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Erik was born in Manchester, England to American parents. His father isDann Passoja, a physicist and artist. His mother is Dr. Margaret Lewin,an aeronautical engineer-turned-oncologist.

He grew up in New York Citywhere he attended the Buckley School. He later went on to graduate fromExeter in New Hampshire as well as Yale University. Erik often playsscary bad guys, but his stand-up act reveals a lighter side. .

There is some small facts about Erik Passoja:
  • Has trained in the martial arts nearly all his life and is a fifth degree black belt in Shotokan karate and a second degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu karate.
  • In addition to English, speaks French, Japanese, German and Hebrew.
  • Is also a stand-up comic.
  • Lived in Tokyo, Japan for 6 months to study karate during a hiatus from college.
  • Was Class A New England wrestling champion in high school.
  • Is a lifetime member of the Actors Studio.
  • Father of Julia and Isaac Passoja.
  • Is of Finnish, German and Hungarian descent.
  • Graduate of Yale University.
  • His father is Dann Passoja, a physicist and painter noted for his writing on fractals with Benoit Mandelbrot.
  • His mother is Dr. Margaret Lewin, a physician who is also a former aeronautical engineer, and a former president of the New York Medical Society.
  • His paternal grandfather was Ernie Passoja, a trombonist with Horace Heidt and his All Star Band. Ernie was known as the High Note King. He also taught music for many years even after he retired to St. Petersburg, Florida.
  • Winner, best screenplay, Elevate Film Festival, 2008.
  • (September 2008) Nominated for Best Actor in the Chicago Horror Film Festival
Also look some video clip about Erik Passoja:
There is the list of movies, where Erik Passoja was taked part:
1 Jane Doe: Eye of the Beholder movie Jane Doe: Eye of the Beholder 2008 as SS Officer
2 Urban Jungle Dating Dilemmas movie Urban Jungle Dating Dilemmas 2011 as Ex-Husband
3 A Winter Rose movie A Winter Rose 2014 as Marc
4 After Sex movie After Sex 2000 as Tweedle Dum
5 Believers movie Believers 2007 as IO
6 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare movie Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 2014 as Doc/Additional Voices
7 Defender movie Defender 2002 as Dr. Mudo
8 Going Down in LA-LA Land movie Going Down in LA-LA Land 2011 as Mr. Katz
9 Halo Wars movie Halo Wars 2009 as Additional Voices
10 How to Make Love Like an Englishman movie How to Make Love Like an Englishman 2014 as Officer Lewis
11 Johnson & Johnson movie Johnson & Johnson 2014 as Melvin
12 Mind Like Water (Mushin) movie Mind Like Water (Mushin) 2004 as Erik
13 Monty and the Runaway Furnace movie Monty and the Runaway Furnace 2016 as Walter Vintucket, III
14 My Demon movie My Demon 2009 as Carl Lee Barrett
15 Nobodys Perfect movie Nobodys Perfect 2015 as Drunken Dan
16 Prey 4 Me movie Prey 4 Me 2007 as Randy
17 Reconstruction movie Reconstruction 2011 as Tisk
18 Réalité movie Réalité 2014 as Billie
19 Thank You, Good Night movie Thank You, Good Night 2001 as Bingo Announcer
20 The Act movie The Act 2004 as Comedian
21 The Notice movie The Notice 2011 as Hostage Taker
22 Transformers: The Game movie Transformers: The Game 2007 as Wheeljack/Additional Voices
23 90210 movie 90210 2008 as Erick
24 Charmed movie Charmed 1998 as The Boss/Sorcerer
25 Criminal Minds movie Criminal Minds 2005 as Sam Russell
26 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation movie CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 2000 as Walter Darian
27 CSI: Miami movie CSI: Miami 2002 as Ethan Gaffney
28 Firefly movie Firefly 2002 as Bree
29 Gotham Comedy Live movie Gotham Comedy Live 2012 as Himself - Comedian
30 Hawaii Five-0 movie Hawaii Five-0 2010 as Warden
31 Life with Bonnie movie Life with Bonnie 2002 as Gentleman
32 Nash Bridges movie Nash Bridges 1996 as George
33 Nip/Tuck movie Nip/Tuck 2003 as Granville Trapp
34 The Beach Boys: An American Family movie The Beach Boys: An American Family 2000 as Charles Manson
35 The Bo-Bo & Skippy Show movie The Bo-Bo & Skippy Show 2009 as Agent Heckles
36 The Lyons Den movie The Lyons Den 2003 as Benjamin Beacon
37 The Resolve movie The Resolve 2010 as John
38 True Blood movie True Blood 2008 as Stanley
39 V.I.P. movie V.I.P. 1998 as Pierce
40 Without a Trace movie Without a Trace 2002 as Ramsey Gorman
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