Susan Anspach

as Betty Leslie-Melville in the movie The Last Giraffe

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Was born at 23 November 1942 (now is 76 years old) in New York City, New York, USA
There is some small facts about Susan Anspach:
  • (1970) Claims the father of her son, Caleb, is 'Jack Nicholson (I)' , but he has not made any public statements about this.
  • (1968) Has a daughter ('Catherine M. Curry' ) with 'Steve Curry (I)' .
  • Has given acting classes to animation artists at Dreamworks in 1996. The training was intended to improve the realistic acting style of The Prince of Egypt (1998) , the studio's first animated feature.
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There is the list of movies, where Susan Anspach was taked part:
1 The Last Giraffe movie The Last Giraffe 1979 as Betty Leslie-Melville
2 The Secret Life of John Chapman movie The Secret Life of John Chapman 1976 as Wilma
3 The Mike Douglas Show movie The Mike Douglas Show 1961 as Herself - Actress
4 Alien X Factor movie Alien X Factor 1997 as Pamela Wood
5 American Primitive movie American Primitive 2009 as Martha
6 Back to Back movie Back to Back 1989 as Madeline Hix
7 Blood Red movie Blood Red 1989 as Widow
8 Blue Monkey movie Blue Monkey 1987 as Dr. Judith Glass
9 Blume in Love movie Blume in Love 1973 as Nina Blume
10 Cagney & Lacey: The Return movie Cagney & Lacey: The Return 1994 as Deborah Nelson
11 Candle Smoke movie Candle Smoke 1998 as Angela
12 Dancing at the Harvest Moon movie Dancing at the Harvest Moon 2002 as Julia
13 Deadly Encounter movie Deadly Encounter 1982 as Chris Butler
14 Five Easy Pieces movie Five Easy Pieces 1970 as Catherine Van Oost
15 For the Use of the Hall movie For the Use of the Hall 1975 as Terry
16 Gas movie Gas 1981 as Jane Beardsley
17 Gone Are the Dayes movie Gone Are the Dayes 1984 as Phyllis Daye
18 Heaven and Earth movie Heaven and Earth 1987 as Karen McKeon
19 I Want to Keep My Baby! movie I Want to Keep My Baby! 1976 as Donna Jo Martelli
20 Into the Fire movie Into the Fire 1988 as Rosalind Winfield
21 Inversion movie Inversion 2010 as Edna Boswell
22 Mad Bull movie Mad Bull 1977 as Christina Sebastiani
23 Misunderstood movie Misunderstood 1984 as Lilly
24 Montenegro movie Montenegro 1981 as Marilyn Jordan
25 Play It Again, Sam movie Play It Again, Sam 1972 as Nancy
26 Portrait of an Escort movie Portrait of an Escort 1980 as Jordan West
27 Running movie Running 1979 as Janet
28 Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One movie Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One 1968 as Herself - Actress Testing for Alice
29 The 39th Annual Golden Globe Awards movie The 39th Annual Golden Globe Awards 1982 as Herself
30 The Big Fix movie The Big Fix 1978 as Lila
31 The Devil and Max Devlin movie The Devil and Max Devlin 1981 as Penny Hart
32 The First Time movie The First Time 1982 as Lucy Dillon
33 The Journey of the Fifth Horse movie The Journey of the Fifth Horse 1966 as Miss Gruboy/Elizaveta
34 The Landlord movie The Landlord 1970 as Susan Enders
35 The Rutanga Tapes movie The Rutanga Tapes 1989 as Kate Simpson
36 Empty Nest movie Empty Nest 1988 as Dr. Diane Hardy
37 Judd for the Defense movie Judd for the Defense 1967 as Nan Dawes
38 Love Story movie Love Story 1973 as Lee McKinley
39 McMillan & Wife movie McMillan & Wife 1971 as Lt. Kit Boone
40 Murder, She Wrote movie Murder, She Wrote 1984 as Lois Fricksey
There is the list of some printed articles of Anspach, Susan:
  • "Celebrity Sleuth" (USA), 1992, Vol. 5, Iss. 2, pg. 4-5, by: staff, "Command Performances: Susan Anspach"
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