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Real name is Patricia Marie Andrews
Was born at 16 February 1918 in Mound, Minnesota, USA . Died at 30 January 2013, Northridge, California, USA

She was born in Mound, Minnesota on 16 February 1918, the daughter ofPeter Andreos (changed to 'Andrews' upon arriving in the US) and OlgaSollie. Her real name was Patricia Marie (Patty nickname). Her fatherwas a Greek Catholic immigrant and her mother a Lutheran from Norwaywho ran the pure food café, a Greek café in Minneapolis which waslocated adjacent to the Orpheum Theater. Her sisters were Lavern Sophieborn July 6, 1911, died 1967 (cancer); Maxene Angelyn born Jan.

3,1916, died October 1995 of a heart attack while on vacation at CapeCod, Massachusetts. Peter Andrews did not think it honorable to havehis daughters in show business and decided they should go back toschool and become secretaries. Maxine was only four when she firstappeared on her first radio broadcast in Minneapolis. By the time shewas six she was entertaining at veterans hospitals, for the Mayor ofMinneapolis and at Daughters of American Revolution luncheons. Lavernestarted the trio of sisters and they appeared in kiddie revues on localradio stations and at the Orpheum in their hometown of Minneapolis.

Itwas there they were discovered by Larry Rich, who offered them a jobwith his traveling revue. Patty was only ten at the time. They begantheir career in New York city with Jack Belasco's orchestra and laterwith 'Ted Mack' making the Vaudeville circuit. In 1937 they wereheard by recording executive, Dave Kapp and they began a longassociation with a string of hits. In 1953, the group broke up withLaverne going to New York to study dramatics.

Laverne became a careerhousewife and Patti stayed in show business as a single after theirhopes and ambitions clashed with one another. In 1956 they regroupedand sang in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel along with a host of TVoffers and a new Capitol recording contract. Their first major hit was"Bei Mir Bist Du Schon", was very well liked by Nazi Germany, until thediscovery that the songwriters were a Jewish race. Other top hitsincluded "Don't Fence Me In", "Apple Blossom Time", "Rum and CocaCola", and "I Can Dream, Can't I?", in 1937. Ms.

Andrews and her sisters, Maxene and Laverne, were one of the mostsuccessful women's singing groups, with 19 gold records and sales ofnearly 100 million copies. The sisters began performing in the early1930's when the Depression wiped out their father's business. In 1937,the sisters scored their first big hit with 'Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen'. In addition to 'Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy', their best-known songsincluded 'Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree' and 'Rum and Coca Cola'. Thetrio officially broke up after the death of Laverne in 1967, when asuitable replacement could not be found.


There is some small facts about Patty Andrews:
  • Youngest and lead blonde member of 'The Andrews Sisters' WWII singing trio.
  • Youngest sister of 'Laverne Andrews' and 'Maxene Andrews' .
  • Both parents, Greek father (Peter) and Norwegian mother (Olga), were immigrants.
  • Patty's first husband, agent 'Martin Melcher (I)' , left her after meeting singer 'Doris Day (I)' . He went on to marry Day the next year and subsequently ruined her financially by the time he died in 1968. Her second husband was her group's pianist, Wally Weschler. It was a happy marriage and lasted more than 58 years.
  • 'The Andrews Sisters' trio were awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 6834 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.
  • 'The Andrews Sisters' trio of 'Laverne Andrews' , 'Maxene Andrews' and Patty are listed in order of first, second and third born. The order of their births is also the order of their deaths and the length of their life times. Laverne died of cancer at age 55 in 1967; Maxene of a heart attack at age 79 in 1995; Patty from natural causes at age 94 in 2013.
  • Although Patty and her sisters had children, all were adopted. 'Maxene Andrews' adopted two: a daughter Aleta Ann and a son Peter. Patty also adopted a daughter, Pam DuBois.
  • She was friend of 'Alan Eichler (I)' .
  • The sisters got into an ugly dispute over money with the producers of their Broadway show and with each other, leading to the show's closing in 1975. Also canceled was a national tour, so the Broadway stage appearance proved to be the last time the sisters sang together. They each pursued solo careers, and over the next 20 years. they never reconciled and remained estranged, even up to the point of 'Maxene Andrews' 's death in 1995.
  • The sisters racked up 19 gold records, scores of top 10 singles and record sales that tallied close to 100 million.
  • An American institution during WWII, the Andrews Sisters became synonymous with the war effort. When the war ended in 1945, it was the sisters who announced it to 5,000 GI's during a USO tour in Italy just prior to the men heading off for duty in the Pacific. Patty, via a note given her by the troop's commanding officer, read the emotional announcement.
  • Began singing with her sisters in 1932 at the age of 14. Six years later the trio had their first major hit with the Decca Record "Bei Meir Bist du Schoen" (American translation: "To Me, You're Grand"). The flip side song "Nice Work If You Can Get It" went nowhere.
  • All three sisters were junior high dropouts who went out on the road (vaudeville, town halls) after their father's business foundered.
  • In 1973, Patty and Maxene enjoyed a resurgence of popularity following 'Bette Midler' 's nostalgic hit version of the girls' signature song "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy." As a result, the two starred together on Broadway a year later (March 1974) in the WWII musical "Over Here" which ran for 10 months, was the hit of the season, and only closed due to a salary dispute between the sisters and the producers. Maxene and Patty wound up having their own huge, unresolved, two-decade falling out. In fact, they saw each other only twice following the show's run in 1975 and Maxene's death in 1995. The first time was in 1982 when Maxene suffered her first heart attack and Patty went to her side; the second was in 1987 when they received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Patty seemed to feel that Maxene's life-long jealousy of her was the primary reason for their disconnect.
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There is the list of movies, where Patty Andrews was taked part:
1 Meet the Carters movie Meet the Carters 2009 as Clip from 'Here's Lucy'
2 Meet the Stars #4: Variety Reel #2 movie Meet the Stars #4: Variety Reel #2 1941 as Herself - One of the Andrews Sisters
3 Shemp Cocktail: A Toast to the Original Stooge movie Shemp Cocktail: A Toast to the Original Stooge 2008 as Herself
4 Songs That Won the War movie Songs That Won the War 1994 as Herself (sings)
5 The Dean Martin Show movie The Dean Martin Show 1965 as Herself - Singer
6 Toast of the Town movie Toast of the Town 1948 as Herself - One of the Andrews Sisters
7 Whats My Line? movie Whats My Line? 1950 as Herself - Mystery Guest
8 Always a Bridesmaid movie Always a Bridesmaid 1943 as Patty
9 Andy Williams Presents movie Andy Williams Presents 1974 as Herself
10 Argentine Nights movie Argentine Nights 1940 as Patty
11 Brother Can You Spare a Dime movie Brother Can You Spare a Dime 1975 as Patty
12 Buck Privates movie Buck Privates 1941 as Patty Andrews
13 Die Andrew-Sisters in Berlin movie Die Andrew-Sisters in Berlin 1961 as Singer
14 Entertaining the Troops movie Entertaining the Troops 1988 as Herself
15 Follow the Boys movie Follow the Boys 1944 as Patty
16 Give Out, Sisters movie Give Out, Sisters 1942 as Patty
17 Her Lucky Night movie Her Lucky Night 1945 as Patty
18 Hold That Ghost movie Hold That Ghost 1941 as Patty Andrews
19 Hollywood Canteen movie Hollywood Canteen 1944 as Patty Andrews
20 Hows About It movie Hows About It 1943 as Patty Andrews
21 In the Navy movie In the Navy 1941 as Patty Andrews
22 Little Toot movie Little Toot 1948 as Patty Andrews
23 Melody Time movie Melody Time 1948 as Patty Andrews
24 Moonlight and Cactus movie Moonlight and Cactus 1944 as Patty
25 Private Buckaroo movie Private Buckaroo 1942 as Patty Andrews
26 Road to Rio movie Road to Rio 1947 as Patty
27 Screen Snapshots Series 21, No. 1 movie Screen Snapshots Series 21, No. 1 1941 as Herself
28 Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Stars on Parade movie Screen Snapshots: Hollywood Stars on Parade 1954 as Herself
29 Swingtime Johnny movie Swingtime Johnny 1943 as Patty Andrews
30 The 28th Annual Tony Awards movie The 28th Annual Tony Awards 1974 as Herself - Performer
31 The 55th Annual Grammy Awards movie The 55th Annual Grammy Awards 2013 as Herself - In Memoriam
32 The Gong Show Movie movie The Gong Show Movie 1980 as Patty Andrews - Singer
33 The Jack Benny Program movie The Jack Benny Program 1949 as Herself - The Andrews Sisters
34 The Phynx movie The Phynx 1970 as Patty Andrews
35 Whats Cookin? movie Whats Cookin? 1942 as Patty Andrews
36 Celebrity Bowling movie Celebrity Bowling 1971 as Herself
37 Frankie Laine Time movie Frankie Laine Time 1955 as Herself
38 Heres Lucy movie Heres Lucy 1968 as Herself
39 New York, New York movie New York, New York 1967 as Herself
40 The Big Record movie The Big Record 1957 as Herself
There is the list of some articles of Patty Andrews:
  • "The Washington Post" (USA), 31 January 2013, Vol. 136, Iss. 57, pg. B5, by: Adam Bernstein, "Patty Andrews, 94: Lead singer of vocal trio that defined World War II music"
  • "The New York Times" (USA), 30 January 2013, by: Robert Berkvist, "Patty Andrews, Singer With Her Sisters, Is Dead at 94"
There is the list of some quotes of Patty Andrews:
  • I'm not going to do anything or say anything to destroy that image that the people love. I hear that from the people that they love the Andrews Sisters and it's a joy to them. Who am I to take that away? PA -- on the issue of her longstanding feud with singing sister 'Maxene Andrews'
  • When our fans used to see one of us, they'd always ask, 'Where are your sisters?' Every time we got an award, it was just one award for the three of us. We're not glued together.
  • There were just three girls in the family. LaVerne had a very low voice. Maxene's was kind of high, and I was in-between. It was like God had given us voices to fit our parts.
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