Kakia Analyti

as Kaitoula Kaiti in the movie I Ellinida kai o erotas

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Was born at 1934 in Piraeus, Greece . Died at 1 June 2002, Palaio Faliro, Athens, Greece

Kakia Analyti was born in 1934, in Piraeus, Greece. She studied at theDrama School of the Athens Conservatory, under the guidance of directorDimitris Rontiris. She made her stage debut in a 1955 Athens productionof Grigorios Xenopoulos' "To Fioro tou Levante" and then collaboratedwith major stage stars of the period, like Katerina and'Manos Katrakis' . In 1963 she founded the theater "Analyti" andcreated her personal group with her husband, popular actor'Kostas Rigopoulos (I)' .

Their repertory included plays byTennessee Williams ("The Glass Menagerie" in which she played Amanda),Alexei Arbouzoff, Andre Roussen etc. But their biggest stage hit - and,probably, the biggest commercial success in the history of modern Greektheater - was Francois Cambeau's comedy "Agapi mou oua-oua", in whichAnalyti played, for six consecutive seasons, the part of an Africanmaid. She also appeared in a number of 1960s films, mostly melodramasin which she interpreted innocent, romantic girls. She left the stagein the early 1990s and died of a heart attack in 2002. .

There is some small facts about Kakia Analyti:
  • Mother of 'Zoe Regopoulou'
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There is the list of movies, where Kakia Analyti was taked part:
1 I Ellinida kai o erotas movie I Ellinida kai o erotas 1962 as Kaitoula Kaiti
2 I villa ton orgion movie I villa ton orgion 1964 as Violetta Siganopoulou
3 24 ores zontohira movie 24 ores zontohira 1969 as Louiza Ragozi
4 Agapi mou Oua-Oua movie Agapi mou Oua-Oua 1974 as Oua-Oua
5 Amartola neiata movie Amartola neiata 1960 as Rika
6 Anthismeni amygdalia movie Anthismeni amygdalia 1959 as Marina
7 Diazygio a-la ellinika movie Diazygio a-la ellinika 1964 as Eleni Darika
8 Ena nero, kyra Vangelio movie Ena nero, kyra Vangelio 1959 as Vangelio
9 Glykeia, glykeia mou agapi movie Glykeia, glykeia mou agapi 1965 as Hristina Diamanti
10 Horis goneis ki adelfia movie Horis goneis ki adelfia 1964 as Annoula
11 I kardia tis manas movie I kardia tis manas 1963 as Aliki
12 Kai oi... 14 itan yperohoi! movie Kai oi... 14 itan yperohoi! 1965 as Anna
13 Laos kai Kolonaki movie Laos kai Kolonaki 1959 as Kaiti
14 Mana, giati me gennises movie Mana, giati me gennises 1963 as Anna
15 Matomena stefana movie Matomena stefana 1961 as Argyro
16 Matomeno iliovasilemma movie Matomeno iliovasilemma 1959 as Hryso
17 Mazi sou, gia panta movie Mazi sou, gia panta 1966 as Miranda
18 Mia tou klefti... movie Mia tou klefti... 1960 as Lena
19 Na petheros, na malama! movie Na petheros, na malama! 1959 as Mary Delli
20 O giannos ki i Pagona movie O giannos ki i Pagona 1959 as Pagona
21 Oikogeneia Papadopoulou movie Oikogeneia Papadopoulou 1960 as Varvara Papadopoulou
22 Oudeis anamartitos movie Oudeis anamartitos 1967 as Magda
23 Peiraias, ora 7:30 movie Peiraias, ora 7:30 1967 as Eleni
24 Pezodromio movie Pezodromio 1962 as Angelina
25 Pote de se xehasa movie Pote de se xehasa 1962 as Katia
26 Stahtopouta movie Stahtopouta 1960 as Maria
27 Ta neiata theloun erota movie Ta neiata theloun erota 1961 as Elina
28 Thriamvos movie Thriamvos 1962 as Katerina
29 To hamini movie To hamini 1960 as Argyroula
30 To rantevou tis Kyriakis movie To rantevou tis Kyriakis 1960 as Anthoula
31 Zitianos tis Agapis movie Zitianos tis Agapis 1964 as Annoula
32 Zoi gemati pono movie Zoi gemati pono 1964 as Mairi Georgiadou
33 Viva Katerina movie Viva Katerina 1973 as Katerina (1973)
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