as Dr. Ingrid Naarveg in the movie Have Rocket -- Will Travel

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Real name is Anne Lise Ruud
Was born at 30 March 1935 (now is 83 years old) in Oslo, Norway
There is some small facts about Anna-Lisa:
  • Left Hollywood in 1974 and retired to Oslo, Norway, where she became a stage actress at Oslo Nyes puppet theatre.
  • Had a successful stage career in the US and starred with people like 'John Carradine' , 'Victor Buono' , 'David Cassidy (I)' , 'Joan Fontaine (I)' and many more.
  • Retired.
Also look some video clip about Anna-Lisa:
There is the list of movies, where Anna-Lisa was taked part:
1 Have Rocket -- Will Travel movie Have Rocket -- Will Travel 1959 as Dr. Ingrid Naarveg
2 Bonanza movie Bonanza 1959 as White Buffalo Woman/Ruth Halversen
3 12 to the Moon movie 12 to the Moon 1960 as Dr. Sigrid Bomark
4 Norwegian Actresses in Hollywood movie Norwegian Actresses in Hollywood 2003 as Herself
5 The Search for the Evil One movie The Search for the Evil One 1969 as Eva Braun
6 77 Sunset Strip movie 77 Sunset Strip 1958 as Dr. Abby Ryner
7 Assignment: Underwater movie Assignment: Underwater 1960 as Eve Maynard
8 Behind Closed Doors movie Behind Closed Doors 1958 as Sonya
9 Ben Casey movie Ben Casey 1961 as Dr. Amy Peterson
10 Biography movie Biography 1987 as Various
11 Black Saddle movie Black Saddle 1959 as Nora Travers
12 Bronco movie Bronco 1958 as Sister Theresa
13 Death Valley Days movie Death Valley Days 1952 as Huldah Swanson
14 Flight movie Flight 1958 as Roley
15 G.E. True movie G.E. True 1962 as Sigrid Lund
16 Garrisons Gorillas movie Garrisons Gorillas 1967 as Helga Nosser
17 Gunsmoke movie Gunsmoke 1955 as Gretchen Mueller
18 Hong Kong movie Hong Kong 1960 as Lily
19 Laramie movie Laramie 1959 as Louisa Clark
20 Lock Up movie Lock Up 1959 as Ann Mahler
21 Lux Playhouse movie Lux Playhouse 1958 as Elsa Hoffman
22 Maverick movie Maverick 1957 as Karen Gustavson
23 Perry Mason movie Perry Mason 1957 as Norma Vickers
24 Room for One More movie Room for One More 1962 as Helen
25 Run for Your Life movie Run for Your Life 1965 as Helga Galen
26 Sea Hunt movie Sea Hunt 1958 as Resia Helving
27 Sugarfoot movie Sugarfoot 1957 as Ellie Peterson
28 Surfside 6 movie Surfside 6 1960 as Alixe Hogan
29 That Girl movie That Girl 1966 as Rosanna Barrini
30 The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna movie The Gale Storm Show: Oh! Susanna 1956 as Helga
31 The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. movie The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. 1966 as Brunhilde
32 The Islanders movie The Islanders 1960 as Frederica Vandeveere
33 The Lieutenant movie The Lieutenant 1963 as Motel Manager
34 The Lloyd Bridges Show movie The Lloyd Bridges Show 1962 as Anna
35 The Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 1964 as Signe
36 The Millionaire movie The Millionaire 1955 as Stella Boisvert
37 The Third Man movie The Third Man 1959 as Elena
38 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea movie Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea 1964 as Sigrid
There is the list of interview of Anna-Lisa:
  • "Psychotronic Video" (USA), 2001, Iss. 35, pg. 44-48, by: Niels Solberg, "Anna-Lisa: Siren Of The North"
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