Soraya Andrade

as Birthday girl in the movie Fragments of Existence

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Soraya Andrade - Actress, Producer, Coach,Soraya Andrade grew up in New York City, where her extensive knowledgeof the entertainment industry took root. In college, she majored inFilm and Performing Arts, and started out in the business as an actor,appeared off- Broadway in several plays. She also spent many years inthe business world of New York, sharpening her negotiating skills andfinancial/marketing knowledge. After relocating to Los Angeles, Sorayastarred and co-starred in several independent feature films, and has asignificant experience on major sets, including Co-Star with NicolasCage in "8MM", Robin Williams and Billy Crystal in "Father's Day",Christina Applegate and Will Farrell in "Anchor Man".

Has done GuestSpots for several television shows. With 20 years of industryexperience under her belt, and an acute knowledge of the businessworld, Soraya also found her calling in Producing. Along with ProducingFeature Films, she has also Produced Film Festivals including theBeverly Hills Hi-Def Film Fest at the prestigious Fine Arts Theatre inBeverly Hills. Soraya is currently in development for Feature Films, TVSeries, Web-series, Promotional Videos. She is also active as 'LifeCoach for the Actor', mentor, advisor.


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There is the list of movies, where Soraya Andrade was taked part:
1 Fragments of Existence movie Fragments of Existence 2003 as Birthday girl
2 Mind of Mencia movie Mind of Mencia 2005 as Virgin Mary Woman 2005
3 Small Apartments movie Small Apartments 2012 as Bookstore Girl
4 Street Hitz movie Street Hitz 1992 as Rosa
5 Dragnet movie Dragnet 2003 as Ana Morales
6 For the People movie For the People 2002 as Housekeeper
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