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Real name is Anna Maria Pierangeli
Was born at 19 June 1932 in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy . Died at 10 September 1971, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA (barbiturate overdose)

Anna Maria Pierangeli was born June 19, 1932, in Cagliari, Sardinia,Italy. Anna and her twin sister, 'Marisa Pavan' , both had theireyes on become film stars, since that was one of the big Italianpastimes. Anna adopted her surname and split it in half, and it was asPier Angeli that she would find fame. Her first role was an uncreditedpart in 1948's The Million Dollar Nickel (1952) , an Italianproduction.

Pier was 16 at the time and it was to be the first of manyroles for this beautiful woman. The film was largely forgettable but itwas a start. The following year she played in another Italianproduction, Domani è troppo tardi (1950) . Again it was a verysmall role, and she was not seen on the screen again until 1951. Between 1949 and 1951 she appeared in stage productions and found workin menial jobs.

When she did return it was in the film The Light Touch (1951) as Anna Vasarri. Later that year she wonthe title role in Teresa (1951) . However, she again hit adrought with only one film in 1952 and two in 1953. The next yearthings began to pick up, however, with Hollywood beckoning at her door. After the Italian Mam'zelle Nitouche (1954) she caught the eyesof Hollywood moguls, who cast her in Flame and the Flesh (1954) and The Silver Chalice (1954) .

Now she divided her time betweenItaly and the US making movies. She married 'Vic Damone' in 1954,a union that lasted only four years and produced one son. No film offers came in 1955, but in 1956 Pier landed the plum role ofNorma Graziano (wife of fighter 'Rocky Graziano (I)' ) in Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956) opposite'Paul Newman (I)' . The film was well received at the box officeand she had hopes that things were going to pick up again. She playedYnez in Port Afrique (1956) later that year and then anotherdrought ensued.

After The Vintage (1957) , Merry Andrew (1958) and SOS Pacific (1959) , she madethree more films in 1960. Then once again 1961 saw no appearances. In1962 Pier played Ildith in Sodom and Gomorrah (1962) and laterthat year played in a French production entitled L'ammutinamento (1961) . After the Italian production of Banco à Bangkok pour OSS 117 (1964) she returned in the hitEuropean-American co-production Battle of the Bulge (1965) . After a handful of films between 1966 and 1970, Pier realized her dreamsof superstardom were not to be.

She had divorced her second husband('Armando Trovajoli' ) in 1969 and made her final appearance on thescreen in 1971 in the low-budget sci-fi opus Octaman (1971) . OnSeptember 10 of that year Pier was found dead of a barbiturate overdosein her Beverly Hills home. She was only 39 years old. .

There is some small facts about Pier Angeli:
  • Reportedly, Pier and 'James Dean (I)' were very much in love and wanted to marry, but her mother was against the union because of Dean's behavior, and helped arrange Pier's marriage to 'Vic Damone' . Three years before she died, the National Enquirer magazine published an interview in which Pier would have said that Dean was the only man she had ever really loved.
  • Twin sister of actress 'Marisa Pavan' .
  • Screen, stage, and television actress.
  • Dated 'James Dean (I)' while he was filming East of Eden (1955) .
  • Had one son with 'Vic Damone' , Perry Rocco Luigi Farinola Damone, who was born in Los Angeles on August 21, 1955. He worked as a radio DJ and owned an entertainers representation in Phoenix, Arizona. He died on December 9, 2014 of lymphoma in Scottsdale, Arizona.
  • 'Kirk Douglas (I)' , in his autobiography "The Ragman's Son", states that he was engaged to Pier in the early 1950s.
  • In different situations but almost simultaneously, 'Léonide Moguy' and 'Vittorio De Sica' ' chose her for her first role.
  • When shooting a central scene with 'Michael Craig (I)' in The Angry Silence (1960) , she was so immersed into her character that she left the script and started to shout in Italian. The scene was so impressive that it remained in the film.
  • Sister-in-law of 'Jean-Pierre Aumont' .
  • She gave birth to her second child Howard Andrew Rugantino on January 8, 1963 by her second husband 'Armando Trovajoli' .
  • According to several people who knew her, she was terrified of turning 40. She died age 39.
  • Older sister of 'Patricia Pierangeli' .
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There is the list of movies, where Pier Angeli was taked part:
1 Banco à Bangkok pour OSS 117 movie Banco à Bangkok pour OSS 117 1964 as Lila Sinn
2 I moschettieri del mare movie I moschettieri del mare 1962 as Consuelo / Gracia
3 Per mille dollari al giorno movie Per mille dollari al giorno 1966 as Betty Benson
4 Val Parnells Sunday Night at the London Palladium movie Val Parnells Sunday Night at the London Palladium 1955 as Herself
5 Addio Alexandra movie Addio Alexandra 1969 as Alexandra
6 Battle of the Bulge movie Battle of the Bulge 1965 as Louise
7 Berlino appuntamento per le spie (Operazione Polifemo) movie Berlino appuntamento per le spie (Operazione Polifemo) 1965 as Paula Krauss
8 Caccia ai violenti movie Caccia ai violenti 1968 as Ann Peterson
9 Domani è troppo tardi movie Domani è troppo tardi 1950 as Mirella
10 Domani è un altro giorno movie Domani è un altro giorno 1951 as Luisa
11 Estoril y sus fiestas movie Estoril y sus fiestas 1960 as Herself
12 Flame and the Flesh movie Flame and the Flesh 1954 as Lisa
13 James Dean: Forever Young movie James Dean: Forever Young 2005 as Herself
14 James Dean: The First American Teenager movie James Dean: The First American Teenager 1975 as Herself
15 Kol Mamzer Melech movie Kol Mamzer Melech 1968 as Eileen
16 Lammutinamento movie Lammutinamento 1961 as Polly
17 Mamzelle Nitouche movie Mamzelle Nitouche 1954 as Denise de Flavigny/Nitouche
18 Meet Me in Las Vegas movie Meet Me in Las Vegas 1956 as Pier Angeli
19 Merry Andrew movie Merry Andrew 1958 as Selena Gallini
20 MMM 83 - Missione Morte Molo 83 movie MMM 83 - Missione Morte Molo 83 1966 as Hélène Blanchard
21 Nelle pieghe della carne movie Nelle pieghe della carne 1970 as Falesse/Ester
22 Octaman movie Octaman 1971 as Susan Lowry
23 Port Afrique movie Port Afrique 1956 as Ynez
24 Quellamore particolare movie Quellamore particolare 1970 as Cecilia
25 Rose rosse per il führer movie Rose rosse per il führer 1968 as Marie
26 Sodom and Gomorrah movie Sodom and Gomorrah 1962 as Ildith
27 Sombrero movie Sombrero 1953 as Eufemia Calderon
28 Somebody Up There Likes Me movie Somebody Up There Likes Me 1956 as Norma
29 SOS Pacific movie SOS Pacific 1959 as Teresa
30 Teresa movie Teresa 1951 as Teresa Russo
31 The Angry Silence movie The Angry Silence 1960 as Anna Curtis
32 The Devil Makes Three movie The Devil Makes Three 1952 as Wilhelmina (Willie) Lehrt
33 The Light Touch movie The Light Touch 1951 as Anna Vasarri
34 The Million Dollar Nickel movie The Million Dollar Nickel 1952 as Herself
35 The Silver Chalice movie The Silver Chalice 1954 as Deborra
36 The Story of Three Loves movie The Story of Three Loves 1953 as Nina Burkhardt (segment "Equilibrium")
37 The Vintage movie The Vintage 1957 as Lucienne
38 ¡Viva América! movie ¡Viva América! 1969 as Bambi
39 Biography movie Biography 1987 as Herself
40 Cinépanorama movie Cinépanorama 1956 as Herself
There is the list of interview of Pier Angeli:
  • "Motion Picture and Television Magazine" (USA), September 1954, Vol. 88, Iss. 2, pg. 32-33+70, by: Gladys Hall, "Her dream runs deep"
There is the list of some articles of Pier Angeli:
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There is the list of some printed articles of Anna Maria Pierangeli:
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The image of Anna Maria Pierangeli was on the covers of these magazines:
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There is the list of some quotes of Pier Angeli:
  • I have loved one person in my whole life, and that was 'James Dean (I)' .
  • [about her first role as Mirella in Domani è troppo tardi (1950) ] When the scenes begin, I change completely. I was not Anna. Like when you drink cold, cold water and feel it run like ice inside. I felt I was another girl, not me.
  • [about 'Debbie Reynolds (I)' ] I don't know what I would have done without Debbie. Debbie was, is and always will be my very dearest and best friend - we are like sisters.
  • [about her relationship with actor 'James Dean (I)' ] He wanted me to love him unconditionally, but Jimmy was not able to love someone else in return . . . it was the troubled boy that wanted to be loved very badly. I loved Jimmy as I have loved no one else in my life, but I could not give him the enormous amount that he needed. Loving Jimmy was something that could empty a person.
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