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as Man in the maternity ward in the movie Free to Be... You & Me

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Was born at 8 April 1946 (now is 73 years old) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

A familiar face on both the big and small screen, comic character actorStuart Pankin is a five-time nominated, CableAce Award winner for HBO'saward-winning series "Not Necessarily The News. "He is well-known for providing the voice of Earl Sinclair, the blusteryfather, on the Emmy award-winning "Dinosaurs. " (He sang on, andcomposed two songs for, the Disney album "Dinosaurs: The Big Songs",and performed Earl on the "Dinosaurs: Classic Tales" tape release. )Best-known film (member: AMPAS) credits include "Honey We ShrunkOurselves" (the first live action made-for-video feature), "TheHollywood Knights," "Mannequin on the Move," "The Dirt Bike Kid,""Second Sight," "Encounter in the Third Dimension" and "Misadventuresin 3-D" (IMAX 3-D movies) as the live Professor, and voice of theadorable animated robot.

A series regular on nine prime time television productions and pilots(member: ATAS), he has guest starred on over 300 television shows. Hehas also provided many cartoon voices for the popular series"Animaniacs," "Batman," "Superman," "Aladdin," "Lilo and Stitch" and"Darkwing Duck. "On stage, Stuart has performed with the New York Shakespeare Festival,the Brooklyn Academy of Music Repertory Company, the American PlaceTheatre, the Repertory Company of Lincoln Center, and the FolgerShakespeare Theatre, with "The Winter's Tale" "The Inspector General,""Bartholomew Fair" and "The Three Sisters" among his favorites. Hecreated the roles of Reuben and Queen Victoria in the New York premiereof Andrew Lloyd Weber's "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. "He starred in over thirty-five Off Broadway, summer, and regionaltheatre productions.

Stuart starred in, co-wrote and co-executive produced the Stuart PankinCinemax Comedy Experiment ("Hump!" the musical comedy version of"Richard III"), in which he played five roles, and sang his ownoriginal music. The Electronic Retail Association nominated him forBest Celebrity Presenter. .

There is some small facts about Stuart Pankin:
  • An alumnus of Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
  • Arguably best known for his voicing of the prehistoric patriarch Earl Sinclair on the TV series "Dinosaurs" (1991) .
  • Played Stuf, who had a huge, out-of-control eating habit, on the 70s TV show "The San Pedro Beach Bums" (1977) .
  • Formerly heavyset comic actor whose supporting roles generally had him playing the clown or buffoon, usually adding to the fun in parodies (Love at Stake (1987) and Il silenzio dei prosciutti (1994) ) and other nonsensical fare on film and TV. Underwent a huge weight loss in mid-2000's.
  • His longtime wife Joy is an actress. Together they have performed together on occasion, including such plays as "Lend Me a Tenor." They have a son Andy.
  • Best known for his roles in HBO's "Not Necessarily the News" (1982) , and as 'Michael Douglas (I)' 's best friend in Fatal Attraction (1987) .
  • Master of Fine Arts Degree, 1971, Columbia University.
  • Studied stage acting with Jenny Egan and Peter Feldman.
  • Has studied fencing and juggling.
  • He is an avid golfer.
  • Earned a Master's Degree in Theatre from Columbia University.
  • (July 2007) Doing theatre over the country.
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There is the list of movies, where Stuart Pankin was taked part:
1 Batman Beyond: The Movie movie Batman Beyond: The Movie 1999 as Key Negotiator
2 Encounter in the Thrid Dimension movie Encounter in the Thrid Dimension 1999 as The Professor/M.A.X.
3 Lands of Lore III movie Lands of Lore III 1999 as Finch Josiah/The Noble
4 Napoleon movie Napoleon 1995 as Perenti Lizard/Father Penguin
5 Next Stop, Greenwich Village movie Next Stop, Greenwich Village 1976 as Party Guest
6 Squanto: A Warriors Tale movie Squanto: A Warriors Tale 1994 as Brother Timothy
7 The 9th Annual CableACE Awards movie The 9th Annual CableACE Awards 1988 as Himself
8 The Hollywood Knights movie The Hollywood Knights 1980 as Dudley Laywicker
9 Valentine Magic on Love Island movie Valentine Magic on Love Island 1980 as Harvey
10 Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century 1999 as Commander Edward Plank
11 Zenon: The Zequel movie Zenon: The Zequel 2001 as Commander Edward Plank
12 Its Garry Shandlings Show. movie Its Garry Shandlings Show. 1986 as Garry's Brain
13 Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher movie Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher 1996 as Kurt Fust
14 On the Lot movie On the Lot 2007 as Harvey Cross - 'A Golf Story'
15 The Golden Girls movie The Golden Girls 1985 as Jacques De Courville
16 The Powers of Matthew Star movie The Powers of Matthew Star 1982 as Bill Chambers
17 Walker, Texas Ranger movie Walker, Texas Ranger 1993 as Stanley Chamberlain
18 A Christmas Wedding Date movie A Christmas Wedding Date 2012 as Santa Sam
19 A Different Affair movie A Different Affair 1987 as Robert
20 A Woman in the West movie A Woman in the West 2008 as Doctor Sedgewick
21 An Accidental Christmas movie An Accidental Christmas 2007 as Saul
22 An Eye for an Eye movie An Eye for an Eye 1981 as Nicky LaBelle
23 Arachnophobia movie Arachnophobia 1990 as Sheriff Lloyd Parsons
24 Babylon 5: The River of Souls movie Babylon 5: The River of Souls 1998 as James Riley
25 Bamboozle movie Bamboozle 1986 as Himself
26 Beanstalk movie Beanstalk 1994 as Giant
27 Betrayal of the Dove movie Betrayal of the Dove 1993 as Gabe, Anesthesiologist
28 Big Bully movie Big Bully 1996 as Gerry
29 Chasing Destiny movie Chasing Destiny 2001 as Mike Ditlow
30 Congo movie Congo 1995 as Boyd
31 Conjuring Orson movie Conjuring Orson 2014 as Eli Klein
32 D4G movie D4G 2001 as Stuart Dorfman/Various Roles
33 Down, Out & Dangerous movie Down, Out & Dangerous 1995 as Calvin Burrows
34 Dude, Wheres My Bar? movie Dude, Wheres My Bar? 2009 as Moe Green
35 Earthbound movie Earthbound 1981 as Sweeney
36 Fat Zombie movie Fat Zombie 2014 as Dr. Alistair Kruger
37 Fatal Attraction movie Fatal Attraction 1987 as Jimmy
38 Father and Scout movie Father and Scout 1994 as Aaron
39 Free to Be... You & Me movie Free to Be... You & Me 1974 as Man in the maternity ward
40 Hangar 18 movie Hangar 18 1980 as Sam Tate
There is the list of some articles of Stuart Pankin:
  • "TV Serien" (Germany), 27 January 1995, Iss. 3, pg. 70-71, "Warum Valene spurlos verschwunden ist und ihr Gary jetzt eine andere küßt - Vor 14 Jahren fiel die erste Klappe. Vor 2 Jahren die letzte. Was machen eigentlich die Bewohner von Knots Landing heute?"
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