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Real name is Vanessa Madeline Angel
Was born at 10 November 1966 (now is 51 years old) in London, England, UK

British-born Vanessa Angel began her career at age 14 as a model, whenshe was discovered by world-renowned agent, 'Eileen Ford (I)' . Shegained much life experience by traveling the world, relocating to NewYork and appearing on many magazine covers, including "Vogue" and"Cosmopolitan". Her transition from modeling to acting came in 1985,when she was chosen by director 'John Landis (I)' to play aRussian spy in Spies Like Us (1985) . She honed her craft bystudying with 'Sondra Lee (I)' and became a member of The Actor'sStudio in New York in 1987, studying with 'Frank Corsaro' .

Thisled to roles in films including King of New York (1990) , Sleep with Me (1994) and Kingpin (1996) , from TheFarrelly Brothers with 'Woody Harrelson' and'Bill Murray (I)' , Kissing a Fool (1998) with'David Schwimmer (I)' and 'Jason Lee (I)' . She has been inmany films in the past few years including Paramount's The Perfect Score (2004) with 'Scarlett Johansson' andopposite 'Jon Voight' in Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 (2004) . In addition to her filmwork, Angel starred in the hit series, "Weird Science" (1994) ,on the USA Network. The unique range of characters earned her critical recognition for hercomedic timing. She has played many roles on television, including therecurring role of police officer "Peggy Elliot" on NBC's "Reasonable Doubts" (1991) with 'Mark Harmon (I)' and'Marlee Matlin' , and a recent recurring role on "Stargate SG-1" (1997) .

Most recently, she played herself inHBO's popular show, "Entourage" (2004) , where she playedopposite 'Kevin Dillon (I)' , who she had also starred opposite in Out for Blood (2004) (V) . She also recently starred in theLifetime movie, Criminal Intent (2005) (TV) , and just finishedthe independent film, Blind Ambition (2008) , and the comedy, Endless Bummer (2009) . She reconnected with The Farrelly Bros in Hall Pass (2011) and made a memorable guest appearance inShowtime's "Californication" (2007) . She recently completed thefilms, Talbot County (????) and Trouble Sleeping (2015) Vanessa lives with her husband, 'Rick Otto (I)' , and theirdaughter India. .

There is some small facts about Vanessa Angel:
  • She was the original choice for the title role in "Xena: Warrior Princess" (1995) . Due to an illness, she was not able to fly to New Zealand to start work in the role of "Xena". A replacement had to be found quickly in New Zealand and so 'Lucy Lawless' , who was already there, was cast.
  • Vanessa started a clothing line in 2009, VANE la, which sells in top boutiques in Los Angeles, including Ron Herman and Belle Gray. She designs 70's inspired dresses and tops in silk, vintage prints.
  • Mother of a daughter.
  • She was introduced to her future husband 'Rick Otto (I)' by her "Weird Science" (1994) co-star 'Lee Tergesen' .
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There is the list of movies, where Vanessa Angel was taked part:
1 Shark Biscuit movie Shark Biscuit 2009 as Detective Patricia Henley
2 Spies Like Us movie Spies Like Us 1985 as Russian Rocket Crewperson
3 Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot movie Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot 1992 as Stewardess
4 Another Chance movie Another Chance 1989 as Jackie Johanson
5 Blind Ambition movie Blind Ambition 2008 as Autumn milestone
6 Bread and Roses movie Bread and Roses 2000 as Vanessa Angel - Party Guest
7 Camouflage movie Camouflage 2001 as Cindy Davies
8 Christmas Spirit movie Christmas Spirit 2011 as Hope
9 Cityscrapes: Los Angeles movie Cityscrapes: Los Angeles 1994 as Trouble
10 Cougar Hunting movie Cougar Hunting 2011 as Ursula
11 Criminal Intent movie Criminal Intent 2005 as Susan Grace
12 Endless Bummer movie Endless Bummer 2009 as Brenda
13 Enemies of Laughter movie Enemies of Laughter 2000 as Jennifer
14 Firetrap movie Firetrap 2001 as Beth Hooper
15 G-Men from Hell movie G-Men from Hell 2000 as Gloria Lake
16 Hall Pass movie Hall Pass 2011 as Missy
17 Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft movie Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft 2013 as Ms. Keegan
18 Killer Instinct movie Killer Instinct 1991 as Deborah Walker
19 King of New York movie King of New York 1990 as British Female
20 Kingpin movie Kingpin 1996 as Claudia
21 Kissing a Fool movie Kissing a Fool 1998 as Natasha
22 Lady Boss movie Lady Boss 1992 as Christie
23 Level Seven movie Level Seven 2011 as Angela
24 Lockhart movie Lockhart 2015 as Lilith
25 Made Men movie Made Men 1999 as Debra
26 Monster Night movie Monster Night 2006 as Claire Ackerman
27 Out for Blood movie Out for Blood 2004 as Susan Hastings
28 Partners movie Partners 2000 as Angel
29 Planet Raptor movie Planet Raptor 2007 as Dr. Anna Rogers
30 Popstar movie Popstar 2005 as Diane
31 Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys movie Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys 2004 as Erica Sharpe
32 Raging Sharks movie Raging Sharks 2005 as Linda Olsen
33 Sabretooth movie Sabretooth 2002 as Catherine Viciy
34 Sleep with Me movie Sleep with Me 1994 as Marianne
35 Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 movie Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 2004 as Jean Bobbins
36 Surf Party movie Surf Party 2013 as Brenda
37 The Cover Girl Murders movie The Cover Girl Murders 1993 as Rachel
38 The Good Humor Man movie The Good Humor Man 2005 as Ms. Barlass
39 The Mars Shuttle Murders movie The Mars Shuttle Murders 2009 as Helena Kirkowski
40 The Perfect Score movie The Perfect Score 2004 as Anita Donlee
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The image of Vanessa Madeline Angel was on the covers of these magazines:
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  • "Cosmopolitan" (UK), June 1985
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  • "Cosmopolitan" (West Germany), May 1984
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