Manny Mertis

as N\A in the movie Nightingale

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Manny was born in Athens, Greece and moved to New Jersey at the youngage of 2. His first passion (food) was obvious when he was about 7years old helping his mother cook dinner almost every night. Hediscovered his new passion for the arts only a couple of years ago whenhe got out of the food business. "I fell in love with acting as soon asI started classes!" Manny continues studying scene work and intensivesin New York City.

With his hard work ethic and determination (instilledby his parents) Manny has been able to land several leading roles inhis short time as an actor. Recently noted for "Deadly Gamble" and"Occurrence" along with several other roles to his credit. He has alsolanded several leading and supporting roles on projects that have wonawards as well. A lot of directors, producers and actors are shocked tolearn that he has been only acting for 2 years with a lot of themsaying "it seems as if you have been acting for at least 10 years"! Inaddition to his skills, Manny is fluent in Greek and knows a little bitof Spanish along with speaking in several accents as well such asRussian, Italian, Spanish, Southern, New York and many more. Althoughhe may be "business as usual" a lot times because of his busy schedule,he's actually a kid at heart.

Especially when he is with his sons MannyJr (MJ) and Stephen doing "boys will be boys" type of stuff crackingeach other up. .

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There is the list of movies, where Manny Mertis was taked part:
1 13th Child: Jersey Devil movie 13th Child: Jersey Devil 2014 as Witness
2 Deadly Gamble movie Deadly Gamble 2015 as Viktor
3 Dont Throw Me Away movie Dont Throw Me Away 2013 as Mr. Orielly
4 Dubstep Brothers movie Dubstep Brothers 2013 as Driver
5 Mannys Muffins movie Mannys Muffins 2014 as Manny
6 Nightingale movie Nightingale 2013 as N\A
7 Occurrence movie Occurrence 2015 as Ambrose
8 Veneration movie Veneration 2016 as Officer Tyler
9 Without You movie Without You 2016 as Viktor
10 House of Cards movie House of Cards 2013 as Russian Secret Service
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