Angelo Poulis

as Angelo Poulis in the movie MAD & the City

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There is the list of movies, where Angelo Poulis was taked part:
1 Dragonborn the Eternal Warriors movie Dragonborn the Eternal Warriors 2014 as Dragonborn
2 Ouzeri Tsitsanis movie Ouzeri Tsitsanis 2015 as Fotis
3 Sta kala kathoumena movie Sta kala kathoumena 2014 as Police Officer
4 The Jumper and the Melon Garden movie The Jumper and the Melon Garden 2009 as The Jumper
5 Atairiastoi movie Atairiastoi 2014 as (2014)
6 Axizei na to deis movie Axizei na to deis 2006 as (2008)
7 Ehei gousto movie Ehei gousto 2003 as (2007)
8 Kalomeleta ki erhetai movie Kalomeleta ki erhetai 2006 as (2008)
9 Kathe mera kalimera movie Kathe mera kalimera 2004 as (2007)
10 Koinonia ora 8 movie Koinonia ora 8 2005 as (2007)
11 MAD & the City movie MAD & the City 2008 as Angelo Poulis
12 To soi sou movie To soi sou 2014 as The Boyfriend
13 Tora movie Tora 2013 as (2015)
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