Carl Macek

as Opening Radio Voice in the movie Majo no takkyûbin

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Real name is Carl Frank Macek Jr.
Also known as The Anime AntichristThe Godfather of AnimeUncle Carl
Was born at 21 September 1951 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA . Died at 17 April 2010, Topanga Canyon, California, USA (heart attack)
There is some small facts about Carl Macek:
  • First person in the United States to earn a college degree in the Theory of Criticism in the Visual Medium and was a curator of the Archive of Popular Culture at the California State University at Fullerton.
  • Inspired the fan term "Macekre" (pronounced like "massacre"), allegedly used to describe anime series which have been drastically "revised" to make them more attractive to Western viewers. However, Macek has claimed that he was unfairly blamed for clumsy edits to "Robotech" (1985) that were done by a former home video distributor after the original broadcast in order to fit more episodes per VHS tape.
  • Founder of Streamline Pictures.
  • (2007) Los Angeles, California
  • (2001) Houston, Texas (ADV Films)
Also look some video clip about Carl Macek:
There is the list of movies, where Carl Macek was taked part:
1 Akira: Production Report movie Akira: Production Report 1988 as Katsuhiro Ôtomo/Katsuji Misawa/Shôji Yamashiro
2 Hadashi no Gen movie Hadashi no Gen 1983 as Drown/Enola/Server (1995)
3 Sangokushi movie Sangokushi 1992 as Pimp/Soldier/Conscience (1994)
4 2009 loseuteu maemorijeu movie 2009 loseuteu maemorijeu 2002 as Walla
5 Carl Maceks Robotech Universe movie Carl Maceks Robotech Universe 2011 as Himself
6 Golgo 13 movie Golgo 13 1983 as 1/Additional Voices
7 Hokuto no Ken movie Hokuto no Ken 1986 as Fox (1991)
8 Kidô senkan Nadeshiko: Prince of Darkness movie Kidô senkan Nadeshiko: Prince of Darkness 1998 as Committee Member C
9 Majo no takkyûbin movie Majo no takkyûbin 1989 as Opening Radio Voice
10 Megazone 23 movie Megazone 23 1985 as Military Tech 3 (Streamline Pictures dub)
11 Otaku Unite! movie Otaku Unite! 2004 as Himself
12 Robotech: The Inside Story movie Robotech: The Inside Story 2013 as Himself
13 Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro movie Rupan sansei: Kariosutoro no shiro 1979 as Interpol Officer (Streamline dub)/Servant (Streamline dub)
14 Sairento mebiusu movie Sairento mebiusu 1991 as Grospolina
15 Space Adventure Cobra movie Space Adventure Cobra 1982 as Barfly/Barkeep/Scan (US 1995)
16 The Making of Robotech: Love Live Alive movie The Making of Robotech: Love Live Alive 2013 as Himself
17 Yeseuteodei movie Yeseuteodei 2002 as Ho/SI Dark Hair Short/Man from Past/Walla
18 Yôjû toshi movie Yôjû toshi 1987 as Demon (USA dub)
19 Kuraingu furiman movie Kuraingu furiman 1988 as Sergeant (US 1994)
20 Teito Monogatari movie Teito Monogatari 1991 as Boss/Advisor/Man Giving Directions (US 1993)
21 The Anti Gravity Room movie The Anti Gravity Room 1995 as Himself
There is the list of interview of Carl Macek:
  • "fps: The Magazine of Animation" (Canada), September 1993, Vol. 1, Iss. 3, pg. 26-31, by: Greg Barr, "Over the Waves"
  • "FPS: The Magazine of Animation" (Canada), September 1993, Vol. 1, Iss. 3, pg. 38, by: Greg Barr, "Over the Waves"
There is the list of some articles of Carl Macek:
  • "Scary Monsters Magazine" (USA), June 2012, Iss. 83, pg. 82-93, by: Bob Statzer, ""WAR EAGLES: The Legacy of a Legend""
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