Elsa Anka

as Professora carrer zona alta in the movie Floquet de Neu

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Was born at 1965 (now is 53 years old) in Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
There is some small facts about Elsa Anka:
  • Partner is ex-basketball player 'Juan Antonio San Epifanio' (2009).
  • Has two children with ex-husband Miquel Torrent, 'Lídia Torrent' and Miguel.
Also look some video clip about Elsa Anka:
There is the list of movies, where Elsa Anka was taked part:
1 Floquet de Neu movie Floquet de Neu 2011 as Professora carrer zona alta
2 Premios Fotogramas de Plata 2009 movie Premios Fotogramas de Plata 2009 2010 as Herself - Audience Member
3 El gran juego de la oca movie El gran juego de la oca 1993 as Herself - Hostess
4 Gran Parchís TV movie Gran Parchís TV 2000 as Herself - Hostess (2001)
5 Festival de Benidorm 96 movie Festival de Benidorm 96 1996 as Herself - Host
6 Gala 20 aniversario movie Gala 20 aniversario 2010 as Herself
7 Héroes movie Héroes 2010 as Mare de Cristo
8 La Marató 1995 movie La Marató 1995 1995 as Herself
9 Regression Post Panic Film movie Regression Post Panic Film 2011 as Alicia Sachs
10 1 quart de 3 movie 1 quart de 3 2008 as Herself
11 13mil movie 13mil 2015 as Silvia
12 80s movie 80s 2005 as Herself
13 Alta tensión movie Alta tensión 1998 as Herself
14 Amb ulls de dona movie Amb ulls de dona 2004 as Herself
15 Boqueria 357 movie Boqueria 357 2007 as Herself
16 Corazón de... movie Corazón de... 1997 as Herself
17 El cor de la ciutat movie El cor de la ciutat 2000 as Míriam Pla
18 El desafío bajo cero movie El desafío bajo cero 2006 as Herself
19 El friqui movie El friqui 1994 as Herself
20 El rondo movie El rondo 1999 as Herself
21 Els matins a TV3 movie Els matins a TV3 2004 as Herself
22 Esta es mi historia movie Esta es mi historia 2001 as Herself
23 Grand Prix movie Grand Prix 1995 as Herself
24 Hospital Central movie Hospital Central 2000 as Amanda
25 Lou o la gallina? movie Lou o la gallina? 1996 as Herself
26 La isla de los famoS.O.S. movie La isla de los famoS.O.S. 2003 as Herself
27 La noche por delante movie La noche por delante 1998 as Herself
28 La salut al cistell movie La salut al cistell 2009 as Herself
29 No em ratllis! movie No em ratllis! 2006 as Herself
30 Noche, noche movie Noche, noche 1993 as Herself - Co-hostess
31 Paral·lel movie Paral·lel 1997 as Herself
32 Pasapalabra movie Pasapalabra 2000 as Herself
33 Persones humanes movie Persones humanes 1993 as Herself
34 Puerta a la fama movie Puerta a la fama 1996 as Herself - Hostess
35 Qui ho diria! movie Qui ho diria! 1996 as Herself
36 Salsa rosa movie Salsa rosa 2002 as Herself
37 Sexes movie Sexes 2005 as Herself
38 Sis a traïció movie Sis a traïció 2005 as Herself
39 Sonría, por favor movie Sonría, por favor 1996 as Herself - Hostess
40 Telecupón movie Telecupón 1990 as Herself
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