Chele André

as Herself in the movie Are We Alone: Behind the Scenes

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There is some small facts about Chele André:
  • Learned Sight Reading which she translated to the Piano.
  • Loves Architecture.
  • The scene where she is introduced in 'Loves Me Not' was her first time performing a stunt for a film role.
  • Learned to smoke for her role in 'Recovery'.
  • The film 'Rewinders' was conceived, shot, edited, and mastered in under 48 Hours.
  • For the film 'Recovery' - she was given the opportunity to keep a few of the set props. She chose only a red coin which reads "To Thine Own Self, Be True".
Also look some video clip about Chele André:
There is the list of movies, where Chele André was taked part:
1 Are We Alone: Behind the Scenes movie Are We Alone: Behind the Scenes 2011 as Herself
2 Skylar Grey: Get Lucky movie Skylar Grey: Get Lucky 2013 as Oscar Presenter
3 Dr. G: Medical Examiner movie Dr. G: Medical Examiner 2004 as Whytnea Matthews
4 The Mindy Project movie The Mindy Project 2012 as Jeremy's Wedding Date
5 Automaton Transfusion movie Automaton Transfusion 2006 as Student
6 Blunt Movie movie Blunt Movie 2013 as Student
7 Hoodoo for Voodoo movie Hoodoo for Voodoo 2006 as Chip Girl
8 Jay Sean: Where You Are movie Jay Sean: Where You Are 2013 as Cab Thief
9 Loves Me Not movie Loves Me Not 2010 as Camila
10 Never Back Down movie Never Back Down 2008 as Max's Girl
11 Rewinders movie Rewinders 2010 as Jess
12 The Magical Gathering movie The Magical Gathering 2004 as Girl
13 We Are Your Friends movie We Are Your Friends 2015 as Art Gallery Guest
14 Modern Family movie Modern Family 2009 as Baby Class Student
15 South Beach movie South Beach 2006 as Club Waitress
The image of was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Axis Magazine" (USA), September 2004, Vol. 10, Iss. 9
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