Angélica (I)

as Angélica in the movie Os heróis Trapalhões - Uma Aventura na Selva

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Real name is Angélica Ksyvickis
Also known as Angel
Was born at 30 November 1973 (now is 45 years old) in Santo André, São Paulo, Brazil
There is some small facts about Angélica (I):
  • Father: Francisco Ksyvicks, mother: Angelina Ksyvicks, sister: Márcia Ksyvicks.
  • At only 12, presented her first TV program.
  • When she was 5, was elected the most beautiful Brazilian child by a leading TV program.
  • [8 March 2005] She gave birth to her first child, a baby boy named Joaquim, with her husband 'Luciano Huck' in São Paulo.
  • Her football team is Flamengo.
  • Angélica is a Tv host, an actress and a singer.
  • She was invited to posed naked several times but she refused.
  • In 2006 she signed a contract with L'Oreal.
  • Mother, with'Luciano Huck', of a boy named Benício, born on November 3th 2007 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Third child, a girl named Eva, was born on September 25th 2012 in Rio de Janeiro.
  • (November 2005) Presents a celebrities game show, 'Video Game', within sporadic participations at a related program, 'Video Show'.
  • (July 2001) Presents a children's TV program, "Bambuluá".
  • Some of her stagehands became well-known professional actors or hosts such as 'Babi Xavier' , 'Geovanna Tominaga' , 'Camila Pitanga' , 'Juliana Silveira (I)' , 'Giovanna Antonelli' and 'Mateus Rocha' .
  • For her "angels" (stangehnds/dancers) group, wanted girls representing different races to make them distinguishable from 'Xuxa Meneghel' 's "paquitas" (whom controversially were all blonde girls).
  • As a child, witnessed her father Francisco being shot by robbers that invaded her house, and was left traumatized for a brief period. Francisco survived his wounds.
  • Used to light a candle and pray to one day become famous.
  • Replaced 'Xuxa Meneghel' in her first TV show for kids and career debut, "Clube da Criança" (1983) , referencing much of her style. As Xuxa, Angélica later left Manchete and moved to Rede Globo as well.
  • She survived a plane crash with her husband Luciano Huck and her three children Joaquim, Benicio and Eva at Mato Grosso do Sul.
Also look some video clip about Angélica (I):
There is the list of movies, where Angélica (I) was taked part:
1 Os heróis Trapalhões - Uma Aventura na Selva movie Os heróis Trapalhões - Uma Aventura na Selva 1988 as Angélica
2 Xuxa em O Mistério de Feiurinha movie Xuxa em O Mistério de Feiurinha 2009 as Rapunzel
3 Casseta & Planeta Urgente movie Casseta & Planeta Urgente 1992 as Herself/Various
4 Encontro com Fátima Bernardes movie Encontro com Fátima Bernardes 2012 as Herself
5 Criança Esperança movie Criança Esperança 2011 as Herself
6 Fama Show Especial movie Fama Show Especial 2004 as Himself - Hostess/Presenter
7 Meus Prêmios Nick 2010 movie Meus Prêmios Nick 2010 2010 as Herself - Presenter
8 Os Trapalhões na Terra dos Monstros movie Os Trapalhões na Terra dos Monstros 1989 as Angélica
9 TV Ano 50 movie TV Ano 50 2000 as Herself
10 Um Show de Verão movie Um Show de Verão 2004 as Andréa
11 Uma Escola Atrapalhada movie Uma Escola Atrapalhada 1990 as Tamí
12 vem_aí movie vem_aí 2013 as Herself
13 Xuxa e os Duendes movie Xuxa e os Duendes 2001 as Fada Melissa
14 Zoando na TV movie Zoando na TV 1999 as Angel
15 A Diarista movie A Diarista 2003 as Herself
16 Altas Horas movie Altas Horas 2000 as Herself
17 Amor & Sexo movie Amor & Sexo 2009 as Herself
18 As Cariocas movie As Cariocas 2010 as Maria Tereza
19 Avenida Paulista movie Avenida Paulista 1982 as Anamaria (child)
20 Bambuluá movie Bambuluá 2000 as Angélica
21 Bela Cozinha movie Bela Cozinha 2014 as Herself
22 Caldeirão do Huck movie Caldeirão do Huck 2000 as Herself (2002)
23 Cassino do Chacrinha movie Cassino do Chacrinha 1982 as Herself
24 Caça Talentos movie Caça Talentos 1996 as Bela
25 Celebridade movie Celebridade 2003 as Herself
26 Clube da Criança movie Clube da Criança 1983 as Herself - Host (1988-1993)
27 CQC - Custe o Que Custar movie CQC - Custe o Que Custar 2008 as Herself
28 Domingão do Faustão movie Domingão do Faustão 1989 as Herself
29 Esquenta! movie Esquenta! 2011 as Herself
30 Estrelas movie Estrelas 2006 as Herself - Host
31 Fama movie Fama 2002 as Herself
32 Fama.bis movie Fama.bis 2002 as Herself
33 Fantástico movie Fantástico 1973 as Herself
34 Flora Encantada movie Flora Encantada 1999 as Flora Encantada
35 Jornal Hoje movie Jornal Hoje 1971 as Herself (1996)
36 O Guarani movie O Guarani 1991 as Cecília
37 Passa ou Repassa movie Passa ou Repassa 1987 as Herself - Host (1995-1996)
38 Por Toda Minha Vida movie Por Toda Minha Vida 2006 as Herself
39 Programa do Jô movie Programa do Jô 2000 as Herself
40 Roberto Carlos Especial movie Roberto Carlos Especial 1974 as Herself
The image of Angélica Ksyvickis was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "marie claire" (Brazil), June 2005, Iss. 171
  • "Isto É Gente" (Brazil), 21 March 2005, Vol. 292
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