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Andriel grew up on the east coast, where she studied at the WestminsterChoir College in Princeton, New Jersey. After her successful endeavorwith the Ritz Theatre and upon taking Dangerfield's advice, she thenmoved to New York City to begin her studies in stagecraft with manyaward-winning teachers. Once completed, her theatre work was instantlysuccessful with lead roles from OffBroadway to Lincoln Center. It was 'Rodney Dangerfield' , who first discovered'Lenore Andriel' while she was addressing an audience of 3,000 atthe Ritz Theatre, in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Astonishingly, at the ripe age of 21, Andriel owned and ran the Ritz,where Dangerfield was performing that night. Having come up with theidea of owning a gorgeous showplace, replete with nightly starperformers, Andriel set out to own it and found the funding to do it. She then successfully produced there, the likes of: The Oakridge Boys,Waylon Jennings, The Marshall Tucker Band, Spyro Gyra, Jeff Lorber,Mickey Gilley, 'George Carlin' , 'Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Jr. ,'Jerry Lee Lewis' , Chic Corea, Ray Charles, and many others. But it was Dangerfield who saw her at such a young age, be able tomesmerize and hold a huge audience captive.

His words were morefortuitous, than either of them ever could have imagined Therefore itis no surprise to learn of Andriel's recent success for her eighteenaward winnings (and still counting) for her feature film - Yellow Rock (2011) , in which she starred, wrote, and produced. Her first starring film role was opposite 'Bo Svenson' in "BloodBrothers", which led to her continuing to being cast as the "strongfemale lead". She then played leads in award-winning independent filmsin both the u. s. and abroad, including "Childhood" opposite'Tara Fitzgerald (I)' , which filmed throughout eastern Europe, Midnight Witness (1993) that gave her, her entrée to the CannesFilm Festival with 'Maxwell Caulfield' , and the tear-jerker indie Desperate Measures (1998) , that gave her one of her first awardnominations for "Best Supporting Actress".

She has additionally starredopposite 'Paul Rudd (I)' , 'Dennis Haysbert' ,'Paul Johansson' , and 'Miguel Ferrer (I)' , to name a few inboth film and television. Additionally, as a voice-over actress she portrays several leadcharacters in "World Of Warcraft". Her list of gaming characters forBlizzard includes: 'Ysera', 'Mothership', 'Archival System', and manymore. An avid world traveler, passionate about the environment, and aconsummate horsewoman, Andriel is a 'cowgirl' for real, proving thatwhatever sets her mind to do, she gets it done. That is probably the reason why the next phase of her career, was towrite, produce and star in her own feature, Yellow Rock (2011) ,a western with a message.

She portrayed the strong female lead as'Doctor Sarah Taylor', who embraces and supports the failing "Black PawTribe" in the dangerous days of 1880 California. Andriel's firstventure as a filmmaker paid off, winning her a coveted "Best Actress"Award, "Best Screenplay" - Shared with Co-Writer 'Steve Doucette' ,"Best Picture" multiple times, And "Best Producer" before the film hadeven been released. "Yellow rock" starring 'Michael Biehn' ( Tombstone (1993) ),'James Russo (I)' ( Django Unchained (2012) ),'Lenore Andriel' ( Midnight Witness (1993) ),'Michael Spears' (Into The West (2005) ), &'Eddie Spears (I)' (Hell On Wheels (2011) ), has world-widedistribution. Yellow Rock (2011) won the coveted Bronze Wrangler Award from TheNational Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahomafor "Outstanding Theatrical Motion Picture", "Best Director", "BestScreenplay", and "Best Actors" - 'Michael Biehn' ,'James Russo (I)' , 'Lenore Andriel' , 'Michael Spears' ,and 'Eddie Spears (I)' . Andriel personally won in threecategories: Writer, Producer,and Actress.

The 'Wrangler' is not awarded every year, but only presented to thosedeserving films and individuals. Previous winning films include Unforgiven (1992) ; True Grit (2010) ; Dances with Wolves (1990) and 3:10 to Yuma (2007) . Individuals include 'John Wayne (I)' . , 'Clint Eastwood' . ,'Kevin Costner' .

, and 'Annette Bening' . , which indicates thehigh level of successful films and stars that have been awarded for thepast 50 years. With the success of Yellow Rock (2011) , and due to Andrielreceiving the 'best actress' wrangler for her role as 'Dr. SarahTaylor', she has truly been launched into the stratosphere. Sheadditionally plans to create other film projects with her producingpartner' Steve Doucette', under their banner of Enlightenment Films,Inc.

, in which she will continue to star, write, and produce. This isone "cowgirl" who dared to shoot for the stars and now has become oneof them. .

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There is the list of movies, where Lenore Andriel was taked part:
1 The Return of Hunter movie The Return of Hunter 1995 as Professional Woman
2 After You movie After You 2013 as Judge Riley
3 An Empty Bed movie An Empty Bed 1990 as Young Patty
4 Angel Geminii movie Angel Geminii 1997 as The Mother
5 Childhood movie Childhood 2001 as Mother
6 Eyes of the Serpent movie Eyes of the Serpent 1994 as Corva
7 Midnight Witness movie Midnight Witness 1993 as Molly
8 Room 33 movie Room 33 2009 as Crazy #1
9 Tea with Charles movie Tea with Charles 2013 as Herself
10 The Hottest Bid movie The Hottest Bid 1995 as Meera
11 The Snow Prince movie The Snow Prince 2009 as Lady Marielle/Mara
12 The Voyeur movie The Voyeur 1997 as Aunt Lydia
13 Widows Kiss movie Widows Kiss 1996 as Policewoman
14 Yellow Rock movie Yellow Rock 2011 as Dr. Sarah Taylor
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