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Real name is Anggun Cipta Sasmi
Was born at 29 April 1974 (now is 44 years old) in Jakarta, Indonesia

She was born on April 29, 1974 in Jakarta and her name of Anggun means"a grace created in a dream". She was raised in the town of Yogjakartafamously known as the capital of the archipelago, the land of mystique. She is the daughter of her Javanese mum and Darto Sargo, a singer,typesetter and an active producer in show business in Indonesia. Herinduction into the world of music began early in her life.

As a baby,she was rocked to sleep listening to her mother crooning traditionalfolk songs. Her family influenced her to start at a young age with herfather taking charge of his daughter's career. Her influences wereartistes like The Police, Bon Jovi and Guns 'N Roses and she wasalready performing in public when she was 7. Her first album, achildren's album, was recorded when she was only 9 years old. At 12years of age, she met producer Ian Antono, who produced her rock androll album 'Dunia Aku Punya', and it was the beginning of the road tosuccess for her.

Together they produced six chart-topping andaward-winning albums which, in the years from 1986-1993, establishedAnggun as a sensational rock singer. At 17, her third album won herIndonesia's 'Most Popular Artist Award 1990-91'. By the time she was19, Anggun had established her own record company. Her fifth album in1993 was a huge hit, remaining on the No. 1 spot on the Indonesiancharts for 4 weeks.

In Borneo, she met a young French engineer, MichelGeorgea. They later decided to marry in spite of the reservations ofher family. Still, she yearned for more from life. The young womandecided to leave Indonesia to try her luck in Europe. In 1994, thecouple settled in London.

But finally they moved to live in Paris thefollowing year. In France, Anggun was an unknown factor. Friends gave her an address forsongwriter/producer Erick Benzi (Céline Dion, Jean-Jacques Goldman,Johnny Hallyday) and Anggun simply knocked on his door one day andintroduced herself. Benzi was really impressed by her and it wasanother dream partnership for Anggun. Together they worked to produceanother successful album, 'Snow On The Sahara', which has beendescribed as a blend of traditional Indonesian and contemporaryEuro-American music.

It is an immense success throughout the world. Issued in 33 countries in all, it reached the figure of a million salesin Indonesia and 100,000 in Malaysia. In the USA, she was honoured byRolling Stone magazine, Billboard and appeared on TV shows such as theRosie O'Donnell Show. In 1999, the song "Snow on the Sahara" was usedby Swiss watches Swatch for its international promotion campaign. In autumn 2000, she released the second French album, "ContraryDesires", produced by Erick Benzi.

Anggun was the author of all theEnglish texts. The CD came out in 15 countries in September, includingSingapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan. To coincidewith this, Anggun gave her first concerts in France at the beginning of2001 and also promotional concert tour across Asia. Since 1997, Anggunhas become the best-selling Asian artist outside Asia ever and hasbecome an international star in French and English speaking Europe,Italy, Spain, Eastern Asia, Japan, and many more territories. In 1998, her single 'La Neige au Sahara' (Snow On The Sahara) became themost played single of the year on French radio, while the year after,she was nominated for Best Breakthrough Artist at the French MusicAwards.

Her first single 'Snow On The Sahara' became an instant #1 hitin Spain, Italy and Eastern Asia, while being charted Top 5 in the UKClub Charts. Her debut album even reached the Top 20 Billboard's HeatSeekers Charts in the United States! In recent years Anggun hascompleted an impressive international promotion schedule (World MusicAwards, MTV-Awards, Top of the Pops, Silver Screen Awards, WomenInspire Awards, etc. ) visiting numerous countries all over the world,and even meeting the Pope in Vatican City for a special concert withDionne Warwick. Her first album sold Double-Gold in France,Double-Platinum in Italy, Gold in Singapore, Gold in Switzerland,Platinum in Malaysia, Triple-Platinum in Indonesia, while selling closeto 200,000 copies in the United States!Her second album 'Chrysalis' became Gold in Italy in one week andreached multi-Gold and multi-Platinum in numerous countries acrossAsia. 'Still Reminds Me' was a Top 5 single in the Music&Media EuropeanBorders Breaker Charts.

She received in the same year the 'CosmopolitanAsia Woman Award' and later on, the 'Women Inspire Award' inrecognition of her international stardom. In January 2003, she metFrance's Culture Minister and received at Midem, the internationalexhibition of the music industry, a prestigious Diamond Award for salesoutside France reaching more than 1. 2m copies, making her one of thebest selling French music export success stories ever, among artistslike Daft Punk, Air, Manu Chao, etc. Also very recently, sheparticipated in two major Scandinavian movies soundtracks 'Anja &Viktor' and 'Open Hearts'. For 'Open Hearts' she received a nominationfor 'Best Song' at the 2003 Danish Film Awards.

Her recent duet with Italian rockstar Piero Pelu, entitled 'AmoreImaginato' reached #1 in the National Italian Airplay Charts. . . forover two months! Anggun was also part of the charity driven project'Gaia', along with international superstars such as Midnight Oil,Zucchero, Cesare Evoria. This year she was awarded by France's CultureMinister the prestigious distinction of "Chevalier des Arts et Lettres"for her worldwide achievements and her support to the French culture.

She has also accepted the role of Spokeperson for the UN 'Year ofMicrocredit' to create awareness and help the needy all over the world. In a few years only, Anggun has reached what no other Asian artist hasever achieved worldwide. After her divorce, she married a Canadian,resided in Montreal and travelled back and forth to Paris and alsoother places to launch her new music career after she left Sony Music. She is currently signed to Heben Music, a French label under Sony BMG'swing. Her new album will be released this coming fall.

First single"Être Une Femme", will be followed by an English album entitled'Luminescence'. .

There is some small facts about Anggun:
  • Anggun is the best-selling Asian artist outside Asia and was the first Indonesian artist to break into the international music scene in 1997.
  • Her daughter's name Kirana means Beautiful sunbeam in Indonesian.
  • She and her husband Cyril Montana, welcomed their first child, a girl named Kirana, on November 8, 2007 in France.
  • Anggun is the first Indonesian artist to win a World Music Award.
  • Sang the theme song to the short-lived French TV series "Manatea, les perles du Pacifique" (1999) . The song, "La Perle Noire", has never been included on any of her albums and was only released as a scarce CD single in France, making it one of her rarest releases.
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There is the list of movies, where Anggun was taked part:
1 La nouvelle génération chante Goldman movie La nouvelle génération chante Goldman 2013 as Herself
2 On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde movie On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde 2000 as Herself
3 Sessions at West 54th movie Sessions at West 54th 1997 as Herself (Vocals, Piano)
4 Chabada movie Chabada 2009 as Herself
5 2008 World Music Awards movie 2008 World Music Awards 2008 as Herself
6 300 choeurs pour les fêtes movie 300 choeurs pour les fêtes 2012 as Herself
7 300 choeurs pour les fêtes movie 300 choeurs pour les fêtes 2014 as Herself
8 Bêtes de scène... le concours movie Bêtes de scène... le concours 2005 as Herself
9 Ces amours-là movie Ces amours-là 2010 as Anggun
10 Earth movie Earth 2007 as Narrator (French version)
11 Ellinikos telikos gia tin anadeixi tou tragoudiou pou tha mas ekprosopisei ston 57o panevropaiko diagonismo tis Eurovision movie Ellinikos telikos gia tin anadeixi tou tragoudiou pou tha mas ekprosopisei ston 57o panevropaiko diagonismo tis Eurovision 2012 as Herself
12 Nom de code: Balasko movie Nom de code: Balasko 1998 as Herself
13 Peuples autochtones: Notre Combat movie Peuples autochtones: Notre Combat 2015 as Narrator
14 The 2002 World Music Awards movie The 2002 World Music Awards 2002 as Herself
15 The Eurovision Song Contest movie The Eurovision Song Contest 2012 as Herself - French Entry
16 93 Faubourg Saint-Honoré movie 93 Faubourg Saint-Honoré 2003 as Herself
17 Asias Got Talent movie Asias Got Talent 2015 as Herself - Judge
18 C à vous movie C à vous 2009 as Herself
19 Comment ça va bien! movie Comment ça va bien! 2010 as Herself
20 Double je movie Double je 2002 as Herself
21 Du côté de chez Dave movie Du côté de chez Dave 2014 as Herself
22 Festival di Sanremo movie Festival di Sanremo 1951 as Herself - Performer
23 Hier encore movie Hier encore 2012 as Herself
24 La chanson de lannée movie La chanson de lannée 2004 as Herself
25 La fête de la chanson française movie La fête de la chanson française 2005 as Herself
26 La Happy Hour de Canal+ movie La Happy Hour de Canal+ 2010 as Herself
27 Le grand show movie Le grand show 2012 as Herself
28 Le plus grand cabaret du monde movie Le plus grand cabaret du monde 1998 as Herself
29 Les années bonheur movie Les années bonheur 2006 as Herself
30 Les Enfoirés movie Les Enfoirés 1986 as Herself
31 Les grands du rire movie Les grands du rire 2005 as Herself
32 Les stars du rire movie Les stars du rire 2009 as Herself
33 Muppets TV movie Muppets TV 2006 as Herself
34 Music Nuggets movie Music Nuggets 2010 as Herself
35 Musikbutikken movie Musikbutikken 1998 as Herself
36 On a tout essayé movie On a tout essayé 2000 as Herself
37 On na pas tout dit movie On na pas tout dit 2007 as Herself
38 Salut les Terriens movie Salut les Terriens 2006 as Herself
39 Symphonic Show movie Symphonic Show 2003 as Herself
40 Tapis rouge movie Tapis rouge 1998 as Herself
There is the list of some printed articles of Anggun Cipta Sasmi:
  • "Femme Actuelle" (France), 28 May 2001, Iss. 870, pg. 13, "Tendance pulpeuses... mais naturelles"
  • "Dépêche Mode" (France), July 1999, Iss. 130, pg. 43, "Si vous ne gardiez que l'essentiel?"
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