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as Kristine Kochanski in the movie Cant Smeg Wont Smeg

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Real name is Chloë Victoria Annett
Was born at 25 July 1971 (now is 47 years old)

Chloë grew up in London where she attended Mountview Theatre School. Originally she was going to attend an Art School but she went alongwith one of her friends who had an audition and got in. She claims thather parents were supportive of her career change and really encouragedher. Her father is director 'Paul Annett' .

She has spent time inAmerica where she had a part in Jewels (1992) (TV) - a TV miniseries. She achieved stardom in 1997, when she landed the role ofKristine Kochanski in "Red Dwarf" (1988) . After that she got thepart of Holly Turner in "Crime Traveller" (1997) alongside'Michael French (II)' , who played Jeff Slade. .

There is some small facts about Chloë Annett:
  • Father 'Paul Annett' and brother 'Jamie Annett' are both directors.
  • Chloe Annett's husband Alec McKinlay was the manager of the pop groups Oasis and Crowded House.
  • Has a son and a daughter.
  • Had not acted between 2004 and 2009.
  • Won Best Actress at the April 2011 London Independent Film Festival for her title role in "Leila".
  • Chloe Annett replaced Clare Grogan as Kristine Kochanski in "Red Dwarf", when Kochanski became a regular character in Series 7. Annett continued to play the role until the end of Series 8 and made only a cameo in the role for the 2009 special "Back to Earth".
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There is the list of movies, where Chloë Annett was taked part:
1 Cant Smeg Wont Smeg movie Cant Smeg Wont Smeg 1998 as Kristine Kochanski
2 Doctor at the Top movie Doctor at the Top 1991 as Rebecca Stuart-Clark
3 Red Dwarf A-Z movie Red Dwarf A-Z 1998 as Herself
4 Double X: The Name of the Game movie Double X: The Name of the Game 1992 as Sarah Clutten
5 Jewels movie Jewels 1992 as Isabelle
6 Leila movie Leila 2011 as Leila
7 Pasty Faces movie Pasty Faces 2000 as Lena
8 Red Dwarf movie Red Dwarf 2005 as Kristine Kochanski
9 Red Dwarf: Back from the Dead - Series VII movie Red Dwarf: Back from the Dead - Series VII 2005 as Herself
10 Red Dwarf: Hatties DJ Diary movie Red Dwarf: Hatties DJ Diary 2003 as Herself
11 Red Dwarf: The Tank - Series VIII movie Red Dwarf: The Tank - Series VIII 2006 as Herself
12 The Asylum movie The Asylum 2000 as Rose
13 Tusen ganger god natt movie Tusen ganger god natt 2013 as Jessica
14 Universe Challenge movie Universe Challenge 1998 as Herself
15 Yamada ga machi ni yatte kita movie Yamada ga machi ni yatte kita 1993 as Mary FitzGibbon
16 All Creatures Great and Small movie All Creatures Great and Small 1978 as Angela
17 Byker Grove movie Byker Grove 1989 as Janey
18 Cadfael movie Cadfael 1994 as Rosanna
19 Casualty movie Casualty 1986 as April Halliwell
20 Comedy Connections movie Comedy Connections 2003 as Herself
21 Covington Cross movie Covington Cross 1992 as Rachel
22 Crime Traveller movie Crime Traveller 1997 as Science Officer Holly Turner
23 Doctors movie Doctors 2000 as Joanna Hepworth
24 Families movie Families 1990 as Mina Sandaval
25 GMTV movie GMTV 1993 as Herself
26 Holby City movie Holby City 1999 as Pat Lang
27 Jeeves and Wooster movie Jeeves and Wooster 1990 as Gertrude
28 Kate movie Kate 1970 as Sarah
29 Kiss Me Kate movie Kiss Me Kate 1998 as Sam
30 Red Dwarf movie Red Dwarf 1988 as Kristine Kochanski
31 Ruth Rendell Mysteries movie Ruth Rendell Mysteries 1987 as Jane Gardner
32 Space Cadets movie Space Cadets 1997 as Herself
33 Spatz movie Spatz 1990 as Donna Edwards
There is the list of interview of Chloë Annett:
  • "DreamWatch" (UK), May 1999, Iss. 57, pg. 38-41, by: Richard Molesworth, "The New Comers"
There is the list of some articles of Chloë Annett:
  • "Starburst Special" (UK), November 1997, Iss. 34, pg. 54-57, by: David Bassom, "The Lady In Red"
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