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as Tora Holm in the movie Elina - Som om jag inte fanns

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Real name is Berit Elisabeth Andersson
Was born at 11 November 1935 (now is 83 years old) in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden

Her artistic dreams came early in life and were further supported by herolder sister 'Gerd Andersson' who became a ballet dancer at theRoyal Opera and made her acting debut in 1951. Bibi, on the other side,had to make do with bit parts and commercials. She debuted in Dum-Bom (1953) , playing against 'Nils Poppe' . Eventually,she was able to start at the Royal Dramatic Theatre's acting school in1954.

A brief relationship with 'Ingmar Bergman' made her quitschool and follow him to the Malmö city theatre, where he was adirector, performing in plays by 'August Strindberg' and'Hjalmar Bergman' . Bergman also gave her a small part in hiscomedy Sommarnattens leende (1955) , and larger roles in his Smultronstället (1957) and Det sjunde inseglet (1957) . From the the 1960s she got offers from abroad, with best result in I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (1977) . During the civil warin Yugoslavia she has worked with several initiatives to give thepeople of Sarajevo theatre and other forms of culture. .

There is some small facts about Bibi Andersson:
  • Sister of 'Gerd Andersson' .
  • (1978) Had to spend one night in police custody, accused of having neglected paying taxes on her income from 'Ingmar Bergman' 's German production company Persona AG.
  • (1952) A brief relationship with 'Gösta Terserus' was followed by an abortion.
  • (1954-1956) Studied at Royal Dramatic Theater's acting school in Stockholm.
  • Member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1972
  • She and 'Ingmar Bergman' made 13 movies together: Ansiktet (1958) , Beröringen (1971) , Djävulens öga (1960) , För att inte tala om alla dessa kvinnor (1964) , Nära livet (1958) , Herr Sleeman kommer (1957) (TV) (not released), En passion (1969) , Persona (1966) , "Scener ur ett äktenskap" (1973) , Rabies (1958) (TV) , Det sjunde inseglet (1957) , Smultronstället (1957) and Sommarnattens leende (1955) .
  • Has a daughter, Jenny Matilde Grede, with ex-husband 'Kjell Grede' .
  • Aunt of Lars Bethke.
Also look some video clip about Bibi Andersson:
There is the list of movies, where Bibi Andersson was taked part:
1 Elina - Som om jag inte fanns movie Elina - Som om jag inte fanns 2002 as Tora Holm
2 En natt på Glimmingehus movie En natt på Glimmingehus 1954 as Maj Månsson
3 Il pleut sur Santiago movie Il pleut sur Santiago 1975 as Monique Calvé
4 Una estación de paso movie Una estación de paso 1992 as Madre de Antonio
5 En dåres försvarstal movie En dåres försvarstal 1976 as Siri von Essen
6 A Look at Liv movie A Look at Liv 1979 as Herself
7 Afskedens time movie Afskedens time 1973 as Elsa Jacobsen
8 After the Fall movie After the Fall 1974 as Holga
9 An Enemy of the People movie An Enemy of the People 1978 as Catherine Stockmann
10 Ansiktet movie Ansiktet 1958 as Sara Lindqvist
11 Arn: Riket vid vägens slut movie Arn: Riket vid vägens slut 2008 as Moder Rikissa
12 Arn: Tempelriddaren movie Arn: Tempelriddaren 2007 as Moder Rikissa
13 Babettes gæstebud movie Babettes gæstebud 1987 as Svensk hofdame
14 Bakomfilm smultronstället movie Bakomfilm smultronstället 1957 as Herself
15 Barnförbjudet movie Barnförbjudet 1979 as The Mother
16 Berget på månens baksida movie Berget på månens baksida 1983 as Ann-Charlotte Leffler
17 Bergman: On Stage movie Bergman: On Stage 1994 as Herself
18 Beröringen movie Beröringen 1971 as Karin Vergerus
19 Blank päls och starka tassar movie Blank päls och starka tassar 1993 as Birgitta Thorell
20 Blondy movie Blondy 1976 as Patricia Tauling
21 Bröllopsdagen movie Bröllopsdagen 1960 as Sylvia Blom
22 Chelovek s drugoy storony movie Chelovek s drugoy storony 1972 as Britt Stagnelius
23 Den kära leken movie Den kära leken 1959 as Lena
24 Det blir aldrig som man tänkt sig movie Det blir aldrig som man tänkt sig 2000 as Solveig Olsson
25 Det låter som ett hjärta movie Det låter som ett hjärta 1961 as Mia, the daughter
26 Det sjunde inseglet movie Det sjunde inseglet 1957 as Mia/Mary - Jof's wife
27 Die Frauen in Ingmar Bergmans Filmen movie Die Frauen in Ingmar Bergmans Filmen 1993 as Herself
28 Djävulens öga movie Djävulens öga 1960 as Britt-Marie
29 Drømspel movie Drømspel 1994 as Victoria
30 Du är mitt äventyr movie Du är mitt äventyr 1958 as Christina Blom
31 Duel at Diablo movie Duel at Diablo 1966 as Ellen Grange
32 Dum-Bom movie Dum-Bom 1953 as Elvira
33 Egen ingång movie Egen ingång 1956 as Karin Johansson
34 En passion movie En passion 1969 as Eva Vergérus
35 Exposed movie Exposed 1983 as Margaret
36 Flickan i regnet movie Flickan i regnet 1955 as Lilly
37 Flickorna movie Flickorna 1968 as Liz Lindstrand
38 Fordringsägare movie Fordringsägare 1988 as Tekla
39 Fröken Julie movie Fröken Julie 1951 as Dancing girl
40 Fröken Julie movie Fröken Julie 1969 as Fröken Julie
There is the list of interview of Bibi Andersson:
  • "Upsala Nya Tidning" (Sweden), 19 October 1962, pg. 20, "Uppländska konstnärer (15): Bibi Andersson", by: Teddy Brunius
There is the list of some articles of Bibi Andersson:
  • "Svensk Damtidning" (Sweden), 1996, Iss. 49, pg. 2+3+48, by: Ann Löfberg, "Att leva ensam är inget ideal - men man vänjer sig!"
There is the list of some printed articles of Berit Elisabeth Andersson:
  • "Playboy" (USA), November 1979, Vol. 26, Iss. 11, pg. 183, by: Arthur Knight, "Sex In Cinema 1979"
  • "The Girls of Playboy 1" (USA), 1973
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  • "Playboy" (USA), February 1970, Vol. 17, Iss. 2, pg. 83-85, by: Angelo Frontoni, "Bibi & Barbara"
The image of Berit Elisabeth Andersson was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Film Quarterly" (USA), June 1967, Vol. XX, Iss. 4
  • "Bild Journalen" (Sweden), 3 August 1960, Iss. 31
  • "Bild Journalen" (Sweden), 18 May 1960, Iss. 20
  • "Röster i Radio-TV" (Sweden), 14 September 1958, Iss. 37
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