Sara Anne

as Ramona in the movie The Conundrums of Small Talk and Idle Conversation

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Was born at 23 January 1998 (now is 21 years old) in Newport Beach, California, USA

Sara grew up in a family with a history of the arts so it wasn't acomplete surprise when her parents were informed by her preschoolteacher that Sara was sneaking into the school dance class. From thatpoint forward, participating in dance, school plays, guitar lessons,music writing, script writing, and acting classes became Sara's life. Sara was first introduced to theater at age 10 when she was chosenamong her peers to cohost and narrate her school variety show. Fromthere, Sara went on to perform in productions such as "The Tempest"where she played the spirit Ariel, Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet", andAbigail in "The Crucible".

To further her education and knowledge ofacting, Sara has studied acting with Diane Christiansen, MichelleDanner, and Amy Lyndon. Sara graduated early from high school at age 16to pursue her passion of the arts. At age 17, she decided to work withCentral Casting where she is able to develop an understanding of theset while working with veteran directors, actors, and crew members. Shehas been a featured in series such as "Pretty Little Liars" and "TheGoldbergs". In order to also gain acting and auditioning experienceSara has worked on several student and short films like "The Moon is aLight" and "Chasing Courage" which was submitted to Project Greenlight,and has played the lead in "Case 2", "Small talk", "Top 8", "Crazy inLove" and "To Love Unconditionally" which won best short film at theVanguard University film festival.

Along with Sara's love for film andacting comes a strong passion for music. She began playing guitar justbefore her 16th birthday and was writing her own songs within threemonths. In the past two years she has written over 100 songs andcontinues to write every day. Sara is passionate about the arts in manyforms and is determined to carve out a career that challenges her as anartist, allows her to create, and will open opportunities to give backto society. .

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There is the list of movies, where Sara Anne was taked part:
1 The Conundrums of Small Talk and Idle Conversation movie The Conundrums of Small Talk and Idle Conversation 2015 as Ramona
2 Chasing Courage movie Chasing Courage 2015 as Student
3 To Love Unconditionally movie To Love Unconditionally 2015 as Teen Rose
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