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as Bar Wench in the movie Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists

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Also known as The International

Alice Amter is a British born actress of mixed ethnic heritage. She ismultilingual and possesses an inate deftness with accents which havebeen fueled by a curiosity about other languages and cultures. She haslived on three continents and currently resides in the U. S.

Her ambiguous ethnic appearance and skill as a chameleon have enabledher to convincingly portray a wide range of characters on both the bigand small screens. She has appeared in numerous prime time TV showsopposite some of Hollywood's biggest names. Her first job in televisionwas opposite George Clooney in his final two episodes of the mega-hitmedical drama 'E. R'. This was followed by a series of appearances in anarray of popular TV shows such as 'Judging Amy' opposite Amy Brenneman,'Strong Medicine' with Janine Turner, 'Til Death' with Brad Garrett,'Skip Tracer' with Stephen Dorff and a recurring role on 'Presidio Med'opposite Blythe Danner and Christina Hendricks from 'Mad Men'.

Simultaneously she garnered attention on the big screen withappearances in several films with some of Hollywood's leading listtalent, most notably Jennifer Anniston in 'The Good Girl', and VinDiesel in 'A Man Apart'. In 'Penance' she crafts another memorable, albeit chilling performanceas 'Eve' the unsympathetic french prison warden aka villainess in thisdisturbing thriller. Equally adept at both comedy and drama, shecontinues to gain notoriety as one of the most versatile actresses inthe industry, and can be frequently seen demonstrating her comedicchops as Mrs Koothrappali in the hugely successful CBS TV sitcom 'TheBig Bang Theory'. Alice recently guest starred on the high ratingprimetime TV show 'Outsourced' and can be seen shortly on 'The WholeTruth'. .

There is some small facts about Alice Amter:
  • Has a B.A. in Modern Languages & International Relations
  • Born & raised in the UK. Has lived in England, France, Germany, Japan & the United States. Speaks French, German, Japanese & Spanish.
  • Mother is German.
  • Known as 'The Chameleon'.
  • Although known for playing many characters of Indian descent, claims she is not of Indian descent herself.
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There is the list of movies, where Alice Amter was taked part:
1 Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists movie Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists 2000 as Bar Wench
2 1 movie 1 2016 as She - Boss
3 2011 3D Creative Arts Awards movie 2011 3D Creative Arts Awards 2011 as Herself
4 2012 ALMA Awards movie 2012 ALMA Awards 2012 as Herself
5 2013 ALMA Awards movie 2013 ALMA Awards 2013 as Herself
6 A Man Apart movie A Man Apart 2003 as Marta
7 American Zombie movie American Zombie 2007 as Esperanza McNunn
8 Bad Boy movie Bad Boy 2002 as Donna
9 Exorcism movie Exorcism 2003 as Katherine Miller
10 Hunting of Man movie Hunting of Man 2003 as Hooker
11 Infection movie Infection 2009 as Nurse
12 Infection: The Invasion Begins movie Infection: The Invasion Begins 2010 as Hospital Attendant
13 Mirror, Mirror IV: Reflection movie Mirror, Mirror IV: Reflection 2000 as Countess St. Croix
14 Pacino Is Missing movie Pacino Is Missing 2002 as Space Chick
15 Pit Fighter movie Pit Fighter 2005 as Palm Reader
16 Prometheus and the Butcher movie Prometheus and the Butcher 2006 as Alcemena
17 Rent-a-Person movie Rent-a-Person 2004 as Boob Babe
18 Skip Tracer movie Skip Tracer 2008 as Gypsy Woman
19 Smothered by Mothers movie Smothered by Mothers 2016 as Whitney Roth
20 The Book of Daniel movie The Book of Daniel 2013 as Itani
21 The Drucker Files movie The Drucker Files 2007 as Layla Jesrani
22 The Good Girl movie The Good Girl 2002 as Big Haired Woman
23 The Privateers movie The Privateers 2000 as Capt. Berava Gree
24 Til Death movie Til Death 2006 as Flower Lady
25 Cedric the Entertainer Presents movie Cedric the Entertainer Presents 2002 as Indian Woman
26 Chasing Life movie Chasing Life 2014 as Aditi
27 ER movie ER 1994 as Dr. Miriam Nagarvala
28 Frat Ratz movie Frat Ratz 1999 as Chloe
29 General Hospital movie General Hospital 1963 as Evelyn
30 Hot in Cleveland movie Hot in Cleveland 2010 as Dr. Kapoor
31 Judging Amy movie Judging Amy 1999 as Philida Bosco
32 MKP Celebrity Talk movie MKP Celebrity Talk 2010 as Herself - Guest
33 Outsourced movie Outsourced 2010 as Fortune Teller
34 Presidio Med movie Presidio Med 2002 as Amira
35 Rosewood movie Rosewood 2015 as Chitra Singh
36 Strong Medicine movie Strong Medicine 2000 as Mey Said
37 The Big Bang Theory movie The Big Bang Theory 2007 as Mrs. Koothrappali
38 The Cleaner movie The Cleaner 2008 as Anjali Patel
39 The Mentalist movie The Mentalist 2008 as Marta
40 The Whole Truth movie The Whole Truth 2010 as Turban Woman
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The image of was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Indie Source Magazine" (USA), 31 January 2013
  • "72 Mins Magazine" (UK), September 2012, Iss. 06
  • "WLV LIFE Magazine" (UK), August 2012, Iss. 03
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