Nia Ann

as Lady Nimue in the movie Merlin and the War of the Dragons

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There is some small facts about Nia Ann:
  • Grew up on a farm with her parents and two brothers.
  • Changed her name from Victoria (now middle name) to Nia at the age of 5.
Also look some video clip about Nia Ann:
There is the list of movies, where Nia Ann was taked part:
1 Merlin and the War of the Dragons movie Merlin and the War of the Dragons 2008 as Lady Nimue
2 Calon Gaeth movie Calon Gaeth 2006 as Sali
3 Dragon Crusaders movie Dragon Crusaders 2011 as Witch of Caer'lo
4 Granny of the Dead movie Granny of the Dead 2015 as Gemma
5 Knight of the Dead movie Knight of the Dead 2013 as Girl Zombie in Cave/Body in the Cave
6 The Big I Am movie The Big I Am 2010 as Eastern European Girl
7 Con Passionate movie Con Passionate 2005 as Gwenllian (2005)
8 Gwaith/Cartref movie Gwaith/Cartref 2011 as Bethan 2013
9 Pobol y Cwm movie Pobol y Cwm 1974 as Chef (aka) Kylie
There is the list of some articles of Nia Ann:
  • "Dread Central" (USA), 24 April 2013, "Trailer, Artwork and First Details on Mark Atkins' Knight of the dead"
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