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as Rebecca in the movie PTU neui ging ji ngau yin haam jing

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Real name is Anya Wu
Was born at 17 February 1976 (now is 43 years old) in Taiwan

Anya Wu was born on February 17th, in 1976 in Taiwan. She moved to theUnited States, together with her family, by the age of 6. She wasraised in New York City and was discovered by a record company tobecome a singer back in Taiwan. While she was in Taiwan and preparingfor her album release, Anya, became the first girl DJ in Taiwan clubs.

She caught alot of media attention, even media from Hong Kong. With somuch public attention, her interview in a magazine caught the eye ofDirector Jingle Ma, who then convinced Golden Harvest, a filmproduction, distribution and exhibition company to relocate her to HongKong and sign her. Unfortunately, by the time they found her, he hadalready started "Moi Moi Cha", the movie in which he had wanted herfor. So her debut film became Born To Be King, the final installment ofthe Young & Dangerous series,as Jordan Chan's wife, Nanako. Relocatingto Hong Kong, Anya's profile has increased swiftly with GoldenHarvest's support.

She has since had larger roles in several of thestudio's post-millenium efforts. She appeared as one of Ekin Cheng'smany girls in For Bad Boys Only and in 2001 took more action-orientedroles in two hot action films. Sharp Guns and 2002, where her FireGhost menaced Stephen Fung and Nicholas Tse. She went on to become oneof the top upcoming actresses in both Hong Kong and Taiwan and with herundoubtable gorgeous looks has also graced numerous magazine covers,print ads, and TV shows in both regions. In 2002, Anya began work onthe "remake/sequel" to Naked Killer, titled Naked Weapon as Kat, thebest friend to Charlene, Maggie Q's character.

She also recently workedin HK on a stage play Glengarry Glenross in which she took on thechallenging role of Blake that has been always played by a man. Ticketswere sold out and another day had to be added. Afterwards, she starredin Tsui Hark's thriller Vampire Hunters as Sasa. After the liquidationof Golden Harvest's talent agency, Anya decided to go back to hernative Taiwan and experiment on some TV series there. There she didstarred in a TV series called Pink Godfather, as well as Taiwan'sversion of "Sex And The City" where she played "Samantha".

After beingthere for a year, she realized that her focus was still more in films,and headed to join the fierce competitive, but growing industry inChina. Being fluent in Chinese as well as English, her current worksare on co-productions with China and foreign production companies. .

There is some small facts about Anya (I):
  • On January 27th 2003, she was involved in a traffic accident, when the taxi she was sitting in was hit by another car, forcing it off the road into a divide. Anya suffered severe facial injuries when the windscreens shattered, leading to inaccurate reports that she would be scarred for life. She since recovered, although still has some scarring.
Also look some video clip about Anya (I):
There is the list of movies, where Anya (I) was taked part:
1 PTU neui ging ji ngau yin haam jing movie PTU neui ging ji ngau yin haam jing 2005 as Rebecca
2 2002 movie 2002 2001 as Fire Ghost
3 But Always movie But Always 2014 as Travel Agency Boss
4 Chek law dak gung movie Chek law dak gung 2002 as Katherine
5 Chengdu, wo ai ni movie Chengdu, wo ai ni 2009 as Wei Hong
6 Dan sun bo lok movie Dan sun bo lok 2007 as Ms Lok
7 Duo ming xin tiao movie Duo ming xin tiao 2011 as Jiangbei Yan
8 Gu dao jing hun movie Gu dao jing hun 2011 as Chen Liang Liang
9 Him gok movie Him gok 2001 as Rain
10 Ji fat faan fat movie Ji fat faan fat 2001 as Gee
11 Kung Fu Killer movie Kung Fu Killer 2008 as Loo
12 Miao tan shen wei movie Miao tan shen wei 2004 as Zhen Daimei
13 Sheng zhe wei wang movie Sheng zhe wei wang 2000 as Nanako
14 The Era of Vampires movie The Era of Vampires 2003 as Sasa
15 Wo zhi nv ren xin movie Wo zhi nv ren xin 2011 as Mrs. Dong
16 MTV Whatever Things movie MTV Whatever Things 2003 as Herself (2005)
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