Lona Andre

as Lilly in the movie A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel & Hardy

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Real name is Launa Anderson
Was born at 2 March 1915 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA . Died at 18 September 1992, Los Angeles, California, USA

An attractive actress whose major feature was her cute dimples, LonaAndre played leads in minor films and supporting roles in major filmsfor most of her career. Her four-day marriage to actor'Edward Norris (III)' must have set some kind of record. After herscreen career was over, she became a businesswoman, finding much moresuccess there than she had in films. .

There is some small facts about Lona Andre:
  • Retired to become involved in a successful real estate practice in North Hollywood.
  • Her marriage to actor 'Edward Norris (III)' lasted only four days in 1935.
  • Once deserted actor 'James Dunn (I)' at the altar.
  • Runner-up to 'Kathleen Burke (I)' in Paramount's Panther Woman contest.
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There is the list of movies, where Lona Andre was taked part:
1 A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel & Hardy movie A Tribute to the Boys: Laurel & Hardy 1992 as Lilly
2 Lucky Terror movie Lucky Terror 1936 as Ann Thornton aka Madame Fatima
3 A Night at Earl Carrolls movie A Night at Earl Carrolls 1940 as Chorus Girl
4 Border Brigands movie Border Brigands 1935 as Diane
5 Broadway Melody of 1936 movie Broadway Melody of 1936 1935 as Showgirl
6 By Your Leave movie By Your Leave 1934 as Florence Purcell
7 College Humor movie College Humor 1933 as Ginger
8 Come On, Marines! movie Come On, Marines! 1934 as Shirley
9 Confessions of a Vice Baron movie Confessions of a Vice Baron 1943 as Florence Davis (edited from 'Race Suicide')
10 Death in the Air movie Death in the Air 1936 as Helen Gage
11 Ghost Valley Raiders movie Ghost Valley Raiders 1940 as Linda Marley
12 Happiness C.O.D. movie Happiness C.O.D. 1935 as Beatrice Manning
13 Her Bodyguard movie Her Bodyguard 1933 as Hat Check Girl
14 High Hat movie High Hat 1937 as Dixie Durkin
15 Hollywood on Parade No. A-9 movie Hollywood on Parade No. A-9 1933 as Herself
16 International House movie International House 1933 as Chorus Queen
17 Lets Be Ritzy movie Lets Be Ritzy 1934 as Undetermined Role
18 Lost in the Stratosphere movie Lost in the Stratosphere 1934 as Sophie
19 Murder at the Vanities movie Murder at the Vanities 1934 as Lona - Earl Carroll Girl
20 One Run Elmer movie One Run Elmer 1935 as The Girl
21 Our Relations movie Our Relations 1936 as Lily
22 Pardon My Sarong movie Pardon My Sarong 1942 as Girl on Bus with Tommy
23 Pick-up movie Pick-up 1933 as Party Girl
24 Race Suicide movie Race Suicide 1938 as Florence Davis
25 School for Girls movie School for Girls 1934 as Peggy
26 Skybound movie Skybound 1935 as Teddy Blaine
27 Slaves in Bondage movie Slaves in Bondage 1937 as Dona Lee
28 Sunset Murder Case movie Sunset Murder Case 1938 as Nita Madera
29 Take a Chance movie Take a Chance 1933 as Miss Miami Beach
30 Taxi, Mister movie Taxi, Mister 1943 as Chorus Girl
31 The Best of Laurel and Hardy movie The Best of Laurel and Hardy 1968 as Lilly
32 The Case of the Baby Sitter movie The Case of the Baby Sitter 1947 as Maxine, gang moll
33 The Girl in 419 movie The Girl in 419 1933 as Chambermaid
34 The Great Hospital Mystery movie The Great Hospital Mystery 1937 as Miss White
35 The Merry Widow movie The Merry Widow 1934 as Maid to Sonia
36 The Mysterious Rider movie The Mysterious Rider 1933 as Dorothy
37 The Old Fashioned Way movie The Old Fashioned Way 1934 as Girl in Audience
38 The Plainsman movie The Plainsman 1936 as Southern Belle
39 The Sound of Laughter movie The Sound of Laughter 1963 as Molly, gas-station patron
40 The Timid Young Man movie The Timid Young Man 1935 as Helen
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