge ?
  • The music is the magic carpet that other things take naps on
  • If you call me an airy-faerie, new age, hippy waif, I will cut off your penis.
  • I just try to strip myself, peel myself like an onion. At different layers I discover stuff. I do it publicly, and if it helps to inspire somebody else, which inspires somebody else, we're talking about a really exciting world here.
  • [after breast-feeding her daughter for the first time] An ounce of breast milk is even more potent then the finest tequila.
  • [about the 9/11/01 terrorist attacks on New York] Don't you think it's really important now that there's a forum, that we're talking about all sides of what happened September 11 and what led up to it? We need to do some research; we need to think about, Why is the world where it is? It's so deep-rooted, if we really start looking, and we might not like what we find. But I think we have to, we have to ask the questions.
  • In our minds, love and lust are really separated. It's hard to find someone that can be kind and you can trust enough to leave your kids with, and isn't afraid to throw her man up against the wall and lick him from head to toe.
  • I'm beyond the fury of youth. I love young women who are angry. They're wild mustangs. But if you don't transcend that, you become a very disturbed 40-year-old.
  • Great composers are collectors of ideas first.
  • [on the piano] It plays me, really. I don't play it. There is a surrender to what the instrument is capable of it and I try to listen to it.
  • [on her daughter] I didn't want her looking and hearing me and thinking, "Oh my God, that's a scary lady!"
  • I see the dream and I see the nightmare, and I believe you can't have the dream without the nightmare.
  • The whole Bible Belt banned me for "Crucify" because they thought I was being sacrilegious. They felt that it was detrimental material for their children and that it was blasphemous.
  • I mean just 'cause you're a piano player, I think people just have an idea of what that is. They've decided they kinda' have you figured out.
  • [on growing up as a minister's daughter] I was taught a belief system where there wasn't really any room to discover my own belief system.
  • God is, "Hey buddy, I think you need a babe. Sit down. And I just happen to be around." The whole concept of God that our institutions have taught us, whatever it is, it's not just Christianity but the whole rigmarole, to me isn't what it truly is.
  • My nightmares are so bad, that I mostly reject it when my friends want to take me to a cinema to watch a horror movie. Then I say, "No, thank you. I will dream in a few hours."
  • When I sleep I often have nightmares. I can already hear your readers saying, "I knew that. The way your songs sound you must really have horrible nightmares."
  • I don't know of anybody who's gonna be fulfilled if they get hit by a bus. You have to surrender to that eternal need to be fulfilled.
  • There's room for everybody on the planet to be creative and conscious if you are your own person. If you're trying to be like someone else, then there isn't.
  • I run into Pentecostals all the time . . . a lot of them are my friends, and they say, "Tori, I hope you find Jesus." I say, "How do you know I'm not having a margarita with Jesus tonight at 10 o'clock?"
  • Let's be honest, religion has not supported women and men exploring all sorts of their sides, their unconscious. It has not been supportive of, you know, go into the places without shame, without blame, without judgment, and just let yourself really see what's cooking in there.
  • I think human beings are so much more capable of what they told us we're capable of.
  • Anyone can attend yoga, kabbalah classes, church, lectures by the 'Dalai Lama', yada, yada, yada - but can you be present for your life, and live with the way you treat other people?
  • If you can hang around till you're 41 and not frighten people when you walk in the room, you're O.K.
  • Seven years I would turn in tapes to record companies; after seven years of rejection of my own music, I believed them when they said, "This girl-at-her-piano thing is never gonna happen . . . Get a band, do metal, do dance, do whatever" - and I did them all. I had my limit of how much rejection I could take. I didn't believe in myself enough.
  • Some people get baptized with sprinkles, well, I had my head down in the water for 25 years.
  • It's all about draining you of your passion. That's what religion is about - cutting off the physical from the spiritual.
  • When someone asks me if I've found Jesus, I say, "Yeah, I saw him at a 'Nirvana (I)' concert a couple of years ago." It's like, Jesus has got things to do, he's got a ten o'clock. He's not going to fix things for me, I have to fix things for myself, so I try and have a sense of humor about it and nobody finds my humor very amusing. We've just got to lighten up on the savior bit, folks. You know, get off the cross, we need the wood.
  • I was supposed to be a concert pianist but I was more interested in what 'Stevie Wonder' was doing.
  • Only a few people should have a "greatest hits". I'm not one of those people.
  • [on the aftermath of the 9/11 attack] I feel like our leaders have hijacked America's personality, and taken her to personality plastic surgery school. And they decided this is who she is.
  • It's uncomfortable when I'm sitting down to a plate of spaghetti, when I'm having dinner and somebody wants to know all about the rape or all about "Professional Widow" and how I became an emotional vampire.
  • It's a very humbling experience. I can't possess a song. The songs are like live entities for me. I have to put them out in the world, and it's none of my business what relationships the songs form. As an artist, I have to make peace with that.
  • The playground is the biggest war-zone in the world.
  • Do you know how hard it is for Artists to travel?
  • You have to read visionaries to have visions.
  • They squash the baby bird because their bird got squashed.
  • There are people who will tell you that bad things only happen to bad people. That's a lie.
  • ["Pancake" lyric] Seems in vogue to be a closet misogynist homophobe.
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