Gaby André

as Stella Gazzini, la vedette à Tabarin in the movie Boniface somnambule

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Real name is Gabrielle Louise Mathilde Andreu
Was born at 5 March 1920 in Châlons-sur-Marne, Marne, France [now Châlons-en-Champagne] . Died at 27 August 1972, Rome, Lazio, Italy (cancer)
There is some small facts about Gaby André:
  • Mother of 'Carole André' .
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There is the list of movies, where Gaby André was taked part:
1 Boniface somnambule movie Boniface somnambule 1951 as Stella Gazzini, la vedette à Tabarin
2 La campana di San Giusto movie La campana di San Giusto 1954 as Cinzia Di Rionero - sua moglie
3 La maison des sept jeunes filles movie La maison des sept jeunes filles 1942 as Rolande
4 Le drame de Shanghaï movie Le drame de Shanghaï 1938 as Une amie de Véra
5 Parade en 7 nuits movie Parade en 7 nuits 1941 as Estelle, la fille-mère
6 Una voce, una chitarra, un po di luna movie Una voce, una chitarra, un po di luna 1956 as Sandra Luciani - Moglie di Alberto
7 120, rue de la Gare movie 120, rue de la Gare 1946 as Suzanne Parmentier
8 Adémaï bandit dhonneur movie Adémaï bandit dhonneur 1943 as Fortunata
9 Cartacalha, reine des gitans movie Cartacalha, reine des gitans 1942 as Piribichi
10 Départ à zéro movie Départ à zéro 1943 as Stella
11 Entrée des artistes movie Entrée des artistes 1938 as Mireille, une élève du Conservatoire
12 Giuseppe Verdi movie Giuseppe Verdi 1953 as Giuseppina Strepponi
13 Highway 301 movie Highway 301 1950 as Lee Fontaine
14 Il segno di Zorro movie Il segno di Zorro 1963 as Señora Gutiérrez
15 Incognito movie Incognito 1958 as Hilda
16 Lange de la nuit movie Lange de la nuit 1944 as Simone
17 Langelo del peccato movie Langelo del peccato 1956 as Elena
18 Lesclave blanche movie Lesclave blanche 1939 as Une femme du harem
19 Lhéritier des Mondésir movie Lhéritier des Mondésir 1940 as Janine Richard - La postière
20 Lingiusta condanna movie Lingiusta condanna 1952 as Anna Valli
21 Létrange Suzy movie Létrange Suzy 1941 as Aline
22 La fin du jour movie La fin du jour 1939 as Danielle
23 La grande caccia movie La grande caccia 1957 as Dr. Marie Avedon
24 La vendetta di Ercole movie La vendetta di Ercole 1960 as Ismene
25 Le chant de lexilé movie Le chant de lexilé 1943 as Maria
26 Les gueux au paradis movie Les gueux au paradis 1946 as Marie
27 Monsieur Grégoire sévade movie Monsieur Grégoire sévade 1946 as Colette
28 Paradis perdu movie Paradis perdu 1940 as Irène
29 Please Believe Me movie Please Believe Me 1950 as Mme. Carnet
30 Prima di sera movie Prima di sera 1954 as Bancani's Wife
31 Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You movie Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You 1970 as Flavia
32 Siamo ricchi e poveri movie Siamo ricchi e poveri 1953 as Jacqueline - the French singer
33 The Green Glove movie The Green Glove 1952 as Gaby Saunders
34 The Strange World of Planet X movie The Strange World of Planet X 1958 as Michele Dupont
35 The Unthinking Lobster movie The Unthinking Lobster 1950 as Une estropiée
36 Tua per la vita movie Tua per la vita 1955 as Marisa
37 Un seul amour movie Un seul amour 1943 as Sophie de La Tournelle
There is the list of some printed articles of Gabrielle Louise Mathilde Andreu:
  • "Funk und Film" (Austria), 30 July 1955, Vol. 11, Iss. 31, pg. 2, by: F&F, ""Mrs. GI""
The image of Gabrielle Louise Mathilde Andreu was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Mon Film" (France), 5 September 1951, Iss. # 263
  • "Mon Film" (France), 10 January 1951, Iss. # 229
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