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Was born at 9 April 1879 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA . Died at 8 July 1936, Great Neck, Long Island, New York, USA (cancer)

Sadly, this once-popular silent screen star and older matinée idol forParamount Studios, is all but forgotten today. Thomas "Tommy" Meighanwas one of the rulers of the Hollywood roost, between the years 1915and 1928. He was born in Pittsburgh, his father a president of a majormanufacturing company. Meighan switched interests from medicine toacting during his mid-college years, joining Henrietta Crosman'sPittsburgh stock company as his initiation to professional theater.

During these years he met and married stage actress Frances Ring, whowas the sister of actors Blanche and Cyril Ring, enjoying a long andhappy wedded life. Having developed a highly respected name for himselfon Broadway right after the turn of the century, he decided, at the ageof 36, to give up the stage in order to pursue the still-flounderingmedium of movie-making. It was a wise and prosperous move. Meighan madehis debut opposite Laura Hope Crews in The Fighting Hope (1915) andbecame a Paramount favorite of producer/director Cecil B. DeMille'swith leading man roles in Kindling (1915), The Trail of the LonesomePine (1916), Male and Female (1919), Why Change Your Wife? (1921) andManslaughter (1922).

Meighan lit up the silver screen time and timeagain paired up with Hollywood's top echelon of silent femmes includingLila Lee, Blanche Sweet, Lois Wilson, Pauline Frederick, Billie Burke,Norma Talmadge, Charlotte Walker, and Leatrice Joy. He would make hisfilm masterpiece with The Miracle Man (1919), also starring Lon Chaney,in which he played Tom Burke, a notorious con-man, who tries one lastscheme, a faith-healing scam, before going clean. Unfortunately, this8-reel silent classic is now lost but for a minor portion. Meighanwould earn between $5,000 to $10,000 a week during his prime years. Although his first talking picture, The Argyle Case (1929), was asuccess, Meighan's career went into a rapid decline come the advent ofsound, playing a few fatherly types in support at the very end.

Hislast film was Peck's Bad Boy (1934) starring young Jackie Cooper. Atabout this time the actor discovered he had cancer and was forced towithdraw from the screen. He died two years later on July 8, 1936. Heand wife Frances had no children. .

There is some small facts about Thomas Meighan:
  • Brother-in-law of 'Blanche Ring' and 'Cyril Ring' .
  • Uncle of director 'A. Edward Sutherland' .
  • Uncle of radio actor James Meighan (died 1970) who played the Falcon in radio from 1945 - 1947.
  • Was friends with writer 'Ring Lardner (I)' who went on to mention him in his short story "Haircut".
  • Meighan was the only attendee and witness at the secret marriage of 'Olive Thomas' and 'Jack Pickford' on October 25, 1916.
  • The leopard around Meighan's neck in Male and Female (1919) belonged to the Selig Zoo and was due to be destroyed because it had mauled someone. Director 'Cecil B. DeMille' bought it and kept it sedated with chloroform during its scenes with the actor. Reportedly, lip-readers could see the frightened Meighan begging the director to get the scene in the can, so he could get the deadly cat off his shoulders.
  • Meighan did not associate socially with other actors. He played golf often with Ring Lardner and Booth Tarkington, and was reportedly very friendly with Irish tenor John McCormack, Gene Tunney and President Calvin Coolidge.
  • In the mid-1920s, Paramount decided to close its New York Astoria studio and bring its big three stars, Richard Dix, Bebe Daniels and Thomas Meighan to Hollywood. Meighan refused and was too big a star at the time to be fired, so the studio ostensibly kept the facility open for him.
  • The Thomas Meighan Theatre in New Port Richey, Florida, was named in his honor. Designed by Thomas Reed Martin, the 500-seat theater opened on July 1, 1926, with The New Klondike (1926) . Meighan was a celebrity guest at the opening of the theater's first sound film on March 9, 1930. The building still stands but is now (as of 2014) called the Richey Suncoast Theatre.
  • He was posthumously awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 1719 Vine Street in Hollywood, California on February 8, 1960.
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There is the list of movies, where Thomas Meighan was taked part:
1 Irish Luck movie Irish Luck 1925 as Tom Donahue/Lord Fitzhugh
2 The City of Silent Men movie The City of Silent Men 1921 as Jim Montgomery
3 The Man Who Found Himself movie The Man Who Found Himself 1925 as Tom Macauley
4 The Man Who Saw Tomorrow movie The Man Who Saw Tomorrow 1922 as Burke Hammond
5 The Mysterious Miss Terry movie The Mysterious Miss Terry 1917 as Gordon True
6 Were All Gamblers movie Were All Gamblers 1927 as Lucky Sam McCarver
7 A Prince There Was movie A Prince There Was 1921 as Charles Edward Martin
8 A Trip to Paramountown movie A Trip to Paramountown 1922 as Himself
9 Arms and the Girl movie Arms and the Girl 1917 as Wilfred Ferrers
10 Armstrongs Wife movie Armstrongs Wife 1915 as David Armstrong
11 Back Home and Broke movie Back Home and Broke 1922 as Tom Redding
12 Blackbirds movie Blackbirds 1915 as Jack Doggins/Hon. Nevil Trask
13 Blind Alleys movie Blind Alleys 1927 as Captain Dan Kirby
14 Cappy Ricks movie Cappy Ricks 1921 as Matt Peasley
15 Cheaters at Play movie Cheaters at Play 1932 as Michael Lanyard
16 Civilian Clothes movie Civilian Clothes 1920 as Capt. Sam McGinnis
17 Coming Through movie Coming Through 1925 as Tom Blackford
18 Common Ground movie Common Ground 1916 as Judge David Evans
19 Conrad in Quest of His Youth movie Conrad in Quest of His Youth 1920 as Conrad Warrener
20 Danny Donovan, the Gentleman Cracksman movie Danny Donovan, the Gentleman Cracksman 1914 as Dandy Donovan, the Gentleman Cracksman
21 Eves Daughter movie Eves Daughter 1918 as John Norton
22 Fascinating Youth movie Fascinating Youth 1926 as Himself - Thomas Meighan
23 Frontier of the Stars movie Frontier of the Stars 1921 as Buck Leslie
24 Gloria Swanson Dialogue movie Gloria Swanson Dialogue 1925 as Himself
25 Heart of the Wilds movie Heart of the Wilds 1918 as Sergeant Tom Gellatly
26 Her Better Self movie Her Better Self 1917 as Dr. Robert Keith
27 Hollywood movie Hollywood 1923 as Himself
28 Homeward Bound movie Homeward Bound 1923 as Jim Bedford
29 If You Believe It, Its So movie If You Believe It, Its So 1922 as Chick Harris (a crook)
30 In Pursuit of Polly movie In Pursuit of Polly 1918 as Colby Mason
31 Kindling movie Kindling 1915 as 'Honest' Heine Schultz
32 MLiss movie MLiss 1918 as Charles Gray
33 Madame Jealousy movie Madame Jealousy 1918 as Valour
34 Madison Sq. Garden movie Madison Sq. Garden 1932 as Bill Carley
35 Male and Female movie Male and Female 1919 as William Crichton - The Butler
36 Manslaughter movie Manslaughter 1922 as Daniel J. O'Bannon
37 Missing movie Missing 1918 as Sir William Farrel
38 Norma Talmadge and Thomas Meighan in a Liberty Loan Appeal movie Norma Talmadge and Thomas Meighan in a Liberty Loan Appeal 1918 as Himself
39 Old Home Week movie Old Home Week 1925 as Tom Clark
40 Our Leading Citizen movie Our Leading Citizen 1922 as Daniel Bentley, lawyer
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