Gilat Ankori

as Beauty Pageant Host 1992 in the movie My mother and I

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Was born at 31 October 1955 (now is 63 years old) in Israel
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There is the list of movies, where Gilat Ankori was taked part:
1 My mother and I movie My mother and I 2014 as Beauty Pageant Host 1992
2 Cover-Up movie Cover-Up 1991 as Reporter #5
3 Ha-Gamal Hameofef movie Ha-Gamal Hameofef 1994 as Geula
4 Ha-Lahaka movie Ha-Lahaka 1978 as Sari
5 Hamesh Hamesh movie Hamesh Hamesh 1980 as Hani
6 Like a Fish Out of Water movie Like a Fish Out of Water 2007 as Agent
7 Lost Islands movie Lost Islands 2008 as Gila Levi
8 Mindbender movie Mindbender 1996 as Glamorous Lady
9 Nikmato Shel Itzik Finkelstein movie Nikmato Shel Itzik Finkelstein 1993 as Ihudit
10 Nisuin Nusah Tel Aviv movie Nisuin Nusah Tel Aviv 1979 as Carmela
11 The Human Shield movie The Human Shield 1991 as Laura Matthews
12 The Revolutionary movie The Revolutionary 1995 as Bleeding Woman
13 The Revolutionary II movie The Revolutionary II 1996 as Bleeding Woman
14 The Seventh Coin movie The Seventh Coin 1993 as Ms. Weingarten
15 Asfur movie Asfur 2010 as Avigail Ambar
16 Matzav HaUma movie Matzav HaUma 2010 as Sari
17 Rak Beyisrael movie Rak Beyisrael 1998 as Donna Karen, Ally McBeal's producers' lawyer
18 Ramat Aviv Gimmel movie Ramat Aviv Gimmel 1995 as Idit Linovich
19 Shemesh movie Shemesh 1997 as Sassi's Stepmother
20 Sweating Bullets movie Sweating Bullets 1991 as Cynthia
21 Ta Gordin movie Ta Gordin 2012 as Ayelet
22 Telenovela Baam movie Telenovela Baam 2005 as Miri Moran
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