Muriel Angelus

as The Bride Who Was in the movie Lets Love and Laugh

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Real name is Muriel Angelus Findlay
Was born at 10 March 1909 in London, England, UK . Died at 22 August 2004, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA

The memories are vague when it comes to recalling this London-bornleading lady, but Muriel Angelus did have her moments. She managed toappear in a few classic Broadway musical shows and Hollywood filmsbefore her early retirement in the mid-1940s. Of Scottish parentage,the former Muriel Findlay developed a sweet-voiced soprano at an earlyage. She made her singing debut at 12, eventually changing her name andbecoming a popular music hall performer.

She entered films toward theend of the silent era with The Ringer (1928), the first of three movieversions of the Edgar Wallace play. Her second film Sailor Don't Care(1928) was important only in that she met her first husband, Scots-bornactor John Stuart. Her part was excised from the film. Though in herfirst sound picture Night Birds (1930), she got to sing a number, mostof her films did not usurp her musical talents. The sweet-naturedactress who played both ingenues and 'other woman' roles co-starredwith husband Stuart in No Exit (1930), Eve's Fall (1930) and HindleWakes (1931), and appeared with British star Monty Banks in some of hisfarcical comedies, including My Wife's Family (1932) and So You Won'tTalk (1935).

Muriel received a career lift with the glossy musicalLondon hit "Balalaika" and a chain of events happened with its success. It led to her securing the pivotal role of Adriana in "The Boys FromSyracuse" and, in turn, a contract with Paramount Pictures. Divorcedfrom Stuart by this time, Muriel settled in Hollywood and made her bestfilms while there. She was touching as girlfriend to blind painter'Ronald Colman (I)' in The Light That Failed (1939) , asecond remake of the Rudyard Kipling novel, and appeared to greatadvantage in Preston Sturges' classic satire The Great McGinty (1940) as Brian Donlevy 's secretary. Afterscoring another long-running Broadway hit with "Early To Bed" in 1943,Muriel met Radio City Music Hall orchestra conductor Paul Lavalle whileappearing on radio in New York and married him in 1946.

She retired toraise a family in New England. They had a daughter, Suzanne, who laterworked for NBC. Muriel pretty much stayed out of the limelight for theremainder of her life. She died at 95 in a Virginia nursing home in2004, some seven years after her husband's death. .

There is some small facts about Muriel Angelus:
  • Daughter, Suzanne, with Lavalle.
  • Rodgers and Hart's classic song "Falling In Love With Love," was introduced by Muriel in the 1938 Broadway production of "The Boys From Syracuse." Much later in the 1960s she recorded her signature song along with husband/conductor Paul Lavalle in a "Tribute to Rodgers & Hammerstein."
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There is the list of movies, where Muriel Angelus was taked part:
1 Lets Love and Laugh movie Lets Love and Laugh 1931 as The Bride Who Was
2 Blind Spot movie Blind Spot 1932 as Marilyn Janney
3 Detective Lloyd movie Detective Lloyd 1932 as Sybil Craig
4 Dont Be a Dummy movie Dont Be a Dummy 1932 as Lady Diana Summers
5 Eves Fall movie Eves Fall 1930 as Eve Warren
6 Hindle Wakes movie Hindle Wakes 1931 as Beatrice Farrar
7 Mascottchen movie Mascottchen 1929 as Annie, Draftswoman
8 Night Birds movie Night Birds 1930 as Dolly Mooreland
9 No Exit movie No Exit 1930 as Ann Ansell
10 Red Aces movie Red Aces 1930 as Ena Burslem
11 Safari movie Safari 1940 as Fay Thorne
12 Sailors Dont Care movie Sailors Dont Care 1928 as Bit part
13 So You Wont Talk movie So You Wont Talk 1935 as Katrina
14 The Great McGinty movie The Great McGinty 1940 as Catherine McGinty
15 The Infamous Lady movie The Infamous Lady 1928 as The Girl
16 The Light That Failed movie The Light That Failed 1939 as Maisie
17 The Ringer movie The Ringer 1928 as Mary Lenley
18 The Way of All Flesh movie The Way of All Flesh 1940 as Mary Brown
19 The Wifes Family movie The Wifes Family 1931 as Peggy Gay
There is the list of some articles of Muriel Angelus:
  • "The Daily Telegraph" (UK), 20 September 2004, "Muriel Angelus"
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