Beth (I) Anna

as Nancy's and Sharon's Friend in the movie Beach House

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There is the list of movies, where Beth (I) Anna was taked part:
1 Beach House movie Beach House 1981 as Nancy's and Sharon's Friend
2 Justine: A Matter of Innocence movie Justine: A Matter of Innocence 1980 as Sex Performer - Long Hair
3 Chorus Call movie Chorus Call 1978 as Bertha
4 Dirty Lily movie Dirty Lily 1978 as Lily Wallbanger
5 From Holly with Love movie From Holly with Love 1978 as Holly
6 High School Bunnies movie High School Bunnies 1978 as Barbie Bursky
7 Intimate Desires movie Intimate Desires 1978 as Leslie Metro
8 Kinky Tricks movie Kinky Tricks 1977 as Carol
9 Pelvis movie Pelvis 1977 as Groupie
10 Shes No Angel movie Shes No Angel 1976 as Liz
11 Sinful Pleasures movie Sinful Pleasures 1984 as Beth
12 Skin-Flicks movie Skin-Flicks 1978 as Girl on Swing
13 Summertime Blue movie Summertime Blue 1979 as Whipped Cream Girl
14 Sweet Savage movie Sweet Savage 1979 as Shy Dove
15 Sweet Throat movie Sweet Throat 1980 as Connie Lingus
16 Take Off movie Take Off 1978 as Sunshine (segment "1960's")
17 The Love Couch movie The Love Couch 1978 as Alice King
18 The Night Bird movie The Night Bird 1977 as Sweet Lips
There is the list of some printed articles of Anna, Beth (I):
  • "Eros" (USA), December 1979
  • "Purple" (USA), September 1978
The image of was on the covers of these magazines:
  • "Purple" (USA), September 1978
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