Agnes Anderson

as Mary Smith in the movie The Girl from Scotland Yard

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Was born at 9 November 1913 in Detroit, Michigan, USA . Died at 16 February 2008
There is some small facts about Agnes Anderson:
  • Brunette supporting actress of the 1930's. Came to Hollywood after winning a contest. Married to the writer Budd Schulberg.
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There is the list of movies, where Agnes Anderson was taked part:
1 The Girl from Scotland Yard movie The Girl from Scotland Yard 1937 as Mary Smith
2 Draculas Daughter movie Draculas Daughter 1936 as Elena - Bride in Transylvania
3 I Live My Life movie I Live My Life 1935 as Shelia
4 Ill Name the Murderer movie Ill Name the Murderer 1936 as Nadia
5 It Cant Last Forever movie It Cant Last Forever 1937 as Fortune Teller
6 Strike Me Pink movie Strike Me Pink 1936 as Club Lido Patron
7 The Plot Thickens movie The Plot Thickens 1936 as Dagmar
8 The Shadow Strikes movie The Shadow Strikes 1937 as Marcia Delthern
9 The Wedding Night movie The Wedding Night 1935 as Helena
10 Vanessa: Her Love Story movie Vanessa: Her Love Story 1935 as Marion - the Barmaid
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