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as Charlie in the movie Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462

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Was born at 17 October 1983 (now is 35 years old) in Christchurch, New Zealand

Michelle is already well known around the world from her work as aregular cast member on the Australian show "Neighbours", "OutrageousFortune" and the hit teen show "The Tribe". She won "Best Actress in A Feature Film" at the New Zealand Film andTelevision Awards 2011 for "My Wedding and Other Secrets", and wasnominated for a Logie for her role in "Neighbours". Her film work has screened in many festivals and won awards includingthose at Sundance, Cannes and Berlin. Michelle has been working in the States recently.

She appeared in BigMomma's House; Like Father Like Son, The Beaver directed by JodieFoster, and is soon to star as a lead in an upcoming MTV scriptedseries penned by Emmy-nominated writer Craig Wright called"Underemployed". She has recently completed work with Oscar-winning director Jane Campionon her mini-television series produced with BBC called Top of the Lake. .

There is some small facts about Michelle Ang:
  • Sang on the CD 'Abe Messiah' from the Tribe.
  • Toured with the Tribe through Europe.
  • Born in Christchurch, New Zealand but is of Malaysian extraction.
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There is the list of movies, where Michelle Ang was taked part:
1 Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 movie Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 2015 as Charlie
2 Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son movie Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son 2011 as Mia
3 Fallen Stars movie Fallen Stars 2015 as Daisy
4 Forbidden Fury movie Forbidden Fury 2004 as Terry Spears
5 Futile Attraction movie Futile Attraction 2004 as Violet McKenzie
6 My Wedding and Other Secrets movie My Wedding and Other Secrets 2011 as Emily
7 No. 2 movie No. 2 2006 as Grace
8 Take 3 movie Take 3 2008 as Melanie Shum
9 The Potential Wives of Norman Mao movie The Potential Wives of Norman Mao 2011 as Suzy Fong
10 The Taking movie The Taking 2014 as Mia Medina
11 Triple 9 movie Triple 9 2016 as Trina Ling
12 Xena: Warrior Princess - A Friend in Need (The Directors Cut) movie Xena: Warrior Princess - A Friend in Need (The Directors Cut) 2002 as Akemi
13 A Twist in the Tale movie A Twist in the Tale 1998 as Messha
14 Being Eve movie Being Eve 2001 as Masako
15 Drop Dead Diva movie Drop Dead Diva 2009 as Lanfen
16 Fear the Walking Dead movie Fear the Walking Dead 2015 as Charlie
17 Greys Anatomy movie Greys Anatomy 2005 as Cherise
18 NCIS: Los Angeles movie NCIS: Los Angeles 2009 as Malee Vipada
19 Neighbours movie Neighbours 1985 as Lori Lee
20 Outrageous Fortune movie Outrageous Fortune 2005 as Tracy Hong
21 Perception movie Perception 2012 as Former National Guardwoman
22 Rizzoli & Isles movie Rizzoli & Isles 2010 as Lucy Chen
23 South of Nowhere movie South of Nowhere 2005 as Lily Zee
24 Summerland movie Summerland 2012 as Jinky
25 The Tribe movie The Tribe 1999 as Tai-San
26 Top of the Lake movie Top of the Lake 2013 as Kimmie
27 Underemployed movie Underemployed 2012 as Sophia
28 Xena: Warrior Princess movie Xena: Warrior Princess 1995 as Akemi
29 Young Entertainers movie Young Entertainers 1997 as Super Trooper (1997-1998)
There is the list of some quotes of Michelle Ang:
  • Live life in such a way that you never have regrets.
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